151 YouTube Video Ideas List for 2019!

151 YouTube Video IdeasDo you know that 9 from 10 YouTubers and vloggers can’t reach the desired growth rate on their channel because of the lack of YouTube video ideas?

As a result, a lot of passionate YouTubers are not successful.

Here’s the deal:

We are giving you a fantastic list of 151 YouTube video ideas to SKYROCKET your YouTube channel growth rate!

It doesn’t really matter have you already created your first vlog or just started planning to launch it. These YouTube ideas fit for everyone needs.

If you have faced with lack of video ideas – enjoy our provided 151 YouTube video ideas which are perfect for well-known or even starting vlogger as well.

Table of Contents

First YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas

1. Create a Personal Introduction Video

Create a short introduction YouTube video and tell about yourself – who you are, what you like (or dislike).

NEWBIE VLOGGER | Introduction

2. Talk About Childhood

This might sound a bit like personal video, but this sets a perfect theme for your YouTube video. Talk about childhood – were you always crying or were acting in a school play?

Talk about your childhood and how do you see these days kids, give some advice about growing up as many kids might be watching your video.

3. Show Around Your City

Make your city famous and show the best spots for your followers. Share some insights about entertainment, restaurants and invite everyone to visit it.

4. Talk About Your Current Career

Do you have a career in an office, international company, or have your own business? Talk about it on your video!

Do not forget to tell why you chose that job and how your day looks like. If you could only imagine how many people search how YouTuber day looks like

5. Introduce Favorite Sports

Either you are a fan of football, soccer, basketball or anything else – introduce your favorite sports. Are you an athlete? Show your practices or share some advice for starters.

6. Your Top Songs

Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz and all other songs do have fans. If you have any favorite genre, song or playlist – talk about it to your viewers. Music is always a preferred topic on YouTube.

july music playlist! + my current favourite songs

7. Favorite Album of All the Time

If you have picked a genre you like the most, think about the favorite album. Maybe you have one from your childhood memories? It can be a great video topic.

8. Talk About Process You Know Very Well

If you feel like an expert in some process – don’t be afraid to show it and talk about it. This case, your viewers will know you like a particular area specialist.

9. Random Personal Facts Video

Everyone has some random facts about themselves and talking about it in a video can be a great idea for your upcoming video blog.

50 Facts About Me ♡ Danielle Mansutti

10. Introduce Your Pets

Cat, dot, a reptile, parrot, or anything else – introduce your pet to the whole world. YouTube viewers love pets!

11. A Day with You

It’s very interesting for your YouTube channel followers to see what you do daily, so plan some activities, meetings or night out with friends and don’t forget to turn it into a YouTube video.

12. Create a High-Quality Intro Video

Your introduction is just as critical as the content you are creating so put some efforts and create a great introduction video, which would represent the idea of your YouTube videos and channel and set a pattern for upcoming vlogs.

13. Talk About What Inspires You

Through life, everyone has some moments when they rely on someone’s views, actions, or thoughts. If you have someone that inspires you – show respect and turn it into YouTube video idea.

BE INSPIRED | How to find inspiration ✨

14. Personal Space Tour

People may see you filming in different areas of the home, city, country, etc., but it would be beneficial for them to know your main space a bit better – show your room or the spot you like the most, but be careful and try to avoid revealing your alarm system or other personal information.

Personal space tour is still one of the most attractive of all YouTube video ideas.

15. What does it take to Be You?

Do you have great skin, body, mindset, and rules that help you to maintain it?

Make a video of routines you are following to have the results you are proud of showing.

16. Your Eating Habits

Are you eating only meat, or are you a vegan?

Film your fridge and talk about your eating habits or favorite meals. This YouTube video idea could be controversial – but it perfectly fits for starting your channel run.

5 HEALTHY HABITS Changed My Life | What I Eat In A Day

17. Define Your Brand

From the start, all video makers create their logo, brands, and banners – something that would define them. Remember „A day with you” point in this YouTube video ideas list?

Connect it and talk about how and why you chose your brand visuals and how it defines you.

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YouTube Video Ideas to Grow Your Audience

Finally, we published our first 4-5 videos on YouTube!

YouTube video ideas - What does it take to be you?

Now what?

Let’s continue growing our YouTube channel by using this YouTube video ideas list.

