About Vlogtribe.com

About Vlogtribe.com

Vlogtribe.com is the internet blog about video editing, vlogging, and tips on how to become the popular Vlogger on YouTube.

The main purpose of Vlogtribe.com is to provide detailed tips and reviews about the best vlogging cameras, various gadgets, ideas for your first video blog, challenges and other tips for being a well-known vlogger.

Is It Worth to Read Information On The Website? 

Indeed. I have met a lot of successful and unsuccessful vloggers during my editor carrier and there is one tip for success! – Follow The Rules!

Yes, I’m going to share all the needed information which I received by watching and editing successful people videos.

What Vlogtribe Does?

Glen BekerVlogtribe.com is created by Glen Beker – Blogger and Video Editor from Germany who lives most of the time in the United States. I with my team share all the best tips, advice and even products and gadgets reviews for vlogging.

We will provide you full reviews of best vlogging cameras under 200, even under 300 or cameras which is being used by famous YouTubers.

Sounds Fair Enough?

Our team loves to help and navigate people to an activity which they should love if they have not already – Vlogging. All reviews and information in our posts are taken from reliable people who love editing videos & making video blogs.

According to these experience and reliable people opinion, we have summarised and divided all these reviews, tips and another reliable post into categories.

Most of the product reviews are listed as TOP 10 list from 1st place to 10th place. Readers will find everything about the product, from pros to cons.

Moreover, if the product is added to our TOP 10 list, you could be 100% sure that it has value on the market and must be considered as a possible purchase.


Dear Vlogtribe.com visitor, do not hesitate and feel free to write comments below our posts or even send us a message with your ideas or proposals.


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