How to Become a Beauty Vlogger in 2024 (15 Tips for Success)

Have you ever dreamed of being a beauty vlogger? Have you ever dreamed of sharing your secret beauty tips with others?

Join us as we talk about that magical feeling of aiming for your dreams and bringing it to reality. Let’s figure out that question on “How to become a beauty Vlogger” and live your dream.

Get ready to discover your potential to inspire another aspiring beauty vlogger like you.

Here’s a full dedicated guide for you to succeed and start your beauty YouTube channel.

What is Beauty Vlog?

Beauty Vlog is the form of vlog that commonly talks about aesthetics and beauty itself. It includes makeup tutorials, product reviews, beauty products haul and shopping. Moreover, it covers versus videos, fashion styles/trends, daily life, travels, skincare routine, beauty tips, hair cares, body goals and habits, tips and how-to’s, and any topic that falls into the aesthetic/beauty category and definition.

Here’s the deal:

Beauty vlogs are all about beauty in general. Beauty in different aspects, styles, and forms with another type of approach and dissemination of topic and knowledge.

These types of vlogs have become increasingly popular nowadays since they share different experiences and a wide variety of skills and information.

15 Steps Complete Steps How To Be a Successful Beauty Vlogger

So, let’s talk about the most important steps to becoming a successful beauty vlogger. Plus, most of these steps can be applied to any other niche if you have a dream of becoming a YouTuber or a vlogger.

1. Understanding a Niche

Knowing your forte and your strength is the focus of understanding your niche. Before creating a channel, the first thing to consider is your abilities and capabilities and acknowledging them. Focus on your strengths and interests because this will help you throughout the journey as you take the steps and guide to find out the answer to “How to be a beauty guru?”

Take time to analyze and figure out the aspect where you are much interested and excel. After all, it’s your interest and what you want to do.

There is a vast difference between the two; keep that in mind. Doing things that you love is the best thing and feeling because you didn’t feel the burden of the task and you do that particular task because you love to do it “do it with bunches of love,” they said.

Then the next thing to consider is your target audience.

Think of those possible questions that will trick your mind.

After finalizing your possible niche, try to narrow it down. Choose the best possible niche you want to pursue, perform it and test it, for you to get the results. In short, put your calling into a test to answer all your what if’s. As soon as you discover the answer to your question, jump to the conclusion.

As you discover what niche is for you and your strength, stick to it and try to challenge yourself to grow and develop. Because challenging yourself brings out the best in you.

If at this point, you realized that “beauty things” are something you really like and enjoy, then we can move on to the next point.

Beauty Vlogs Niche

2. Try To Film Yourself

Familiarize yourself with the camera and treat it as if it is your best friend.

“Grab your camera or phone and start talking.” Try to be natural in front of the camera, not to be awkward doing it.

If you are afraid of vlogging, find a place where you think you want to consider your background. An area where good lighting is available makes you appear clear in the video, and after so, start “taking the floor.” Start to film yourself and perform what should be done.

Try to be more adventurous when doing vlogs and set your mood to make your vlogs more inviting to your target audience. It depends on you what you want to convey and tell your audience.

I suggest doing some bullets to serve as your guide to quickly aiming the target. Plan your content and try to analyze and realize what you want to accomplish.

With this, your efforts wouldn’t be put into the trash, and on a positive note, this may give you more time to think and create your content.

3. Select an Equipment

Equipment for Beauty VloggingNeedless to say, choosing the right gear is super important. Try to find and discover the vlogging equipment that suits you.

Having an excellent quality vlog is a huge factor in attracting possible viewers/audiences. It doesn’t necessarily need high-end equipment. As long as it provides good quality, it is enough.

Here are some good finds of vlogging equipment that I can recommend and maybe you can consider.

One of those vlogger gears that some and other known vloggers use and recommend. This camera is well-known for recording any type of vlogs, including beauty.

We usually recommend that beginners buy a flip screen camera because it is way easier to create video footage when you see your background view and yourself as well. You can check a full list of our recommended best flip screen cameras for creating video blogs.

On the other hand, we have completed a full review of the recommended cameras for vloggers who create makeup vlogs only. So if you are about to do the same, you can check the list also.