18. Film a Participation in Challenge

Everyone loves some good challenge! Make a bet with friends, think of something you dislike eating and try to do it and don’t forget to film it as a video for YouTube.

Believe me:

It attracts a lot of viewers!

Looking for YouTube challenges? Check our list of 50+ YouTube Challenges in 2019!

Picture Challenge | Rimorav Vlogs

19. Volunteer

Helping others is always a good idea. Find an animal shelter, health care center, or anyone that might need your help and spend some time there. For greater results – spread the word about volunteering, gather a team, and do it frequently.

20. Create a Contest

Would you like to show your followers that you care about their engagement?

A great way to show that is to host a contest with some great prizes. Needless to say that YouTube video ideas sometimes can‘t hurt your pocket.

Think of anything you would like them to do (draw your portrait, create intro song for your vlog), set the date, and wait for results.

21. Lip-Sync to Your Favorite Song

Everyone loves to sing, secretly or publicly – it does not matter.

What matters is that you can make that hobby into a great YouTube video. Turn up the volume for your favorite song, ask friends to join you, and have a great lip-sync battle!

22. Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you scared of dark, amusement parks or something similar? It’s time to face your fears, and the best way is to make a video about it.

Who said that these YouTube video ideas would be secure? Remember, you will not only finally get out of your comfort zone and experience something new, but as well inspire others to do the same.


23. Do a Reaction Video

Watching someone else cry, laugh, or think is very interesting for YouTube visitors. Find a video which makes you emotional and films your reaction to it.

Literally, this YouTube video ideas list could make you cry…

24. Scroll Through Your Phone

It might look stupid, but:

Show your followers your favorite apps, pictures you hide, or even some exciting contacts.

25. DIY Ideas

Making a bracelet, dress design, or building a table can be very easy if you look at some of the videos. Share the best DIY ideas you have ever seen or tried.

26. Share Your Screen with Followers

Sometimes your followers would appreciate the opportunity to see more personal information – share your screen and reveal yourself a bit!

27. Show Creation Process

For some people, what matters the most is the process, not the final product. For that reason, film video creation process. Give some advice, shows some tricks – everyone is going to love it.

28. Tell How to Learn Math Easier

This YouTube video idea is definitely to attract a lot of students to subscribe to your channel.

If you struggled with math subject in school or university – share your tips on how you managed to get through it and maybe talk about popular methods how to learn math quickly.

29. Bust a Myth

Have you heard about Myth Busters? Try to become one!

Pick a myth that you know you can bust and do it in a video. Be careful this list of YouTube video ideas is not created for extreme purposes.

Busting Twin Myths!!

30. Talk About Your Favorite Country

If you have traveled a lot or you wish you could do that, you probably have a favorite country. Present it, talk about food, culture, history, and people.

People from foreign languages love than foreigners speak about their country.

31. Introduce the Gadgets You Use on a Daily Basis

Smartphone in one hand, laptop in other, headphones, smartwatch – you are probably using a lot of different devices regularly – talk about them!

32. Discuss Your Favorite Cuisines

From Mexican to Japan, everyone has their favorite kitchen. Talk about the one you like the most.

The effect will be the same as we talked on country review YouTube video idea. People want to hear the opinion about their country cuisine.

33. Show off Life-Hacks

Do you have any life-hacks that you can’t imagine your daily routine without? Have you seen something related to that also?

Share your insights or pick a random list and discuss it from your point of view.


To my mind, this is one of the best YouTube video ideas of all time for a growing channel audience.

34. Share Your Pet Peeves

There are plenty of people who dislike loud chewing, use of jargon or other pet peeves – talk about the ones you have.

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YouTube Video Ideas to Surprise Viewers

YouTube Video Ideas To Amaze ViewersCongratulations!!

Probably when you publish some of these YouTube video ideas, you might have more fans than you had before.

What’s Next?

Let’s Amaze your subscribers!

35. Share a Time-Lapse Video

Have you captured the same moment a few times or did a video of nature change?

Take this from YouTube video ideas list and do a time-lapse video and share it with your audience.

36. Create Something from Recycled Things

Use the things you are about to throw away or do not use at all to create something unique – a piece of clothes, furniture, painting.

Use your imagination and creativity!

