How to Find YouTubers to Collab? Tips & Tricks

If you are new on YouTube, you might find yourself wondering, how to find YouTubers to collab with?

With the continuous increase of the emergence of new creators each day, it’s not easy to gather audiences and views to make your channel relevant to the platform.

Here’s the kicker:

Collaboration with other content creators may open many opportunities to your channel, increase the growth rate and popularity.

This article gives you tested and working methods on where and how to find a YouTuber to collaborate in 2024. Use these simple hacks for more YouTube channel traffic.

What is a YouTuber’s Collaboration?

YouTubers CollaborationOverall, a YouTube Collaboration is a video starring two or more content creators, making at least one video for every channel included.

This type of video can be anything, depending on what the YouTubers came up with.

Most often, creators meet up to do something in front of the camera. These range from YouTube challenges, Q and A sessions, and more.

Of course, it’s also valuable to note that not every creator is compatible with a collab. It’s better to collaborate with channels of your same niche to create a functional, engaging, and successful YouTube video.

Smaller YouTube channels can use this technique to team up together and create content that viewers will love. Some more prominent channels also offer collaborations with people of less subscription count to help them foster growth on their channels.

The best part is:

Collaboration is a proven tactic to make one channel grow bigger over time, and it has helped many YouTubers reach where they are right now.

Where to Find YouTubers Who Want To Collab?

Before starting a YouTube collaboration, you have to find someone available and compatible with your style before starting collaborations.

These are the factors that you have to consider:

  • Age

Although the age gap might not always be an issue regarding collaborations, it might not work for everyone. Different niches often have different age group audiences, so if the types of video you’re creating are particular to certain people, you might want to consider collaborating with creators of the same age.

  • Channel topic

Consider the type of content both you and the person you want to collaborate with creates. If your topics are much different from each other, your viewers might not be interested in them. Choose someone who somehow compliments your past videos so that your subscribers will appreciate the content.

  • Location

Some collaborations require meetups, especially if the planned content involves physical activities. There are other types of videos that don’t require face-to-face contact and make collaborations easier.

Now that you’ve considered the factors that might affect finding a suitable collab partner for your next YouTube video, here are some ways you can try to find YouTubers to collaborate with.

Where to Find YouTubers Who Want To Collab?

Social Media

Social Media consists of different platforms where people meet virtually and share bits of their everyday lives. For some, it became a way to earn more money by promoting online businesses, affiliations, sponsorships, and more.

For YouTubers like you, it’s also essential to have an online presence, and they use these communities to engage and communicate with their supporters.

Keep in mind that isn’t enough to write a simple message on popular social media channels to your future partners, you need to sell your idea about collab video.

  • Twitter

Posts are easier to track on this platform using hashtags. You can tag and use hashtags to notify other active YouTubers online there.

If your content is all about food and traveling, you could use hashtags like #food, #travel, #fresh, and so on to attract other YouTubers in the same genre to collaborate with you. Keep in mind that hashtags should be used effectively, otherwise it won’t give you any positive result.

  • Instagram and Facebook

These two super popular social media networks are the perfect places to find other YouTubers for collab videos.

Everything you need to do is to find other YouTuber contacts there and write straight and effective DM. Keep in mind that your message must be clear, straight and distinctive from others.


You can find other YouTubers’ emails by going into their about page or description box. They often leave this information publicly to allow people to contact them in terms of business and proposed collaborations.

Also, if you can’t find an email on the YouTube channel, then go to their website and use the tool, it helps to find all email addresses from a particular website.

A lot of people are not sure of what they can write on email, so here are some tips that might help your message composition for future YouTube collaboration.

  • Write effective emails

As we already told you, when proposing a collaboration, it’s essential to write in a way that the YouTuber will appreciate and more likely to accept. Don’t write short and unprofessional messages — make them informative, polite, and understandable.

You must include in your email:

  • Your full name
  • Your channel link
  • The type of video you want to create (you can prepare and send a full scenario too in a separate document).

Other than that, you can also include why you want to collaborate with this certain YouTuber and why you’d be compatible with each other.

It’s better to do this, especially if the YouTuber you’re contacting has a large subscriber count because any video uploaded on the channel will significantly affect the creator.

If you don’t trust your writing abilities, you could use one of the already tested email drafts (Sales Email Templates from Mailshake).

  • Make clear instructions

For online collabs, give clear and understandable instructions about the video you’re going to make.