Needless to say, most people can’t afford to invest in a professional camera in the beginning, so most beginners and starting YouTubers start filming their vlogs with phones.

Here’s the best part:

If you don’t have a budget to buy all this equipment, don’t let it go, you can always start making video blogs with your phone. With that in mind, you can also check out which phones are best suited for filming vlogs.

Your thoughts must be exact, and you must be able to understand both you and your viewers. As a result, most of the time, nobody will watch your videos if you will not have clear sound quality.

To avoid this, we always recommend investing extra in the microphone.

Lighting is crucial for vlogs in a beauty niche! Ring lights are known as one of the best to achieve a great lighting source for beauty vloggers. It helps you achieve different tones of light from warm yellow, white, and even combination. A great product as a substitute for a softbox and other high-end light equipment.
Needless to say, tripods help maintain camera stability and ensure good image quality. This is the last part of full equipment, which is highly recommended for becoming a successful beauty vlogger and YouTuber.

4. Create or Adapt a Social Media Account

Since technology nowadays is on hype and most of us are now on the internet, it is easy for us to access various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. It will be an excellent way for you to promote your channel. Just sharing your vlogs on your “socials” can make a huge difference in your engagement growth and reach.

Mostly Everyone now has numerous social media accounts. That’s why it is easy to “spread the words.” It can also help you figure out what is on trend and those relevant topics that you can consider.

Adapting or creating social media accounts for your beauty channel is a great way to both promote and content discovery. It is a broad scope of the platform where knowledge continuously progresses and develops.

5. Create a YouTube Channel

To start going live and do vlogging, the first thing is to build your YouTube account/channel. In creating your channel, the name is very crucial. It must be unique, so it stands out from other YouTube channels.

You can try exploring various names and combinations to have your official YouTube channel name.

Note that there’s a lot of YouTube channels. Some can be similar to your name, but I suggest creating or generating a more distinct name for your channel.

6. Setup your Lighting and Camera

Time to use your resources now.

Try to figure out the possible obstacles that can affect your output quality and do something to resolve it.

First of all, consider your light source. Does it already have a good source of light, or do you need to put some lights on?

If not well, set up the lights to achieve what kind of vibe you want to achieve. Do you like a warm tone? or a cooler one? It depends on you to explore the possibility and discover which is better.

So, set up your lighting and go to your camera.

Find the best possible angle you want and where you are comfortable. Adjust the camera position based on your desired shoots and type of video. A good set of lighting and a great camera angle can make a different impact on your videos so try to be more adventurous when in terms of setting up your gears.

Beauty Vlog Lighting

7. Prepare your Content Schedule

Creating a target list is an excellent way to catch the goals, even in vlogging. Try to write down whatever content you wanted to do and achieve. Planning ahead of time is a perfect practice because think of those possible topics that are your interest and what do you think are on-trend.

For example:

  • Skincare routine
  • Makeup reviews
  • Recreation of favorite makeup looks
  • 2024 fashion trends and etc.

Those are some of the few possible topics to start with.

Try to go with the current trends and vibes. For some reason, knowing what is on-trend can make a possible way to spice up your content and try to get on the hype.

If you want to check what are the biggest and upcoming trends, you could always check Google Trends or Exploding Topics

Don’t forget to check the approximate search volume of the topic: You can do it by using some SEO Keyword Tools like Google Keyword Planner or

Preparation and planning of your desired content is a great practice for managing your time and lets you have some extra time for other work.

Here’s the best part:

Believe it or not, most Vloggers even plan the exact hour when it is better to upload the created video to YouTube.

In this way, the goal is to reach the largest audience as soon as you publish your video. For our part, we recommend following other Beauty vloggers and gurus and check when they upload their created videos and trying to match a similar time.

We also suggest reading our post about what is the best time to upload videos on YouTube.

8. Film your Videos

Filming YouTube Videos Beauty“Treat your camera as your best friend” as if you’re talking to a friend because this will showcase your genuine personality.

You don’t need to imitate your idols. Creating your mark and uniqueness is a plus. Take time, do your content and have fun while doing it.

Try to be the best you and the truth you to yourself; just let your vibe speak out. Take this as your spotlight and imagine that you are in a place that you want. Just don’t be shy or feel bothered by how you look on a camera.