37. Build Something

A LEGO, wooden house, or a chair – build something from scratch and do not forget to film it!

38. Tell a History of Your Favorite Subject

Maybe you had a favorite subject in school or university? Talk about it, talk about history, how and why it was founded – you might get a new wave of followers also.

39. Do a Science Trick

Pick a science challenge or a trick and film your attempt to do it.


YouTube video ideas are not created for injuries, so just don’t forget to be careful!

INCREDIBLE SCIENCE EXPERIMENT – (Elephant Toothpaste: it actually worked!)

40. The Most Unique Skills

Almost everyone has some unique skills – demonstrate it to your YouTube viewers in a video. If it happens so, that you do not have it – search the web and share your best discoveries.

41. Show How to Make a DIY Accessories/Clothes

If you are a bit into fashion – try to make a piece of clothing or accessory and share the experience with viewers.

42. Film a Weekend Getaway

Have you planned a short adventure for a weekend? Turn it to YouTube video idea.

Film the whole getaway and create a short movie about it. You can share some recommendation on how to spend the weekend away.

43. Perform Card Tricks

I put it in the YouTube video ideas list just because I Love all content related to that! Learn some trick from other YouTubers and try to perform a card trick or a full magic performance.

Some card tricks you can find here.

44. Participate in a Marathon

Running, walking, or cycling – it’s your choice. Pick a marathon and participate in it. Don’t forget to film all your preparation process!

45. Do a Fitness Challenge

Find any fitness challenge you think you can finish and film the whole process. Without success, you will also reach feedback from sports enthusiasts.

One Week Fitness Challenge

46. Talk About Jargon

Introduce the most often used jargon in your country or environment and ask your followers to share theirs. It can be a hilarious video series!

I firmly believe that this tip could also turn to another YouTube video ideas list.

47. Do a Prank Video

People love it! Pick a prank and perform it on anyone you want, do not forget to film it!

Keep in mind:

Some people might not like it, so think carefully about the process.

48. Do a Bloopers Video

Everyone knows that it’s hard to make a good video in one take. Share the best bloopers from all the filming. You can create a bunch of YouTube video series by filming bloopers.

Bloopers | Rimorav Vlogs

49. Try to Rap a Song

Choose a rap song you like the most and try to rap it by yourself.

50. Your Musical Skills

Do you know how to play a piano, guitar, or triangle? Whatever it is, talk about your artistic skills.

51. Create a Video from a Game

If you are playing some storytelling game, try to make short videos from it and then, put it in one video. Do not forget to use some great music in the background!

52. Do a Channel Swap

Is there someone with similar content to yours? Take over their channel or ask them to do an exclusive video for you! This way, you will gain much more views.

Do you still feel the lack of YouTube video ideas?

Let‘s move on to the next stage!

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YouTube Video Ideas for Monetizing Your Channel

YouTube video ideas to earn moneyNow:

Move on best YouTube video ideas which could help you get additional money.

Do not forget that it requires to make a deal with the sponsor of a particular product.

53. Do a Product Review

Paid for that or not, you can always do a review of your most or least favorite products and film it.

54. Top Board Games List

Starting from Monopoly, everyone loves a good board game – share your top picks. If your recommendation is successful – you can even get money from that.

55. Make a Ranking List

Pick products, videos, movies, etc. or ask your followers to pick it and make a ranking list for it.

56. Advertise Yourself

Are you good at graphic design, social marketing, filming or other stuff? Create an advertising video that shows your strengths and why you are the best.

YouTube video ideas are not just for products and related topic. Advertise yourself!

57. Review a Recently Read Book

Either you liked it or not – do a review of your most recently read book. By doing the analysis, you can also earn commissions.

READING VLOG: The Big Book Edition!!

58. Top Used Apps Introduction

Either it’s on your computer or laptop – choose the apps you couldn’t live without and introduce them to your viewers.

59. Talk About Articles, Books and Authors Related to Your Brand

There is probably some inspiration underneath your brand – talk about books, articles, or people who you would call your brand inspiration.

60. Post a Top Restaurants Recommendation Video

It is a tough decision to pick a restaurant for a fancy dinner or great lunch – do a video review and recommend your top picks.

61. Compare Two Games

Pick top 2 games from the same category and compare them – start with the creators, idea, or whole gameplay, it will be a great YouTube review video.

