About Vlogtribe

About Vlogtribe.com

Vlogtribe.com is a blog about vlogging, video editing, YouTube trends, and overall tips on how to become a popular video maker and Vlogger on YouTube.

The main purpose of Vlogtribe.com is to provide readers detailed tips and reviews of the vlogging cameras, gadgets and equipment, give you some ideas for your first video blog, analyze trending challenges, and write about top tips on how to become a well-known video maker.

Is it worth reading our blog?

I do believe that yes! During my career in entrepreneurship and video editing, I have met both successful and unsuccessful vloggers, and there is one tip they share for success – don’t quit!

On this website, we will share all the significant information that I and my team gathered by observing and analyzing video-making trends.

What Vlogtribe Does?

Glen BekerVlogtribe.com is created by me, Glen Beker – I think of myself as a Blogger, tech-addicted guy and professional video editor as well.

During my career, I had the opportunity to meet and work with very different people: entrepreneurs, video editors, movie makers, vloggers and etc.

Our general discussion has led to this project as the video making and vlogging niche is extremely promising and more and more people are joining this community. Nevertheless, most of them don’t know where to start and how to behave in certain vlogging situations.

We review top video-making gear and devices, including cameras, microphones, tripods, and so on. We try to give our recommendations for vloggers and people who want to pursue a career in video making or editing.

Vlogtribe is a community and our team collects and shares all the best tips about making videos and vlogging, do reviews of various cameras and gadgets for vloggers and YouTube lovers. We take the information and share it very seriously. That is why our articles and reviews are written with a team of professional editors.

We will provide you full reviews about what are the best tools and devices in your price range, having your filming skills, experience level, and even niche.

Our team loves to help and navigate people to an activity that they should love if they have not already – vlogging.

All reviews and information in our posts are collected from reliable people and sources who love editing videos & making video blogs.

According to these experiences and various people’s opinions, we have summarized and divided all these reviews, tips, and other dedicated posts into categories. Most of the product reviews are listed as TOP 10 list from 1st place to 10th place. Readers will find everything about the product, including the pros and cons.


Dear Vlogtribe.com visitor, do not hesitate and feel free to write comments below our posts or even send us a message with your ideas or proposals.


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