You can do as much video content as you want. You can make your list of ideas for your content one at a time, but don’t pressure yourself too much because the important thing at the end of the day is you do what you want and your interest.

9. Edit Your Videos

Everybody agrees that editing your videos is a significant part of creating a vlog. You’ve got to discover your potential, strengths and weaknesses, areas where you want to stay, and areas to edit out. This process lets you trim down your work by doing the steps from number one up to here.

On this aspect, it’s on your way and your own hands on how you want your vlogs to end up. You can trim it down or spice it up using different software varieties that can be both a website or a phone application.

Well, it’s up to you on which editing platform you are confident to use, but here are some of our recommendations that you can possibly consider trying on.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Video editing software commonly used software editor that is known for creative tools. Although this requires a membership, it is indeed quality editing software.
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X, Wondershare Filmora, CyberLink, and many more.

If you’re planning to do phone vlogging and edit with your phone, too, here are some video editor applications you can consider.

  • FilmoraGo – is liked by many users and is one of the indeed remarkable Android video application editors.
  • PowerDirector – a video editor that is a fully featured phone video application/ editor that allows you to professionally edit your videos with its easy-to-use timeline interface.
  • Kinemaster – commonly known and used by lots of “phone vloggers” because of its well-designed interface and powerful features that allow you to be more adventurous in phone editing.
  • Viva Video – this app helps you achieve professional-looking editing by just using your phone because it has many amazing and unique video editing features.

Note that editing your videos, whether high-end subscription or free, doesn’t guarantee a great outcome. It depends on how you edit and create your video with your editing touches.


Video editing is a complicated and tedious process, especially if you have never had to do it. If you have an extra budget and are not sure about your video editing skills or don't have much time for it, hire the help of people who work with it. You will see how it will save time and nerves. The result will be better than you expect in most cases.

10. Promote Your Videos

Promoting YouTube channel videosAs I’ve mentioned, social media platforms are a great way to promote and grow your engagement. The promotion of video is crucial because this is where your aim and target market/audience will acknowledge your efforts throughout the journey.

Needless to say that an advertisement is a great way to showcase the results of your efforts in the market.

We can use various platforms to spread the word and find possible ways to promote our hard work or your vlogs’ fruit. The first is to try to figure out the best way possible.

  • A great example will be by just only posting your promotion on social media sites. Post it on your socials and try to put some hashtags with it. With this, simple words can reach numerous people. Some of the best beauty hashtags you could find here.
  • Second, try to tag your friends and mention them. They will be much aware that you are vlogging, and sooner or later, they will help you promote your channel.
  • Word of mouth is an excellent way of promotion, too; only letting others know that you are in the vlogging world can create a significant impact on your channel and help you grow your engagement with your viewers, followers, and subscribers.

Promotion is such a fulfilling step/process to reach the goal and a great way to boost your engagement and connection.

11. Look for Partners and Make Review Videos

One way to create an excellent engagement is to look for a beauty niche company or partner that will help you grow both your engagement and channel.

Try to look for a company that’ll send you some beauty-related products to try on and give some reviews and promotions in exchange.

How to Get Products to Review as a Beauty Guru?

First of all, you need to start by searching for a right and beauty niche-related company that you think will be able to help you and will send/give you products.

Sometimes you may think that if you don’t have a big channel, well-known companies won’t be interested in you.

Completely wrong:

You won’t believe how many companies appreciate new vloggers for one main reason, their vlogs are usually real and the audience sees it.

After searching for them try to send a formal email indicating your purpose. It will give them a heads-up that there is someone willing to promote their products.

Keep in mind that not all the time you’ll receive a response because some brands or companies didn’t acknowledge your email because they also have their standards on where they will want to partner with. “Try it to know the answer” risking the chance is better than regretting the opportunity of not doing it.

Anyway, from this deal, both parties will benefit from each other. Imagine receiving free products from various partnered companies/brands in exchange for doing some review and promotion, plus creating great content is equal to good engagement to your channel.

But before doing that, I highly recommend preparing related video footage to show your possible future partner how you can integrate their product into your video blog.

Also, we recommend starting looking for partners at least with 5000 – 10.000 subscribers.

12. Create Collaborations

Creating and finding collaborations with other beauty vloggers/YouTubers and brands can help you build your name in this industry.