62. Talk About a Gadget You Can’t Live Without

Is it your headphones during a workout or a phone you are always scrolling?

Pick one device you can’t imagine your life without and tell your followers why.

Best Travel Gadgets EVERY Person Should Know!

63. Talk About New Phone Releases

Pick the latest phones released this year and compare them. If you know that there will be new releases you can include it as well.

If you don‘t feel expert in this field – use the information from the internet. YouTube video ideas are not about uniqueness.

64. Review Biggest Tech News

Are there any plans for new smart devices, apps, or software? Do a review of the biggest tech news.

65. Perform Different Computer Tests

For more geeky viewers, it would be exciting to see your computer capacity, memory or anything else. Try to perform various tests and share the results with your audience.

66. Make a Top Travels Destination List

Do some research about top destinations or offers for travelers and share the list with your viewers.

Who knows, maybe you would be a great travel agent? By using this one of YouTube video ideas, you will also reach a new audience – traveling lovers!

67. Do Your Rating of Top Apps

Pick an app’s category in any shop, try the top 10 apps, and do your own rating.

Top 10 Best Apps for Android – Free Apps 2018 (October)

68. Promote an Underground Game

If you know a perfect but not well-known game, it is an excellent opportunity to make a video and promote it to your audience.

This YouTube video idea could be viral in a short time!

69. Do Your Rating of The Most Played Video Games

Pick the most popular video games of all time, try them, and make your rating list.

70. Share Your Top Clothing Brands

Do you feel like you have a great style?

Share your recommendations about clothing brands or pieces without which you wouldn’t imagine your daily style.

Pay your attention, that a lot of successful YouTubers use this one of provided YouTube video ideas for making contracts with well-known companies.

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YouTube Video Ideas to Remind About Yourself

YouTube video Ideas to Remind about YouTo be honest:

Almost everyone who loves vlogging and creating video blogs during their career face with the situation when vlog is being stopped for a while.

It happens because of a lack of time and energy.

Here‘s The Solution:

This continuous 151 YouTube video ideas list provides the solution, how to bring the audience back to your YouTube channel.

71. Do a Video of Photos

If you took some great holiday photos or have a lot of photo memories, create a video of them.

72. Your Mood Board

If you fell a bit more creative, you can always create a mood board. Use your favorite pictures, texts, colors or anything else to create something unique, that represents you.

73. Analyze Particular Movie

Ask your viewers for a movie recommendation and do a full analysis of it. It might be funny to share your live comments, as well.

You can analyze even YouTube video ideas from other channels.

Glass Isn't a Very Good Movie – A Spoiler-Rich Vlog

74. Analyze Particular Song or Album

Pick a top song, album or the old but your favorite one and analyze it – starting from inspiration, lyrics ending with used instruments.

75. Reboot Your First Video

You probably can’t watch your first videos without feeling a bit ashamed – try to make the same video as the first one, but a better version.

This is one of the best YouTube video ideas – it attracts new, and also followers would be interested to see your previous videos.

76. Talk About Your Dream House

A 3-bedroom house, a small flat or a ranch – talk about your dreams house and how you would decorate it.

77. Do a Standup

If you feel that you have comedy skills, pick a topic and do a standup performance for your followers.

We would recommend using this YouTube video idea if you have created your own joke. Otherwise, it is too risky to be ashamed.

First time doing STAND UP comedy | VLOG

78. Do a Parody Video

There are some great YouTube video ideas on the internet, pick a few or one you like the most and do a parody of it.

79. Create a Music Video

A beautiful sunset, sports cars, fantastic nature views – if you have any kind of video that could make it to a music video, create it! You can as well create a scenario or find an acting student to act in it.

80. Do a Songs Mashup

If you have any favorite songs, try to create a mashup. Who knows, it might become a hit!

81. Holiday Traditions

Are there any traditions you and your family follow during the holiday season?

Talk about it and use it as one of the YouTube video ideas in your channel. Do not forget to ask your followers to share their traditions.

Aussie Christmas Day in the Life | Australian Holiday Traditions VLOG

82. Talk About Your Favorite Childhood Activity

Did you enjoy climbing the trees or playing cops until the late evening? Talk about your favorite childhood activity.

