101 Vlog Ideas You Need To Try Now!

Vlog IdeasAs a YouTuber, sometimes you might find yourself stuck when coming up with new vlog ideas for your channel. 

It might be difficult to produce high-quality original content all the time and you may wonder how to come up with vlog ideas.

With consistency being a vital factor in the growth of your channel, we have prepared 101 vlog ideas to keep your channel fresh and interesting all year long.

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Vlog Ideas for Beginners

Vlog Ideas for Beginners

If you are just about to start your YouTube vlogging channel but don’t have ideas that would be perfect for beginners, we have covered you prepared some vlog ideas for beginners to guide you.

1. Channel Introduction

Being a beginner, your vlog ideas need to be captivating to your audience. One way to bring light to your channel is to make an introduction video.

Open up a bit to your potential viewers by telling them what your channel entails. Explain the reason you started the channel and what type of vlogs you will upload.

That type of video shouldn’t be very long, you could do it for around 10 minutes and use it as your channel introduction video on your YouTube channel’s home page.

2. Daily Vlogs

You can document your daily activities for your viewers. Daily vlogs are like diary entries, you can even share your bucket list for the day.

For instance, you can follow in the footsteps of Logan Paul who has over 5.8 billion views, or his brother Jake Paul who has more than 7 billion views.

These brothers’ daily vlogs are about anything under the sun. From classic fashion, cars, drones, or risky stunts, you get to find interesting vlog ideas to use for your next vlog.

Just keep in mind, for daily vlog videos you need to use a catchy thumbnail because it helps to attract more viewers.

3. Informative Vlogs

Make DIYs (Do It Yourself) videos on your vlog as you teach your viewers along the way. Be specific in your niche whether it’s photo edits, music, art and craft, DIY.

Also, you can do compilations of Life hacks and Crafts just like the YouTube channel 5-minute craft that has over 21 billion views.

Share easy steps and techniques to ensure your audience doesn’t get lost when learning a new craft. You can also invite family, friends, or other YouTubers to join in the vlogs to make it more enjoyable to your viewers.

4. Tech Vlogs

Are you tech-savvy? Then tech vlog is your niche.

Technology is evolving every day and viewers want to learn as much as possible about it.

Create a tech vlog touching on matters involving technology.  Show your viewers how to navigate through emerging technology and provide tech support.

Come up with different vlog ideas such as unboxing the latest gadgets in front of your viewers and reviewing them. Apart from that, share limited tech deals, Q & As, funny technology clips as well as technology news.

5. Music Vlogs

Music is universal and the target audience is unlimited. Did you know your favorite artist just released a new track? Why don’t you preview that to your viewers? Make it more interesting by adding sing-along videos from yourself or even other fans of the artist.

What about trying out acoustic versions of your best or least favorite tracks? Or just recording live reactions on music videos.

If you are in a band, take your audience on a band rehearsal as well as record the actual concert.

With the music vlog ideas possibilities being endless, I am sure you will keep your viewers entertained to the fullest.

6. Comedies Sketch and Parodies

Comedy vlogs are a gold mine and attract thousands of views. Funny content has an insatiable audience so create raw and fresh comedies on your vlog, and watch your channel grow.

There are so many ways to keep your viewers entertained. For starters, you can compile ridiculous videos or music clips from YouTube, Tiktok, TV, or other social media sites. What about bloopers, lip-synching videos, or comedy dramas?

Create parodies trending parodies and make popular videos content for your viewers to watch. Check out new songs, music, funny news, or celebrity clips and find a way to parody them before the buzz dies.

Just make sure the clips or music is free from any copyright claims to avoid receiving a YouTube strike or your YouTube channel being closed.

7. Tutorials

If you are an expert in a particular field, help your viewer by recording yourself as you walk them through step-by-step tutorials. Give tips, opinions, and alternative options to use in that field.

Gain followers by updating regular and factual vlogs like smartphone life hacks, make-up tutorials, gaming tutorials, or even self-defense tutorials.

First Vlog Ideas

First vlog ideas

A bit similar to vlog ideas for beginners, your first vlog is all about sharing your ideas, views, and interests with other people. So, if you are having trouble figuring out where to start, here are a few first vlog ideas to help you get started.

8. Personal Introduction

The first way to connect with your potential audience is to introduce yourself in an introduction video. Tell them a bit of yourself like what you do and share your likes and dislikes.

Explain a bit on what to expect from your channel. Will you be a full-time vlogger or do you have any other profession? Touch on some of the topics you will include on your channel as well as other genres and how long you will post your videos.

All this information will help the audience understands you more as a person.

9. Talk About Your Background

In the beginning phase of your channel, talk about your background. How was your life as a child?  What about your favorite teacher or subject? Did you get into trouble at home or school?

  • Who was your best friend?
  • How were your teenage years like?
  • Which celebrity did you have a crush on?
  • Did you go to prom and who accompanied you to it?

Answering these questions will help you connect to not only adults but also kids who view your vlogs.

10. Talk About Your Goals

Goals are a part of our lives, and it would be important to share yours with your audience. Tell your viewers about your career, what you desire to achieve in 2 or 5 years, where you want to travel, and so on.

To make it more interesting, you can invite family members, friends, other YouTubers, or even some hardcore fans to talk about their goals too.

Let them talk about their short or long terms goals as well as achievements or disappointments they had in the past concerning their goals.

Once Mr.Beast created that type of video at the beginning of his career. This is one of the most iconic videos on YouTube right now.

11. Do a Book/Movie/Song Review

Another good vlog idea is to review a book, movie, or song. First off, find an interesting book and understand it well, then post a video telling your audience about it.

Give honest and unbiased reviews and invite your viewers to join you in reading the next book you are going to review.

If you are feeling uncertain about how to make a vlog about books, check out the withcindy YouTube channel and find the read with Cindy section to find out how to review books properly.

When it comes to movies and songs, make a list of your favorites and explain why you like them so much.

