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Best Drones for Vlogging in 2019

Drone for VloggingWe all want to reach another level in vlogging. Right?

Since vlogging on YouTube became popular, everybody wants to realize themselves as much as they can to get more followers on YouTube Channel.

One of the ways to do it – start generating new YouTube video ideas, or at the same time, you can dive into your channel upgrade and renew your vlogging gadgets like start using the best drones for vlogging.

Here’s the deal:

Drones are a perfect and sustainable way to make your vlogs even better. Furthermore, the usage of drones among YouTubers became popular and very attractive. I can bet that you don’t want to be the last man who starts using Drone for video blogs, correct?


Drones for Vlogging will add a lot of value and impression, which makes your video content even more remarkable.

To the best of my knowledge, viewers love to see vlogs which are filmed with drones because of the possibility to show your video content from another angle! You could not expect anything else.

So that’s why we provide and share with you TOP 5 Best Drones for Vlogging in 2019!

TOP 5 Best Drones for Vlogging

Best Drones for Vlogging

All drones from this list were tested by vlogtribe.com editors.
NameFlight TimeWeightResolutionCheck

DJI Mavic PRO - Editor's Choice

25 min1.64 lb (0.7 kg)4K Price

DJI Phantom 4

25 min3 lb (1.36 kg)4K Price

DJI Spark

15 min10.6 oz (0.3 kg)1080p Price

GoPRO Karma

25 min4.27 lb (1.93 kg)4K Price

Holy Stone HS100

15 min1.73 lb (0.78 kg)720p Price

1. DJI Mavic PRO / DJI Mavic Mavic 2 PRO – Best Drone for Vlogging [Huge Value For Money]

DJI Mavic Drone for VloggingFirst of all, to my mind, DJI Mavic PRO is still could be named as the Best Drone for Vlogging in 2019, despite the fact DJI Mavic 2 PRO was released.

Let’s see why:

DJI Mavic PRO stands for one of the most amazing things – portability.

It’s a significant feature for vloggers because you will be free to take it to any place in the world easily.

Moreover, DJI Mavic PRO drone for vlogging has a 4K camera with 12.7 megapixels and very solid 3 axis gimbal. In contrast with some other drones for vlogging, this 3-axis gimbal lets DJI Mavic capture very stabilized video without any special gadgets.

Then, this camera has another amazing feature – DJI’s Active Track and Optical Flow software, which let drone to track even moving object by using camera analysis. In general, if you film your vlog in a tight place, you will not be scared of bad video quality or missed footage and shots.

The very cool thing with this camera is that this best drone for vlogging is equipped with a brand new video transmission system called OcuSync. It lets you stretch the Camera’s range over 4 miles (approx. 6.5 kilometers).

Here’s the best part:

At some shorter ranges of filming, DJI Mavic PRO can stream your footage at 1080p resolution. Moreover, it allows for downloading photos and videos at 40MB/s!

Flight Performance A+
Another important feature for being the best drone for vlogging is outstanding flight performance.

DJI Mavic PRO Drone could top out at 40 miles per hour (approx. 65 kilometers). Despite this fact, some researches showed that it could speed as high as 51 miles per hour (approx. 82 kilometers.)

Besides that, if you have not had experience controlling any type of drone, we would not recommend reaching the max power of speed. After all, it could be hard to control it.

What I love about DJI Mavic PRO are highs it can reach. Believe me – it is amazing. You can take it over 17,000 feet, and users say that it is not a limit for the drone.

Battery life lasts from 20-25 minutes with standard props.

To our editor’s mind:

It will be the best drone for vlogging in the next few years. The company updates it very often, which guarantees you the best user experience. In general, DJI Mavic PRO is Superb Drone just for less than $1000.00

Drone Highlights:
  • 4K Camera;
  • 12.7 Megapixels;
  • Streaming Opportunity at 1080p resolution;
  • 17,000 feet (5 km) take-off;
  • 25 minutes of battery life;
  • Max Speed 51 miles (82 km) per hour;
  • Weight – 1.62 lbs (734 g).