83. Talk About the Famous People You Would Like to Meet

Are there any people with who you would want to have dinner or a chat?

Talk about them and tell all the reasons, who knows, maybe you will meet them and create vlog together someday.

84. Introduce Your Bad Habits

Do you have a bad habit you would like to ditch? Talk about it publicly, and you will have to stick to your words.

85. Share Your Best Gaming Achievements

Did you conquer the most villages or collected all gold? Talk about your best accomplishments in different games.


YouTube video ideas related to gaming are trendy.

86. Discuss Your Future Career Path

Are you thinking about becoming an architect, designer, or developer? Talk about your future career or what you planned to do before you started vlogging.


87. Talk About the Car of Your Dreams

Everyone has an image in their head what kind of car they would like to drive. Share your dreams and examples with your followers!

88. Present Your Collections

Are you a fan of art, musical instruments, CDs or anything else?

Show your collections to followers. Who knows, maybe by using this YouTube video idea you will find a passionate colleague.

89. Collect Opinions About YouTube Video Ideas

Make a video asking for more ideas, pick the best ideas you can think of, make a poll, voting or anything else, just involve your followers in deciding about other YouTube videos you might make.

It will not only let you recognize your audience but also will give a lot of different ideas.

90. Cook Something Tasty

If you are a fan of cooking (if not – it’s even funnier) use it as YouTube video idea of you trying out a new recipe or make a meal which is really hard to make.

As well as that, you can participate in a cooking class and record the start of your chef’s career!


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YouTube Video Ideas to get more Subscribers

YouTube Video Ideas to Get More Subscribers.These YouTube video ideas will help you to grow your channel audience by gaining new subscribers.

Haven‘t Tried These Already?

Find the time to realize some of them, and we can guarantee that your channel will get more subscribers!

91. Create Opinion Series

Pick a topic with most followers and always share your opinion on that. Technology, cars, politics – create a series that everyone will wait to hear about.

92. Invite Other Channels and Do an Opinion Video

Do you and other people, vloggers get asked the same question all the time? Collaborate and share your opinions on the same questions. It also can turn into separate YouTube video ideas.

93. Top Movies List

Share your all-time favorite movies list – you might have the same taste as your followers!

94. The TV Shows You Would Recommend

If you are a big fan of a TV show or series – talk about it! Who knows, you might as well learn new recommendations.

My Top Netflix Recommendations | TV shows you've never heard of!

95. Videos You Repeat

A falling child, cat stuck in a card box – everyone has some videos they are watching all the time. Share your top videos with followers!

96. Introduce People to Safe Driving, Safe Camping, Etc.

Do some social campaign and talk about things people should do safely – safe camping, driving, drinking, or anything else.

97. Share Your Opinion About Weddings

This might be a bit controversial topic to give an opinion about, but it might attract much attention from viewers.

Share your opinion or plans, but do not forget about this YouTube video idea to stay polite!

98. Your Secret Recipes

If you are into cooking or even If you are not, but still have some special meals – share the secret with your viewers.

99. Talk About Influencing

Influencers are one of the most famous people in the world at the moment. Talk about this trend and people which you would call the real influencers.

Life Update: My New Season & True Feelings on Influencing

100. Talk About What Inspires Your Favorite Movies

Are you a fan of fantasy or war movies? Talk about ordinary things that are the inspiration to create them.

101. Talk About Your Most Visited Sites

It does not matter if you are reading news or science articles – talk about your most visited sites and news you follow.

You can also share this article with your subscribers! Who knows, maybe they are looking for YouTube video ideas to start their own channel.

102. Do a Healthy Lifestyle Q&A

Are you following some fitness trainers, healthy eaters or motivators?

You have probably learned some rules, plans, or tips – share it with your viewers in a Q&A session.

LAST VLOG?! Day In The Life | BODY UPDATE | Healthy Dinner Recipe + WORKOUT!

103. Share Your Opinion About Hollywood Gossip

Everyone loves a bit of a good gossip – pick the juiciest stories or the ones you read the most and talk about it or the whole dramas that are happening at the moment.

104. Show How to Use Picked Tool

Pick any tool you are using for filming, editing, photography, etc. and show how to use it.

105. Show How You Edit Your Photos

Either your photos are only black and white or in pastel colors – talk about how and why you edit them.