12. Live Stream

To connect more with your audience, organize a live stream of games, music, and current and informational news.

Decide beforehand what you want the live stream to be about and make plans accordingly. If you are working with a team, discuss what their role will be to avoid confusion, keeping in mind this is a live stream.

It is also possible to invite your audience to a FAQ session thus making them a part of the live stream. Don’t forget to live stream on mobile.

Keep in mind that your channel needs at least to have 1,000 subscribers.

13. Introduce Your Pet to Your Viewers

Do you know Maru the cat? If not then you should check his mugumogu YouTube Channel that has 816K subscribers and more than 481 million views.

Shocking, right?

With that information, you can also take a leap of faith and introduce your pets to your viewers.

Record them hanging alone in the house or with a play date. If playing dress-up is your thing, post videos of them dressed up with stylish clothes.

Moreover, you can give out advice on pet care, pet food, and so on. Note that, to easily record your pet’s every move; it’s better to install cameras all around the house.

14. Cover an Event

Whether sports, concerts, wine tasting, or birthdays, covering these events is a good way to attract new subscribers.

Apart from engaging with other people, you bring your audience to the events in case you are live streaming or posting in real-time.

Be sure to keep your audience engaged by asking questions related to the events and ensure you reply to their comments.

Try to be authentic by even requesting your viewers to let you shoot in their events or sending their event videos for a review segment.

Don’t forget to be always mindful of other people’s wishes when they decline to appear on your videos.

Trending Vlog Ideas

Trending Vlog ideas

Lost on where to get your next YouTube vlog ideas? Take advantage of the trending vlog ideas circulating on social media platforms. Just like fashion or gadgets, you won’t go wrong in keeping your audience hooked to your YouTube channel.

15. Trending Video Tab

There is no harm in looking at other YouTube channels for vlog ideas. Basically, a trending video tab is a great tool to look out for currently popular vlogs done by other YouTubers.

Once you find the best video content for you, ensure you add a little twist to it to make your content more unique.

16. Post Similar Vlogs from other Channels

Competition is all around and there is no harm in checking other channels to see what they are up to.

Check out similar channels and get to know what types of videos they are currently making. Don’t shy away from sharing your ideas worldwide just because of other people’s opinions.

17. Post a Challenge

YouTube challenges are always popular all over social media platforms. Don’t be left behind but find a new challenge going around and post it.

Not sure what challenge to post? What about food YouTube challenges such as baby food challenges, tin can challenges, or smoothie challenges?

Other challenges include trying not to laugh challenge, internet slang challenge, blindfold challenges, overnight survival challenge, and so on.

18. Make a Response Vlog

Feeling an urge to respond to another YouTuber’s video or comment?  You can go with the trend and make a response vlog from a topic you watched from a YouTuber.

The response vlog is meant to foster a conversation with your fans as well as open doors to more interactions. Who knows, you might get some new subscribers from this type of vlog idea.

19. Shoot an Opinion Video

There is always something to say concerning politics, new movies, video games, latest video songs.

Simply invite friends or experts on your platform to give out opinions concerning current affairs, social media trends, influencers, or other YouTubers.

Make the discussions lively by involving your viewers with questions and reading out their answers and comments. Be warned that although you might get new followers, you might get some haters too.

20. Day in My Life

Popular with vloggers, celebrities, and socialists, day in my life vlogs have increased over the years. These vlogging series are one of the most popular YouTube videos. Growing Day in My Life views every year, it will not hurt to add a day in my life vlog to your video uploads.

Select a day to spend a regular day or work life with your viewers. Start from morning until you retire to bed ensuring you show the basic highlight of your day.

In that sense, ensure you take your audience on a journey, and who knows this one vlog idea might rapidly grow your channel like it did a lot of YouTubers.


Vlog Ideas with Friends

Vlog ideas with friends

One way to keep your vlog interesting is to involve your friends. You can do this by coming up with a vlog idea with friends’ videos.

The videos will not only make your friends visible to your viewers but will be fun to watch.

21. How You Met Your Friends

Nothing is more fun than sharing how you and your friends met each other.

  • Did you meet in school, summer camp, or a birthday party?
  • Did you get along instantly or not?
  • Had you ever fallen out and made up?
  • How do you handle disagreements between yourselves?

All these questions will open up a pool of more questions and answers keeping your viewers captivated.

22. Participate in  a Quiz

Apart from how we met vlogs, another way to keep your vlogs interesting is by participating in a quiz.

There are many online quizzes you can choose from or just come up with your own questions to ask your friends. Apart from that, you can deal with quizzes dealing with product information.

Answer questions related to beauty products, gadgets, household appliances, and cars. Make sure you give interesting tips to keep your audience informed on these products.

23. Tag Questions

Popular with YouTubers, another way to connect with your audience is to make a list of questions to ask your friends and vice versa.

A good example is checking out the get to know me tag questions challenge and finding the best questions to ask your friends.

24. Shout Out to Your Long Lost Friend

We all have that one friend we cared about but lost touch with. Make a vlog talking about them, how you felt when you went your separate ways and what would happen if you saw them again.

Take a step further and invite your viewers to shout out to their lost long friends too. Also encourage them to share their stories on why they lost touch, where they think friends might be etc.

Who knows these vlogs can be a great way to reunite friends as well as bring more viewers your way.

25. Reconcile Your Friends Vlog

It is common to disagree with your friends but that should not mean the end of a great friendship.

If your friends don’t mind sharing their stories with the world, you can make a vlog of reconciling them.

Go a step further and reach out to your audience and request them to shoot a video of them asking for an apology from their friends.

What about sharing tips on how to reconcile friends who have disagreed?

26. Do Some Volunteer Work

When was the last time you did something good for others? Though you enjoy doing fun things with your friends, show your viewers the other caring side of you by doing some volunteering work.

For example, find a soup kitchen and spend the day cooking, cleaning, and serving.