Update - 2019.01.09DJI Mavic 2 PRO / DJI Mavic ZOOM
I have to inform you that the company released the new DJI MAVIC 2 PRO and DJI MAVIC ZOOM Drones. Which might be perfect contenders for the best drones for vlogging trophy.

DJI Mavic PRO 2

Here’s the deal:

These drones are amazing as well, and I’ve tried them both. I could say that for personal vlogging I would still stay with the DJI Mavic PRO because it has enough features to make you vlog incredible and qualitative.

Moreover, the price of DJI Mavic PRO is also dropped, so it is an amazing opportunity to grab one! Apart from this, DJI Mavic PRO is lighter and is more comfortable to carry it on with yourself.

Don’t get me wrong!

If you have additional dollars I would recommend you to buy a brand new version of DJI Mavic PRO, but I just want to say that the current model is good enough for vlogging!

  • Amazing Drone Portability
  • Very good quality of video footage and photos
  • Outstanding flight range
  • Decent battery life
  • Unremovable camera and gimbal
9.7Expert Score

All in all, DJi Mavic PRO is the outstanding performance drone for vlogging. This drone makes a huge difference for vloggers and YouTubers just because of its AMAZING compatibility and performance for filming your vlog.

Value for Money
Ease Of Use

Check the Price

2. DJI Phantom 4 – Best First Drone for Everyone

DJI Phantom 4 Drone for VloggingA lot of vloggers consider with one struggle before they go to buy their first drone:

What is the controlling system of the drone? Can I control the drone easily?

It means that most of the potential drone buyers do not know how to use the drone properly.

But it is natural behavior for most of us. When we don’t know anything about the device controlling, we usually start considering: Do we really need it?

But here’s the kicker:

DJI Phantom 4 Drone is genuine, and the simple like no one of the drones are.

In other words, it will take a very short amount of time to comprehend how it works and to get full knowledge of using it for your content. These features make it one of the best drones for vlogging in the market in 2019 as well!

By the way, DJI Phantom 4 is way more comfortable to carry on it with yourself to various places, which is very important for vloggers.

Besides that, DJI Phantom 4 could follow your GPS signal in provided height. Trust me – it’s very advanced features for those who shot video content for their vlogs.

Literally, you just need to pick up the drone to strategically determined height and mark the drone to follow your GPS signal. While it will follow you, it will be able to do some shooting of videos and photos without disturbance.

Despite this, we should mention you need to avoid obstacles and be aware of trees, wind changes, ski lifts, and so on in your shooting area.

DJI Phantom 4 drone has the amazing 4K resolution Camera which makes your shots just amazing and stunning.

This drone has a decent life of the battery – 25 minutes. To be honest, it’s more than enough to get some amazing video footage or even photos for your content.

The one drawback I should mention that with the standard package there is 1 battery for this drone. Before buying this drone make sure to include in your shopping cart another battery for this drone. It can extend your filming time to nearly 1 hour!

Drone Highlights:
  • 4K Camera;
  • 12.0 Megapixels;
  • Top speed is 44 miles (72 km) per hour;
  • Maximum control range 3.1 miles (5 km);
  • 25 minutes battery life;
  • Weight – 3 lbs (1.3 kg).

  • Controlling system
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Amazing camera work
  • Connectivity with your phone
  • Newest technologies of filming
  • Phantom 3 Batteries are not compatible
  • One battery in the standard package
9.3Expert Score

In our opinion it might be the best drone for vlogging in 2019, we have put in 2nd place, but it does not change anything at all. It’s amazing and one of the best drones for vlogging which allows you to get outstanding quality content and even more. Plus we are all waiting when DJI Phantom 5 will be released - it could be a game changer!

Value for Money
Ease Of Use

Check the Price

3. DJI Spark – Best Budget Vlogging Drone in 2019

DJI Spark Drone for VloggingI would name DJI Spark Drone as one of the best budget drone for vlogging in 2019.