People always want to share their moments with their friends! Show them how to make photos more engaging.

106. Your Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Tips

Some people are eating energy bars; others are using protein shakes or anything else – share your tips what to do before starting a workout and after finishing it.


107. Do a Full Home Workout Routine or Plan

Pick a workout routine, or a program recommended to use at home and try to repeat that at your place.

108. Do a Motivational video

If you feel like an excellent communicator, try to do a motivational video – talk about the struggles you or your friends had and how to overcome them.

109. Share Your Healthy Snacks Choices

Protein bars against chocolate, green tea against coffee – make a list of healthy vs. unhealthy snacks and share your top pics.

110. Workout Tips with a Trainer

Find a fitness trainer you can have a workout session, film it and talk about advice he could give to everyone who would like to come to the gym.

YouTube video ideas which are related to the sport get a lot of potentials.

111. Go for a Karaoke Night Out

Invite your friends, pick a bar and go for a karaoke night. Try to sing the best known or hardest to sing songs and share the footage with your viewers.

This YouTube video idea might be very catchy. It doesn’t matter, are you a professional singer or not.

FAMILY KARAOKE NIGHT || Devine Family Vlog

112. Do a Yearly Recap of Your Videos

Create a video with short clips from the videos you released over the year, talk about YouTube video ideas, share your comments, or what you would do differently.

113. Walk Through Escape Game

It doesn’t matter if it’s a video game or a game you must attend as a person – both ways it will be horrifying to walk through it, that’s why it’s an excellent YouTube video idea.

RHPC does an Escape Room!

114. Share Gaming Tips and Tricks

Are there any rules you follow while playing or do you know some hacking tricks?

Share your knowledge with the audience.

115. Show Your Mods in Different Games

As we mentioned previously – YouTube video ideas related to the gaming are very popular.

So if you have any characters in different games, which you modified show them and talk about why you chose those looks or characteristics.

116. Do a Tour Through Your Favorite Video Game

Everyone has a game they love, even if it’s a very simple one. Pick your favorite game and do a tour through it.

117. Do a Healthy Eating Challenge

For me, this YouTube video idea is tough enough. But pick a healthy eating challenge – give up sugar, chocolate, or anything else, try to stick to the plan and share your results with your fans.

"Healthy" FAST FOOD Challenge! Full Day of Eating ONLY Fast Food VLOG

118. Make a Response Video

If you have come across some interesting opinion, fake news or gossip, create response video with your opinion.

119. Show Your Shopping Bags

Film your shopping spree results, share insights about style or even recommendations – your fans are going to love it.

120. Do Questions Session

The audience will love it!

If you have a fan base or followers, they might want to ask you some questions. Dedicate your video to answering those questions and showing attention to your fans.

121. Collaborate with Your Followers

If you are running out of YouTube video ideas, you can always ask your fans for help. Ask them to film themselves singing, dancing, or doing any other activities and collaborate with them on that.

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YouTube Video Ideas to Engage viewers

YouTube Video Ideas to Engage ViewersWe are coming closer to the end of the list.

But before that, we need to know how we can engage our channel viewers!

122. Share Your Opinion About Finances and Planning

Everyone is really thinking about financial stuff at least one time per day, and it’s a great idea to share your opinion about finances or tricks and tips about planning with your followers.

123. Give Insights About Job Interviews

If you have attended at least one interview, you can share an opinion on how it went and how people should prepare for them.

Have some recommendations for the employer? Don’t forget to mention it!

124. Share Opinion About Philosophy Topic

From the meaning of life to Confucius ideas – talk about philosophy from your point of view.

125. Talk About Human Senses

It is well known that a person has 5 senses – think which of the senses is the most useful to you and talk about it.

Why Humans Have More Than Five Senses

126. Share Insights About That Day’s Most Read News

Pick a newspaper and do a review in a news anchor manner. It might be the start of your new YouTube video ideas era!

127. Talk About Philosophy Texts – Share Your Opinion

Try to read a philosophy text or article and share your understanding and opinion about it.

128. Talk About Time Management

Among all tasks, social and work life people tend to find their best practice of time management. Talk about the problems you are facing and how to deal with it.

This YouTube video idea could be key to reaching people daily troubles.