Why don’t you make a vlog visiting a school or church and assist in events or other stuff?

More than that, you can follow in the footsteps of popular YouTuber Zoella or identical twins Jack and Finn Harries who have given their time to bring awareness of fatal diseases around the world.

Lifestyle Vlog Ideas

Stuck on your next vlogging idea? Lifestyle vlog ideas are a great way to keep your viewers entertained. Here are some great vlog ideas for your next post.

Lifestyle Vlog Ideas

27. House/Apartment Tour

You can attract a lot of viewers by opening up your home to them. Whether you live in a house or apartment, taking your viewers around your home will let them know more about your personality and taste.

Give your viewers a glimpse of the house interior while explaining if you hired an interior designer or not?

From wallpaper, furniture to carpet, feed your viewer’s curiosity by taking them from room to room and letting them take it all in.

28. Healthy Eating Ideas

People are always looking for ways to improve their eating habits. As a vlogger, you can inspire your audience through vlogs to eat healthy throughout the day.

Go the extra mile and give ideas to your audience on what to eat according to their body types. Share healthy recipes using real-life ingredients and help your viewers learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals at home.

Furthermore, you can share strategies of mindful eating habits, nutrition tips, and kitchen hacks to improve your audience’s cooking skills.

From kid-friendly meals to budget-conscious meals for adults, you won’t run out of healthy eating vlog ideas anytime soon.

29. House Decoration Ideas

Do your family and friends admire your beautifully decorated home? Then welcome your viewers to your home and give them a peek at what home decors are all about.

Share unique tips on how to adorn your home as well as some easy DIY hacks. From restyling a bookcase to reupholstering your furniture, you can change the look of your living room in minutes.

What’s more, take your decorating ideas to the next level by sharing ways on how to decorate your home on different occasions. The occasions can be birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and more.

30. Facts About Me

Create a fact about me vlog to attract your viewers to your channel. Let your potential audience know a bit about you by sharing personal, fun, or random facts about you.

To easily come up with the facts, think about any interesting or unusual situation that happened when you were a child.

Take random ideas and share some Intel on which book you are reading or what you would rather shop for if given a chance.

Remember to always number your facts to make it easier for your audience to watch your vlogs.

31. Vlog Yourself Learning a New Skill

We all love to learn something new. So, why don’t you vlog yourself learning a new skill as you invite your audience to join in?

It could be a simple skill like how to whistle, to complex ones like how to change a tire or build a campfire. You can also include fun skills in your videos like learning how to dance better or learning how to juggle.

Try to make it unique by sharing several simple skills in one video and the serious ones in others.

Family Vlog Ideas

Spending time with family can be a great way to connect with your subscribers. There are many family vlog ideas out there to keep you entertained. Who knows, maybe your family members will start their YouTube channels too?

Family Vlog Ideas

32. Share a Fun Day with Family

A fun day with your family is one way to keep your viewers entertained. Create vlogs around a family day with your spouse, kids, parents, siblings, cousins, and so on.

Inspire other families to come together by making your day fun with activities such as eating competitions, egg races, and water balloon toss among others. Or you can treat the kids to a Disneyland visit or a trip to the museum.

Note that, this fun day not only enables you to have fun with your family but also makes your audience feel like part of the group.

33. Pay a Surprise Visit to Family Members

Plan a surprise visit to your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins. Take your viewers along a surprise visit to their homes, or places of work and share their reactions on camera.

You can buy them some gifts or just help them around the house while catching up on their lives. Ensure you encourage your viewers to make a surprise visit to their families or friends and let them share with you the surprise videos.

Who knows you can find yourself making another vlog of clips sent by your viewers.

34. Record Baby Milestone

If you are a new parent, you can start a family vlog by recording your baby milestones. Show your viewers the first time they slept throughout the night, or the first time the baby smiled.

What about when they crawled, they said their first words or drew a picture of you?

In case they are in their pre-teen or teenage years, you can still share previous video recordings of their first walk, first words, and birthday among others.

35. Healthy Tips for the Family

Health isn’t just about exercise or eating healthy food, it is also about living a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your viewers to stay healthy by sharing healthy tips with them.

Commit yourself to post videos of doing home workouts or having healthy habits just like Whitney Simmons does in her YouTube channel.

If you are watching your weight, you can post behind the scenes techniques on how you and your family members track your body weight every week, or monthly.

36. Parenting Vlogs (Do’s and Don’ts)

A parenting vlog will give insight to first-time parents on how to deal with their kids. Dive into the ins and outs of parenting by vlogging about different topics like gentle parenting, sibling rivalry, and the likes.

Also, you can review the best baby food and formulas, non-toxic products as well as the safest crib beds and mattresses. Don’t forget to share some dos and don’ts on handling toddlers as well as other youngsters.

37. Clean the House with Us

Keeping your home clean can be exhausting especially with kids and pets around. Invite your viewers to clean the house with you by shooting one-time lapse videos.

Get to work by posting videos of you washing floors, scrubbing sinks and drain holes, or even folding laundry.

Engage your viewers by giving them tips on how to clean different areas of the house while endorsing cleaning products.

In case you are unsure how these vlog ideas will increase viewers, check out Jessica Tull’s YouTube channel and watch how her cleaning videos have overall more than 58 million views.


Travel Vlog Ideas

Travel vlog ideas

Travel vlogs are not only entertaining to your viewers but also give them a chance to see the world through your eyes. Therefore, if you are a travel vlogger, here are some travel vlog ideas for you and also you could check specially dedicated cameras for traveling.

38. Talk about Your Trip

Make a vlog on where you are planning to travel. Explain to the audience why you choose that place and what your expectations are.

Invite your viewers to watch with you several vlogs of the place you want to visit and learn together the cultures and traditions.

Note what is acceptable in the country or city you are visiting and what’s not. Don’t forget to encourage your viewers to step out of their comfort zones and discover the world.