DJI Spark with basic equipment costs under $300 and for this price you will get amazing features for your future video blog for sure!

Let’s start with, to my mind, one of the most important features for video makers – the weight of the drone.

Basically, this drone is so light that you are going to forget having it in your backpack. We mentioned that Mavic Pro Drone is very light, but the fact is that DJI Spark is almost half lighter than DJI Mavic PRO.

Despite this fact, for all YouTubers, one of the most important things is the camera and its specifications:

DJI Spark camera could record any footage at the highest available resolution – 1080p at 12 MP which is more than enough for good video content – trust me!

DJI Spark has very impressive features for its price!

Moreover, this drone has a sports mode which lets this drone to reach a top speed of 31 mph or 50 km/h. Keep in mind that, to reach that speed, you need to have the optional remote control because most of the time smartphone app does not allow to flight at this speed.

Also, if you have ordered remote control with the drone, you could have a range of 1 mile or 2 km for the drone too.

In my opinion, all these mentioned features meet all important requirements for vloggers.

You could use the Quick Launch feature which lifts off your drone from your hands by recognizing your face. Simple Control lets you control your Drone by using your hand or body gestures.

It works amazingly in case of filming your video content.

Just imagine, you can control your drone without controller which makes your video even more powerful.

Another feature that makes it one of the best vlogging drones possibility to get all content to your phone immediately and edit it or even publish it straight to social media.

Obviously, you can’t expect to get all the best features for budget type drone. In this case, battery lifetime lasts about 15-16 minutes for active shooting. Despite this fact, in my opinion, 15 – 16 minutes for getting amazing content to your vlog is enough!

Drone Highlights:
  • 1080p Camera;
  • 12.0 Megapixels;
  • Top speed is 31 miles (50 km) per hour;
  • Maximum control range 1 mile (2 km);
  • 15 minutes battery life;
  • Weight – 10.6 oz (300 g).

  • Extremely compact size which makes it one of the best between vloggers
  • Affordable price
  • Very stable in the air
  • Gesture control function
  • Video live streaming option
  • No 4K video option
  • Gimbal is only 2-axis
  • Flying and shooting time could be longer
9Expert Score

All in all, this drone could be named one of the best drones for vlogging in 2019. It is definitely worth your money. For very a cheap price you will get almost all needed features for outstanding video footage.

Value for Money
Ease Of Use

Check the Price

4. GoPRO Karma – Drone for Action Content Lovers

GoPro Karma Drone for VloggingThis GoPro Karma Drone has absolutely amazed all GoPro lovers from all over the world.

GoPro brand past years became action cameras leaders in the world. In practice, vloggers who love action type footage and content were surprised by this one of the best drones for vlogging.

First of all, let’s start with the size of the drone:

In comparison with previously mentioned drones, GoPro Karma is a little bit heavier, but it is still very comfortable to carry it on with your self anywhere.

GoPro Karma Drone is controlled by a screen touch-type controller, which has one amazing feature to get back your drone at the start point with one click.

Also, this drone perfectly absorbs wind gust, which lets you shot outstanding quality images and video footage.

With this drone, you will get GoPro Hero 6 or GoPro Hero 7 and the greatest advantage of it that you could remove the stabilizer and turn your camera into active video camcorder. About video quality, we do not need to talk anymore…It’s outstanding!

While in flight, you can change and control the camera viewpoint. The wheel on the controller allows changing the camera angle.

GoPro Hero 7 Black takes video footage up to 4k 60FPS with 18-megapixel spherical photos – it has reached AMAZING performance results!

Battery lifetime is typically standing with all other best drones for vlogging, nearly 25 minutes of active usage.

Drone Highlights:
  • 4K Camera;
  • 18.0 Megapixels;
  • Top speed is 35 miles (56 km) per hour;
  • Maximum control range 9840 feets (3 km);
  • 25 minutes battery life;
  • Weight – 4.27 lb (1.9 kg).