129. Talk About Top Outdoor Activities

If it’s warm outside you can try different outdoor activities – volleyball, fishing, camping or anything else. Choose your top pics and present them.

130. Talk About Top Indoor Activities

If the weather is terrible sometimes it gets hard to think of any indoor activities, talk about what you like doing the most – bowling, table tennis, gym – it can be anything.

131. Talk About Ecology

The world is facing a lot of ecological problems – talk about it and share some insights on what a person can do better.

This could also be a separate topic for your vlogging channel.

132. Talk About World Climate

Starting from climate changes ending with your favorite environment to live in – talk about one of the most popular topics.

133. Tour Free Trials

Ask your viewers what free trials you should use and make a tour through them.

YouTube video ideas are successful when it gives additional value to the viewer. Remember that!

134. Talk About Extreme Traveling

Some people are choosing trips regarding their extreme level. Try to imagine what kind of extreme travel you would like to try and talk about it.

Take a drone or a waterproof vlogging camera with yourself and capture your extreme traveling.

GEORGIA IS EPIC | Extreme Travel 🇬🇪

135. Talk About Technology Timeline

Did you have a smartphone or a simple phone when you were a child?

Technology devices have changed a lot since then so it would be great to present technology development timeline from the year you were born.

136. Tips About Keeping a Healthy Weight

Have you managed not to lose or gain weight and maintain a fit physique?

Share your experience and recommendations with your subscribers.

137. Try Different Stretching Practices

Everyone uses a bit different stretching routine during workouts, try a few of them and recommend the one you like the most.

138. New Year’s Video

New Year’s promises or review of the past year – these are the most watched video on the first days of January, so do not forget to make one!

By browsing the internet, you can find various types of YouTube video ideas for New Year’s celebration.

139. Review the Events You Like the Most

Have you attended a concert, performance or a contest?

Talk about the activities you liked the most and would visit for the second time.

COACHELLA VLOG 2018 | Hailey Sani

140. Talk About the History of Your Favorite Game

The creators’ team, inspiration or even some interesting facts- share your knowledge with the viewers

141. Comment a Game

It might be challenging YouTube video idea, but share the insights while playing the game by yourself or comment on someone else gaming.

142. Talk About the History of Computing

You have probably seen the pictures of first computers and how they developed through the years – share your opinion about history and how you think they will improve in the future.

143. Talk About Unreleased Material

Were there any topics you wanted to talk about but decided not to do a video?

Talk about all unreleased material and maybe you will change your mind and will release them later.

144. Your favorite Game Development Team

From EA games to Ubisoft and many others – talk about the teams behind most popular games and pick your favorite one.

145. Talk about the Best Players

From basketball to video games – pick the best players in their field and introduce them to your audience.

146. Talk About Upcoming Video Games

If you know any popular forthcoming games – talk about it, maybe even try to get a demo version and demonstrate it to your followers.

147. Share Your Conferences Experience

  • Have you attended an outstanding conference?
  • Maybe you were a speaker?
  • Are there any conferences you would like to visit in the future?

Talk about them and why they inspire you and even share some fragments. Don’t forget to ask your followers for recommendations.

YouTube video ideas could be a perfect way to engage people by showing them valuable information as conferences experience.

VLOG: My entire conference experience in Chicago!

148. Talk about Issues

If you are into politics, animal care or other issues and have an opinion about that – do not be

149. Conduct a Debate

Do you care about animals, health system or politics? Find people with a different opinion than yours and hold a debate, you can even split roles between yourselves.

150. Play an Instrument

If you enjoy playing a guitar, piano, drums or anything else – it could be an excellent video for your YouTube channel.

Find more people to join you and have a fantastic jam session!


151. Compete in a Video Game

Are you good at playing basketball or racing? Film yourself playing one of the games – It will be a great video.

For more fun, invite and challenge your relatives or friends to join you playing.

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The key to successes for being a good vlogger – try to not confine yourself just for one and the same style of YouTube video maker/vlogger.

Feel free and take provided YouTube video ideas and adapt these for your channel.


First, YouTube videos on your channel must show your potential.

Make sure that you will put your best effort there and subscribers and popularity of the channel will come by itself.

Unmentioned YouTube Video Ideas?
Do You Have any Unmentioned YouTube Video Ideas?

Write these down in the comment section and the best of them we will add to our list with the author’s name.

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