39. Share about Your Budget

Whenever one is planning to travel, one of the requirements they look for is the budget.

To make it easier for your viewers, make a vlog about your budget to your next travel destination. Or better yet, tell them how much will you spend on your trip?

Break down the steps you took when planning the trip.

  • How did you save for the trip?
  • How many days will your trip last you and so on?

All this information is meant to help your viewers easily plan for their trip.

40. Give out Some Traveling Tips

Have you traveled a lot? Then a travel tips vlog will do for you. It will be easy to share with your viewers the dos and don’ts to follow when visiting the place.

Give them some tips and travel hacks to inspire them on their next adventure.

Educate travel beginners with vital information on what to do before a trip. Share tips on the right gear to carry, where to buy travel SIM cards, the best type of travel insurance, etc.


41. Make a Travel Guide

A must-have when it comes to vlog ideas, a travel guide will enable you to share the best restaurants, hotels, famous sites with your audience. This way your viewers will make the most out of their trip.

Why don’t you make friends with local guides as well as local people and request them to take you to the best tourist attractions?

Record the places and events, keeping in mind that your experiences will enable you to make a detailed travel guide for your viewers.

42. Rank the Places You Have Visited

Every traveler has experienced both the best and worse in a place. Why don’t you make your next vlog interesting by ranking the places you have visited from least to the most favorite one?

Maybe it was your recent trip that was your most or least favorite; give your audience some information about why you enjoyed or disliked the place so much.

  • Was it the hotel you stayed in?
  • The places you visited or the friendliness of the local people?

Having a regular vlog niche or theme, you will leave your audience with anticipation to know your next travel destination and how you will rank the place.

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43. Share Some Travel Stories

Who doesn’t love listening to stories? If you have visited a couple of places before, it is time to share those previous experiences with your audience.

For example, did something funny happen when you were there?  How did it start, who was with you and how did the story end.

What about an interesting experience, maybe you met a famous celebrity or you got to visit an interesting place. Scary experiences should also be shared.

Explain to your viewers a scary experience you or your friend went through and give tips on how to handle such situations.

44. Travel with Family/Friends

To keep your audience captivated, go with your family members or friends on an adventure. Record the whole experience you shared with your spouse, kids, or friends.

Don’t shy away from sharing incredible experiences you have as well as the challenging ones. It is not always easy to travel with a group and that’s why your audience deserves the truth from you.

Therefore, share tips on how families and friends should agree on the destination, budget, and other commitments to avoid disagreements during the trip.  

Work Vlog Ideas

Work Vlog Ideas

Do you love your work? Why don’t you share with your viewers some work advice or tips concerning work issues? Here are some work vlog ideas for you.

45. Job Seeking Tips

With unemployment on the rise, job-seeking vlog ideas will come in handy to your unemployed audience. Share tips on the best website to use when looking for work.

You can show them how to make a job resume, what to wear or how to behave in an interview. All this will enable job seekers to be ahead of others when it comes to getting a job.

46. Share Career Goals

Everyone has career goals but sometimes we all need a push when it comes to achieving them. Therefore, share your short-term and long-term goals with your viewers and explain how you tend to achieve them.

It would be through advancing in a class, going to seminars or training, improving their relationships at work. Improving the low functioning work processes can also bring in rewards.

Go further and make tips to achieve vlogs and share the important steps to get there.

Writing down your goals is one of them. Encourage them to set deadlines, reward themselves and also get a partner to hold them accountable.

47. Teach a Skill

One of the reasons people spend a lot of time on YouTube is to find information.

So, why don’t you take advantage of the opportunity and teach your viewers something new?

Whatever skills you have, whether you are an IT specialist, mechanic, home decorator make a tutorial vlog and your viewers will love you for it.

Give them step-to-step details when it comes to gadgets, cars, or home decors. Additionally, share DIYs, tips, and guides on how to utilize the skills to the maximum thus enabling them to save money.

These video series should bring you a lot of new attention and followers.

48. Give Out a Work Advice

Are you an expert in something? Then don’t shy away from giving advice to your viewers.

You can pick a topic and give the best advice on it. It could be about their work ethics, work dressing styles, character, or intuitions.

  • Challenge your viewers with questions of your own like when was the last time you got out of your comfort zone?
  • How do you work under pressure?
  • How do you embrace failure?

These realistic questions will enable your viewers to find solutions as well as learn something new.

49. Question and Answer Vlog

There is nothing more interactive than a question and answer vlog.

Surprise your subscribers by giving them a chance to ask any work-related questions.

Inform them of your current vlog on your open platform to ask work-related questions and give them a deadline to send the questions. This way you get ample time to sort out the questions.

Note down the questions, research the right answers and dedicate your next vlog to answering them correctly.

Home Vlog Ideas

Home Vlog Ideas

Home vlog ideas are inspired by the nature of your home. If you have the courage to showcase your house to your viewers, then, a home vlog is your niche. You can also record yourself doing simple house chores.

50. Offer House Tours

House touring is probably one of the simplest vlogs you could create. Basically, you take a tour of your house as you record.

Being the host treat your viewers with respect by ensuring your home is presentable. Move from room to room explaining everything from décor to furniture.

That’s not all; you can venture out of your home to showcase other people’s homes like Enes Yilmazer a real estate YouTuber who showcases amazing homes around the world.

Let your viewers get a feel of living in mansions, luxury apartments, and beach houses among others, and find useful tips on how to decorate their homes too.


51. Post Gardening Vlogs

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a small garden in your compound, therefore, you can help your viewers to start or maintain their gardens.

Inform them on how to select the right plants to grow, the best time of the year to plant as well as proper planting and preparing techniques.

Go deeper and share helpful guides such as beginner gardening guides, seed gardening guides, container gardening guides, and so on.

You can also tackle gardening tips on garden design, indoor gardening, edible gardens, specialty gardens, and many more.