  • Simple to set up
  • Most of them you will get the complete system with the backpack
  • Amazing quality of photos and video footage
  • Great camera control app
  • There is no follow me mode
  • No obstacle detection
  • Doesn’t have downward positioning sensor
8.3Expert Score

This could be one of the best drones for vlogging. To get the full experience of using this drone, make sure to buy it with full package: charger, rechargeable battery, remote controller and gimbal mount. It could be the most satisfying drone even if you GoPro brand fan.

Value for Money
Ease Of Use

Check the Price

5. Holy Stone HS100 – Best Mid-Range Vlogging Drone under $300

Holy Stone HS100 Drone for VloggingThe less expensive with all needed features drone for vlogging!

This Holy Stone HS100 Drone has almost everything you need for creating amazing video content.

GPS assisted flight will not let you lose your flight route or even the whole drone somewhere.

Mark this fact:

It has a built-in return to home function – most of the best drones do not have it! This function will lead your drone to your hands if the battery starts to run off.

Photos and Videos are captured with a 720p camera with an adjustable angle, which lets you capture high-quality photos.

Another feature that I love – Time Viewing. It means that this drone also lets you enjoy live moments in your remote controller.

The large size and strong body structure allow flying against winds without any serious problems and issues.

This 5th best drone for vlogging has a flight range of 500m and an FPC range of 150m. Actually, it’s enough to capture amazing video footage for your video blog.

Other features like One Key Takeoff and Landing, headless mode or altitude hold will give you even better user experience!

One major drawback in comparison with other listed drones – flight time is just 15 minutes.

What Can We Expect For This Price?

It is the cheapest drone in this list, which entirely could be an amazing tool for adding valuable content to your video. Needless to say, if you are looking for the first drone for vlogging, it is a perfect choice. The drone itself and quality are good enough and very easy to fly.

Holy Stone HS100 is a mid-range drone which offers a lot of required features for video creators without breaking the bank. It deserves to be on this ‘Best Drones for Vlogging’ list.

Drone Highlights:
  • 720p Camera;
  • Top speed is 11 m/s;
  • Maximum control range 0.3 miles (500 m);
  • 15 minutes battery life;
  • Weight – 24,7 oz (700 g).

  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced controlling features and GPS
  • Strong body structure
  • Camera from further distances could be better
  • Flight Time
8Expert Score

Taking everything into account - it could be very good partner of creating amazing YouTube videos. If you don't have a lot of money, this is the choice will enrich your vlog.

Value for Money
Ease Of Use

Check the Price

How to Choose the Best Drone for Vlogging?

Looking at the different specifics, you should keep your purpose of the filming in mind while choosing one of the best drones for vlogging.

If the content you are creating is more action related – pick a powerful drone which has a good quality control system and absorbs different weather conditions.

If you are looking for slower, but high-quality shots – your priority must be camera resolution.

Regulations for Drones

Regulations for Drones

After you have chosen the right drone, think of how to use the drone correctly.

First of all, you need to do some research on your local “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle regulations.” It defines the primary regulation of controlling the drone.

Generally, there is some standard regulation for drones you need to follow:

  • You just can fly with a drone during daylight;
  • Also, you can fly just under 400ft (0.12 km);
  • Drones can’t fly in national parks;
  • Law doesn’t allow to fly over the people;

Make sure to learn all these regulations before you start using your drone.

After that – don’t forget to first try it in outdoor space, for example, field or empty stadium. It would be a good practice if you lifted the drone during different weather when it‘s a bit windier or raining, as you don‘t know what can happen during the filming and you need to be able to control the drone fully.

Only after some practicing days, it would be safe for you to take the drone on holidays or weekend getaways. In the end – invest your time in different tutorials and courses.

Final Word:

After you have picked up the one the best drones for vlogging from this list, decided on your content idea it’s great time to watch some tutorials, take a course or watch other vloggers videos to learn from their experience and mistakes, this will only lead you to a better quality.

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