You can explain what the video will be about, the overall emotion it should have, and how long it will be. Try to keep it short, don’t write the full scenario in email. If you want, you could send it attached as a separate document.

Here’s why:

People hate reading very long emails.

Instead, attach a document, or even better, ask for a quick call where you will explain your idea.

  • Set a deadline

Give out a reasonable deadline.

If you’re doing separate videos, choose a specific date that the content should be created and sent back to you.

Of course, there are cases wherein YouTubers are simply too busy to check their emails, and you might find yourself waiting for weeks before getting a reply. If this is the case, you can always write a follow-up email to alert them in case they missed your first invitation.

In doing this, make sure that you do not sound pushy and simply remind them of your former invitation. This way, you will not leave a bad impression on your future collaborator if all goes according to plan.


You can also go to different YouTube forums to meet other content creators. Many people here are also looking for a suitable collaboration partner and ideas to help smaller channels.

The forums you can try are:

Besides that, you can also get a lot from these forums because they provide discussions and threads about different categories and niches.

Many YouTube-related forums have a section where creators can post collaboration offers. These can often be quite interesting. Make sure to go through different posts first before settling with one to ensure that you’re getting the best offer.

Here’s the kicker:

There are multiple ways that you can create your very first collaboration video.

To Consider:
  • Make a good introduction or topic – When you are posting a collab offer on a forum, it’s important to introduce yourself thoroughly so your future collaborators know who they are dealing with. They should know your intentions and goals right away, making them feel comfortable before even working with you.
  • Make sure to choose a YouTuber you’re comfortable with – Awkwardness and shyness are easy to spot on videos. It’s also hard to engage in a conversation if you’re not at ease with your collab partner. It might also spark an issue if your viewers recognize your uneasy feeling in the video.
  • Avoid over-promoting yourself – Collaborations need both people to work side by side. You won’t attract audiences by constantly putting yourself out there. When you become your authentic self, people will recognize that without being forceful and trying hard.
  • Be respectful to the other YouTubers – Avoid saying rude things in their faces or even behind their backs. As much as possible, treat them with appreciation to make future collaborations and others more of a possibility.
  • Be considerate with your partner – Check up on them if they are fine with the type of video you are doing, and ask them for their ideas to make the video better. Always remember that collaborations have two sides: you and the other person you are partnering with. Make sure to always include them in your decisions and make them comfortable as you are.

Benefits of Collab YouTube Videos

Benefits of Collab YouTube Videos

Collaborations are a critical component of viral YouTube videos.

It provides many opportunities to content creators. From exposure to gathering new subscribers, the possibilities are limitless. If the YouTuber you’re collaborating with has a large audience, you can increase your views and watch times as well.

There are numerous reasons why you should collaborate with a YouTuber today, and some of those are:

  • They help grow your subscriber count

To stay relevant to the platform, it’s essential to keep your audience constantly growing. You also have to keep an engaging online presence. Collaborating with other YouTubers can increase your reach and allow different viewers to encounter your channel.

  • No contracts needed

One thing to know about collaborations is that they are entirely free! Most times, getting an influence to promote a specific product comes with a considerable amount of money, but it’s a mutual decision with collaborations. It will also be beneficial to both sides on different levels.

  • Develop better contents

YouTubers need constant vlog ideas to keep the channel going, and it’s hard to do it on your own. Collaborations help creators develop new ideas to incorporate into their videos.

Meeting new people with unique perspectives can be an effective way to learn things that might help you soon, especially for video projects.

  • Build new relationships

Many YouTubers became friends when they started collaborating. When you’re in the industry, it’s hard to find someone to discuss your plans and hang out with in the same line of work. You can also seek them for advice and viewpoints on different issues concerning the YouTube community.

  • Exposure

Different brands are constantly looking for creators that will promote their products. Collaborations can give you enough exposure for other brands to notice.

They can consider you to include in their PR lists, promotions, and even advertisements if you have an excellent online presence. This can give you more publicity, which can lead to an increase in your audience.


As a YouTuber, don’t be afraid to do experiments on your channel and find what your audience wants to see in your videos.

In most cases, collab videos are one of the most-watched videos because people want to see different YouTubers doing the same thing. There’s no doubt that collaborations are a door of opportunity for smaller content creators.

We hope that these tips and ideas help you to find a YouTube partner for collab videos.

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