52. Vlog about Home Makeovers

Do you have any existing stuff you have lying around? Take your viewers on a journey of remodeling your house or a complete make-over in your house. Show them it’s possible to change your home by using existing stuff as well as cheap ones stuff too.

One of the makeover techniques is moving existing stuff around like rearranging the furniture, arranging the books on the bookshelf according to color or size.

What about changing the rugs? You can move the bedroom rug to the dining room and vice versa.

Be creative with leftover fabric or paint and bring life to your living room or kitchen and watch how viewers will be hooked to your makeup projects.

53. Teach Cooking and Baking

From the comfort of your kitchen, teach your viewers basic cooking and pastry skills as you record in real-time. Inspire your viewers by making delicious meals and delicacies.

If you are a vegetarian, make vegan food such as hot dogs with pecan chili, carrot bacon, or chocolate banana cinnamon toast among others. Tackle different food or pastry recipes and ensure your viewers cook along with you every post you make.

Make every meal or pastry scrumptious to your viewers by taking time to plan your cooking and baking recipes.

54. Share Parenting Advice

Are you a mum to beautiful kids? Do you have some parental advice to share with the world? Then make a vlog about parenting.

Record yourself at home with your family talking about parenting skills and management. Talk to parents on ways to tackle the everyday challenges of parenthood.

Just like the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel, you can share several mom hacks like how to stick to kids’ bedtime routines or how to deal with sick kids.

You can also vlog general topics like great family recipes or even playing kid’s activities.

Who knows you might find yourself accumulating more than 1 billion views like the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel.

College Vlog Ideas

College Vlog Ideas

College vlog ideas need to come from personal or up-close experiences. Your vlogs should target college students or mostly young people aspiring to go to college.

55. Share about Your College Life

Are you a college student, join the rising breed of college YouTubers and talk about college life with your viewers? Connect with your viewers by creating tips on how to deal with college admission, first-day orientation, among others.

Furthermore, you can vlog on personal topics like financial situations, survival stories when it comes to roommates, and bullying.

Don’t forget to share study tips and reading strategies to help students of all levels.

Finally, you can also share the college’s culture and traditions or invite famous alumni of the college to share their college experiences.

56. Create College Series

Take a tour of your school and create a series about your college. Take your viewers around your college and show off your fully packed library, lecture halls, residence hall, dining halls, and student centers.

Create an interview series of fellow students, lecturers, and staff and ask random questions concerning the college.

Give your college viewers a peek of what to expect in college life and be a reliable source to anyone willing to join your college.

57. Do College Reviews

It is quite normal for college students to visit each other. Therefore, the next time you get a chance to visit another college, carry your camera and get to vlog about your tours.

You can focus your vlog around reviewing neighborhood colleges or colleges all over the country. Give your viewers a chance to explore various colleges and give your opinion based on the findings.

Apart from showing your personal tours, you can compare two colleges or do live interviews with students across the states.

58. Vlog about College Events

Colleges host numerous events annually. From dorm crafts and cooking events, college farmers’ market events, to 24-hour film festivals, there is a lot to share in your vlog concerning college events.

Create vlogs around these events for your viewers to watch and make sure you bring out all the best of the events. Keep in mind; the events don’t only have to be fun but also academics-related ones.

Mentorship programs, academic competitions, tournaments, or TEDx talks are great events to cover too. You can even go a step further and plan your own college event.

Just make sure it is interesting to your audience.

59. Studying Methods (Tips and Tricks)

If you have always admired Thomas Frank studying and learning vlogs, then it will be easier to make college studying vlogs.

From tips and tricks to various studying methods, you can engage more with college students as you increase your channel’s following.

For instance, give out the best simple studying methods like the SQ3R method which deals with writing down Q & A, summary, flashcards, reviews, etc.

Include tips and tricks on how to study by sharing statistics and proven methods of memorizing topics and also solving particular problems.

Invite other college students to share their effective studying methods as you tackle complicated subjects together.

60. How to Prepare for Entrance Exams

Let’s admit preparing for college entrance exams can be scary for most people. If you have figured out how to go about it, don’t hesitate to make a vlog to help others out.

You can start by asking your college viewers some questions concerning the entrance exams.

  • For example, how long have you studied for the exams?
  • What are their expectations of the exam?
  • Have they done any practice tests?

If not, share the best online platform to take the practical test. Don’t forget to share tips and steps to get ready for the entrance exams

61. Student Expense Vlog

Budgeting can be a bit hard when in college. That’s why a student expenses vlog will go a long way with college students struggling with expenses.

Simply explain easy tips to your viewers on how to survive on a budget. For instance, how to utilize student cards, ways to make extra money, looking out for cheap food and drinks at restaurants and bars.

Encourage the students to track their money by sharing different apps or traditional methods with them.

All this will truly go a long way to increasing your viewers while helping out college students with their expenses.

Student in Norway Monthly Expenses (Groceries & More!) | Cost of living in Norway & Study for FREE

Vlog Ideas for Boys

Vlog ideas for Boys

These vlog ideas for boys you should look for a better way to engage with your male viewers. We listed them according to YouTube statistics.

62. Vlog about Extreme Sports Activities

If you are a sports fanatic or love indulging in extreme sports activities, give your viewers what they need by vlogging about extreme sports activities.

Being a sports enthusiast, you can push yourself to the limit by posting videos of yourself either Base jumping, Kayaking, Ice skating, Mountain biking, and so on.

In case you are just a sports fanatic, another way to share your vlog ideas for guys is to share some interesting facts about different sports.

Post clips of different players doing incredible moves. Make the vlogs interesting and the boys will certainly be hooked to your channel.

63. Review Latest Tech Gadgets

Are you a tech gadget expert? Do you spend all your free time researching new devices?

Another vlog idea for guys is reviewing tech gadgets.

New gadgets are always coming out and it would not hurt to review the latest devices, their characteristics, pros, and cons. Dig deep into gadgets like phones, filming equipment, and gaming equipment as well laptops.

Selflessly share your knowledge and opinions on the best tech gadgets and who knows you might find yourself one day as a professional reviewer.

64. Talk about Your Dream Car

Nothing makes guys cheer up more than talking about their dream car. Share your dream car list with the guys and open up a forum for them to share theirs too.

In case you have bought one already, post about it and explain when you bought it, how much it cost, how you saved the money, or what transpired for you to get one.

If any of your viewers have already purchased their dream car, invite them to your channel to discuss how they managed to get one too.

Don’t stop there but also make vlogs of random people getting surprise dream cars from spouses, family members, or significant others.

65. Share Transformation Tips

Transformation is a big part of people and guys will appreciate it when you share your journey with them. Inspire the men with your fitness journey, career change, and relationship progress among others.

For body transformation, take your viewers on a journey as you start your workouts and keep sharing your progress when it comes to your body transformation. You can make it appealing but short like Joe Weller’s one-year body transformation vlog.

When it comes to career change, you should share the reasons and benefits of a career change. Also, give tips on how to look for a new job and the resources needed for a successful career change.

Finally, if you are tackling relationship transformation, share dating tips, steps, and ways to have a healthy and happy relationship.

66. How to Throw Mind-Blowing Parties

Either you are a party person or not, you can’t go wrong with attracting the boys with a throw-a-party vlog.

Planning a party is not easy as it means and the boys will love it when you share tips and guidelines on throwing a perfect party.

In your vlogs, go into details on how to plan family, friends, or business parties. Share steps and tips on how to plan for a mind-blowing party.

Make your vlogs interesting by inviting your friends to plan different parties with you and showcase how neat or messy planning a party can get.

Vlog Ideas for Girls

Vlog Ideas for Girls

There are a lot of vlog ideas for girls. Make vlog tutorials for girls targeting their day-to-day basic needs. Catch the trendiest of fashion, gossip and beauty products.

67. How to Apply Make-Up

The beauty and fashion industry depends on looking glamorous and so does every girl. Give step-by-step detailed information on how to wear or remove make-up safely (top cameras for makeup vlogs).

Recommend the best products to your knowledge and their prices and availability. Teach the girls new and inventive techniques to apply make-up.

You can also invite friends or beauty experts to showcase how to apply makeup on different occasions such as weddings, Halloween, romantic dates, etc.

68. Skin Care Solutions

Advise your viewers on the best skincare products whether natural or industrial. Engage your viewers with your standard daily routine on such products and their effects on you. Share your best and bad experiences with beauty products.

From the body, and hand creams, lotions, powder, moisturizers, and cleansers, you will have a lot to talk about to your viewers. Search for important tips for the skincare solutions as well as the ingredients that make them.

Open a forum for your viewers and ask which skincare products they use and why they use them.

69. Shopping and Fashion

If you love fashion, you definitely love shopping.

Create vlogs on the best places to shop and why. Entice your viewers by showing them the latest in fashion and what to expect if or when they purchase the said items.

You can also critique the fashion products or host a live vlog with your viewers as you discuss trends in fashion or shopping experiences.

Also, you can post DIYs, thrift shopping vlogs, or lookbooks to reach a more fashion-based audience.


70. Morning and Nighttime Routine

Did you know morning and nighttime routine vlogs on YouTube have been tripling in the past years?

Share your morning routine with your viewers by showing your daily rituals while suggesting the best routine for them to try every morning.

If you are working or in college, share what you always do before going to work or school to how you relax after a hard day. Also, share your daily nighttime routine as you wind up.

71. Motivational Speaking for Girls

If you can motivate someone, why not create a vlog motivating girls? Create a safe space for girls to feed emotionally.

You can host a Q&A on your vlog talking to girls about a variety of topics on mental health or share vlogs.

Create how-to videos, as well as tips on self-discovery and growth.

Moreover, you can make personal vlogs on how to utilize your gifts, talents, and skills like Aileen, the creator of the Lavendaire YouTube channel has done.

Couple Vlog Ideas

Couple Vlog Ideas

Are you married or dating? There are a lot of couple vlog ideas you can share with your viewers.

72. How We Met

Every relationship had to start somewhere, so how did yours start? Sometimes it starts in a romantic way, other times it’s funny or awkward, but it always makes for a fun vlog.

Post vlogs with your significant others explaining how you met, be candid on the details and make it interesting by laughing at the silly or serious things that happened that day.

To keep your viewers interested in your channel, invite your family, friends, or your couple viewers to share their how we met stories.

Let the fun continue with Q &A vlogs to test if other couples truly remember how they met.

73. Relationship Advice

Couples fight, argue, and make it work, document all that on your Vlog. Relationship-oriented channels have grown in following over the past few years.

Give advice to your viewers on relationship matters like how to deal with a jealous partner, easy ways to forgive, and how to communicate among others.

Also, invite relationship experts to share information on how to heal from heartbreaks, separations, and divorces.

74. Interviews and Podcasts

Interviewing other people on your vlog is a fun way to learn and work together as a couple. Post vlogs of you asking random, serious, or funny questions to your partner and vice versa.

You can also interview other couples concerning their love life and secrets to a happy relationship or you can ask about their goals and plans.

Furthermore, you can dive into topics couples go through such as money, in-laws, friends, healthy eating, and work pressures, and so on.

75. YouTube Challenges

YouTube challenges are mostly fun to watch and what better ways than doing a challenge with your partner?

First of all, check out the different popular challenges done by other YouTubers and pick the ones you feel will attract your audience.

From Eat and Wear challenge, a good thing challenge i.e. random act of kindness, the mute challenge, you have so much to keep your viewers entertained.

Just make sure the challenges are easy to follow and are safe for both you and your viewers.

76. Share DIY- Gift Ideas

One way to show appreciation to your better half is by exchanging gifts with them. As a couple, you can make an interesting vlog on DIY gifts for different occasions.

These are anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and Valentine’s Day among others. Share ideas on the best gift to give your husband or wife, the best gift for women and men, as well as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Make it interesting to your viewers, by tagging them along when visiting different gift shops. If you are good at wrapping gifts, show your viewers how to wrap one in minutes.

77. Play Some Game

Healthy competition is good for the soul. Play a game with your spouse and give your viewers the chance to see your fun or serious side depending on the game.

There are many games out there for couples to play. One of them is one-word one answer games where couples remind themselves why they fell in love. Others are deal or no deal games, truth and dare, balloon games darts, card games as well as online games.

These kinds of games will bring not only bring you closer as a couple but also your too viewers.

78. How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?

Popular with couple vlogs, you can join the bandwagon and ask your partners questions about you and vice versa. Make a list of questions to ask your partner or open up the forum to viewers to ask the questions.

Give honest answers to the questions keeping in mind it is normal not to know everything about each other.

This gives you as a couple and the viewers a chance to learn new things about each other.

Keep in mind to make the vlogs more interesting to watch by adding your own style.

Fitness Vlog Ideas

Fitness Vlog Ideas

Fitness vlog ideas are all over. As you work out, take your viewers along for the ride. Share with them your fitness routine so they can follow you along.

79. How to Work Out

With over 30 million fitness videos on YouTube, you won’t go wrong in making workout vlogs.

Create educational content on how to work out properly containing crucial information that viewers need to safely work out.

Show your viewers they don’t have to visit the gym all the time since they can do some workouts at home. Share the best types of home workouts and how to achieve their health goals.

For more vlogging ideas you can check out other fitness YouTube channels like Fitness Blender YouTube channel which has over 1.2 billion views.

Find out the best workout techniques, and even workout gifts for your viewers to give family or friends among others.

80. Cheap Workouts (No Equipment Needed)

Not everyone can afford to either go to the gym or purchase workout equipment, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to work out.

Offer your viewers cheap and effective techniques to try in their free time.

You can choose one workout niche like Adriene from Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel who simply deals with any Yoga workouts or be diverse like The Fitness Marshall that posts dance workout videos.

Note that, these workout vlogs can bring more viewers to your channel if executed properly.

Stillness For Stress Relief | 15-Minute Meditation | Yoga With Adriene

81. Vitamin and Supplements

The internet, as good as it is, also has its own cons and in this cases its fraudsters. Vitamin and food supplements create a lot of confusion and much-needed caution is a must when using them.

As a vlogger, your priority is to ensure your viewers trust what you are selling to them. So if you can back the use of these supplements with facts and testimonials, then, you will gain more followers.

One way is to make vlogs with health experts sharing information on the best vitamins and supplements to use.

Moreover, review different types of vitamins and supplements, citing their pros and cons to your viewers to enable them to make the best choice.

82. Your Fitness Journey

We all have a story to tell. Give your viewers your story on how your fitness journey began?

Make sure you document your best and darkest moments during the fitness journey. Create a bond and relationship with your viewers on the experiences.

If you are starting another fitness journey, get your viewers involved on what equipment you need, to how long the fitness journey will take.

83. Weight Loss Advice

As much as most people work out to build their bodies, a large number do it to simply lose weight. Obesity has been finally classified as a disease and many people are working out for health purposes.

Create vlogs about safe and proven ways to lose weight and provide guidance through the weight-loss process.

The weight loss vlogs can be classified into different sections like simple ways to lose weight naturally, ways to lose weight without equipment, etc.

Also give the best tips and steps of losing weight such as exercises, food options, and importance of good sleep among others.

84. Show Your Workout Schedule

Give your audience a tour of your workout schedule. Explain the routine you follow through the week and what you do to stay disciplined.

Don’t stop there but share workout schedules your viewers should follow. Categorize the vlogs to suit different viewers.

For example, the best workout schedules for beginners, workout schedules for men, workout schedules for women, and so on.

85. Do’s and Don’ts in the Gym

With many people visiting the gym to lose weight and stay healthy, take advantage, of this and share workout vlog ideas with your viewers. Help beginners with techniques of doing particular exercises.

You can visit gym premises around your area and get gym instructions to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of using different equipment.

What’s more, compile funny clips of the funniest and embarrassing Gym moments and share them with your viewers.

Makeup Vlog Ideas

Makeup vlog ideas

There are a lot of make-up vlog ideas just waiting to be explored. You can review beauty products and rate them accordingly.

86. Create Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are a great way to attract viewers to your channel.  Meant to show transformational makeup change, get to recreate some of the best celebrities’ looks or hairstyles on the red carpet in front of your viewers.

Give your viewers the best tips and tricks for complete makeup, as well as different methods to apply the makeup.

Do note that just like popular makeup vlogger Chloe Morello has millions of viewers, you too can also get a massive following.

87. Hauls

Hauls is 0ne of the easiest vlog ideas you can do. With over half a million hauls shared on YouTube, a makeup haul will go a long way in bringing new viewers to your channel.

Unpack your makeup shopping for your viewers to see and explain where you bought the makeup, how much it cost, and why you preferred that brand.

Remember, hauls create anticipation as viewers wait to see you try on some of those beauty products.

88. Style by Occasion

Teach your viewers to wear make-up or style their hair for any occasion. It could be school, work or a party. Give tips that help people look their best any day.

Invite friends or stylish experts into your platform and live stream different types of makeup.

Don’t forget, compiling clips of other makeup artists’ work is also a good way to vlog.

89. Favorite Things

People watch your videos because they are fun, real, and knowledgeable.

Showing viewers your favorite beauty products and telling them why you love them reveals your personality. Viewers feel they can trust the products and at the same time trust you.

That’s not all; you can also reveal your family members’ and friends’ makeup kits and let the viewers see what kind of makeup they own.

Sharing celebrities and other makeup artists’ favorite beauty products can also increase your viewers too.

90. Try Out Thematic Makeup

Different from casual makeup, thematic makeup is all about being artistic, attention-getting, or dramatic. For instance, you can do a Halloween thematic makeup, a Christmas one, and so on.

Makeup movie challenges can also be a big deal to viewers as you show them how to look like their favorite movie characters.

You can also give your viewers a theme challenge like from a Star Wars movie and invite guest judges to go through the clips and announce a winner.

91. Get Ready with Me

Do you sometimes spend hours putting on makeup for an event?

Then you need to make a get ready with me vlog. Get ready with me vlogs basically means you invite your viewers to apply makeup with you.

Take the viewers through all the makeup products you are going to use and demonstrate each and every product and its benefits.

Keep the vlog interesting by inviting guests to get ready with you as Lauren Curtis does. Do note, for a most effective reaction, you can live stream instead of pre-shooting.

Get Ready With Me & PATRICKSTARRR! | Lauren Curtis

92. Reaction to Old Makeup Videos

Meant to reminisce the old days, go back a couple of months ago or years, and re-watch your old makeup videos with your audience.

You can invite fellow makeup YouTubers and go through their old makeup videos too or just find old clips of makeup mishaps and share them with the viewers.

Requesting your viewers to share their old makeup videos will also be a great way to make interesting vlogs too.

Prank Vlog Ideas

Prank Vlog Ideas

This is one of the most popular vlogs on Youtube. If you are a true prankster, then this is the vlog for you. Pranks are loved for their good-natured humor and get thousands of views.

You can implement your prank vlog ideas on friends to total strangers, whether public or private.

93. Prank on Friends

One of the best ways to grow a vlog is to have fresh content available now and then. You can prank your friends on numerous vlogs and share them with your viewers.

For well-nurtured pranks is you can mess up with your friend’s food like switching cola with soy sauce. Other pranks include pranking your friends with gifts, cart pranks, candy bowl pranks among others.

Here’s the deal:

Sometimes you could write and create a scenario for a prank. In other words – fake it, these videos are super popular. But in that case, you have to act like a professional actor, otherwise, everybody notices it and they won’t watch your videos again. 

94. Prank on Partner

Relationships can become dull and boring sometimes. So, make it lively by pranking your better half and recording their reaction for all to see.

Make it more interesting by looking up funny vlog ideas to ensure you give out the best to your audience.

Some of the pranks to play on your partner can be a fake haircut, bumper surprise, jewelry prank, donut gift among others.

Just make sure the pranks are harmless to avoid any serious damage or worse a breakup.

95. Public Pranks

Do you love watching Just for Laughs Gags pranks on YouTube?

Then why stop on friends and family pranks? Perfectly executed pranks in public on strangers can generate a lot of views too.

A lot of well-known YouTubers gained their audience from public prank videos. When not always fun to be pranked, it is always fun to watch and you can even invite your viewers to prank their family or friends too.

Note that; to post the best prank videos, go for the best camera for pranks to ensure you stay inconspicuous.


Gaming Vlog Ideas

Gaming vlog ideas

Gaming videos are always fun to watch and there are so many games to pick from. From simple online games to games on your PC or gaming console, engage your viewers with topics ranging from trendy games to new releases.

If you have a gaming channel, why don’t you try out these gaming vlog ideas to increase your subscribers?

96. Play the Games on Your Vlog

Needless to say that usually gamers are more likely to do stream sessions than vlogging, right?

Anyway, most of them have gaming channels too. Why? To give viewers first-hand information by either walking them through the games or hosting live events as they tackle the games.

Also, a lot of streamers publish the best moments from their streams for those who haven’t seen or even don’t know them yet.

Join top gaming vloggers like PewdiePie, Markiplier, and even Jacksepticeye and explore different types of gaming methods like the “Let’s play” type of gaming, indie and horror games, Minecraft among other games.

97. Review Games and Gaming Consoles

Due to a large number of games and gaming consoles, there is too much to peruse until you find the right game.

Viewers want to know the specs and reviews of games and consoles before they purchase.

Target your audience with your personal opinion of different games, explain why you bought them and why they should purchase them or not.

98. Behind the Scene Vlogs

Show your viewers what it’s like when you record your videos.

Give them a view of your gaming setups such as your camera, monitor, green screen, keyboard, controller, mouse, headsetslighting, and desk and chair.

Walk them through each item explaining what they do and why you need them.

Let your viewers see the effort you put behind the scenes to make your gaming vlogs.

Here’s another deal:

You could also create extra series and review your viewer’s gaming setups. 

Gaming Setup / Room Tour! - 2021 - Ultimate Small Room Setup!

99. Game Collaboration

A new trend has emerged where gaming vloggers collaborate with other gamers to play popular games.

With this trend attracting more and more viewers, you should get another gaming vlogger on your channel and play games together.

Stick to your games or try new ones with your collaborators and watch as your audience increase.

Highly recommend:

Focus on the most popular games at that time. It helps to increase your potential number of views (especially if you are a beginner).

100. Interviews with Developers

You can reach out to developers and discuss anything game-related. Get answers for your viewers by compiling questions concerning the latest gaming technological advancements.

Make live stream and give the viewers the chance to ask their own questions to the developers.

Just ensure the developer explores various aspects of successful games to help the viewers understand why the games are popular.

101. Latest Gaming News

Keep your viewers up to date with the latest from the gaming world. Do the research and post-factual content on games from release dates to prices.

You can also invite gaming experts to share their opinions on the best games of the year and their releases.

What’s more, share with your viewers the best gaming media outlets to get the latest news and game releases.

Focus on the most popular searches and trends, for example when GTA VI will be released?

All in All

So there you have it, the 101 vlog ideas you need to try now.

The best part of it is you can use these ideas for your vlogs in 2022. So, go through the list and get some insight on the best ideas for your vlogs.

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