Doing collaborations is like being a guest artist on someone’s channel (vice versa) and allowing the audience of one creator to discover each other and result in both audiences’ growth and exchange.

Imagine being introduced by your friends to another friend is the concept of collaboration. Besides, the excellent point of cooperation is creating a bond with other artists is a fantastic result of collaborations and building great engagement with the audience that will also grow the numbers of viewers, subscribers, and followers to both of you.

It will surely help you connect with different audiences and gain some exposure and make yourself stand out.

However, we are well aware that it can be difficult for a starting beauty vlogger to agree with well-known names in the niche.

So start with smaller channels and offer them an exchange. A great example could be a free advertisement on your Instagram channel, a gift of various beauty products that will be reviewed during collab, or a promise that when your channel grows, you will definitely invite him or her to your channel too.

13. Do Live Sessions

Live Sessions Beauty Gurus

Doing live sessions is a great way to showcase and cater to your talents on and off the camera. Live sessions will help your audiences to know your abilities and deeply get to know you.

You can quickly start making live sessions to talk with your audience and respond to their questions and requests on different questions.

We have seen many live sessions from beauty gurus, where they showed various makeup tips and tricks, organized giveaways and etc. Believe it or not, but even beginners were able to attract a lot of audiences.

Live sessions are also great for long content that you feel cannot just stick into just a minute vlog. Doing live sessions also lets you immerse yourself in your audience. Creating a great connection to your audience will help you get their loyalty and support.

Live sessions allow you to maximize your reach and establish your channel fully.

14. Listen to Your Audience Feedback

In this step, you’ll be much more aware of your actions and challenge yourself to your next output. Letting and listening to your audience’s feedback makes them feel important and part of your journey. It is also a process of your personal & channel growth because you can know those aspects, neither good nor bad. Take this step as a challenge for your improvement.

Acknowledging your audience’s feedback is the same as realizing and creating more possibilities. Take their feedback as your inspiration and motivation to do better and enhance yourself. You didn’t take their feedback as a negative hence you’re taking it as a reason to continue.

Feedback is essential as you seem to be your viewers, followers, and subscribers because it helps you connect with you and helps you do more. Without your audience’s feedback, you wouldn’t know if your content is good enough or needs some improvement meaning their feedback serves a huge role in creating your ideas and making excellent and quality content.

15. Enjoy

Congratulations! You’ve come this far. Lastly, Don’t forget to recognize all of your hard work and efforts.

Enjoying the process makes you feel more than aiming for the goal. Doing content/vlogs is a huge task that comes with responsibility, yet you must not neglect the joy and happiness you’ll feel through taking every step of the process.

It is essential to do what you want to do, achieve those targets you aim for, and trust and enjoy the process. Because enjoying what you’re doing doesn’t make you feel more pressure about how the task will go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Beauty Vloggers Can Make?
Well, answering that question seems just like looking at thousands of various makeup shades.

Every beauty vlogger’s earnings are not the same because this depends on your audience reach and the vlogger’s performance and the vlog itself.

Most beauty vloggers can earn from $10 up to $10,000 a month, and even more than that, those known and highest-paid beauty vloggers can make up to $100,000 or more aside from their earnings with their collaboration partnership.

Keep in mind that their monthly earnings are not always the same as the next and previous month’s earnings because this may differ in their performances and market reach. This means the more content, the more profits.

Who Are The Most Popular Beauty Vloggers?

Here are some known beauty vloggers that create noise in the world of aesthetics and beauty in the YouTube Industry.

#1 James Charles

He is an American beauty YouTuber, internet personality, and makeup artist with more than 25 million subscribers. Known for his unique makeup skills, some of his famous lines where “Hi sisters” leave his mark and are truly remarkable.

#2 Yuya

Castrejon Castaneda, popularly known as “Yuya,” is a Mexican YouTuber with more than 24 million subscribers and was once hailed as the “most paid beauty vlogger ” in 2015.

#3 Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is one of the named YouTubers in beauty vlogging with more than 16 million subscribers. He even has his makeup line, “Jeffree Star Cosmetics,” which brings most of his wealth.

#4 Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie de Jager or popularly known on YouTube as Nikkie Tutorials also known for her incredible makeup skills. She gained popularity after her YouTube video “The Power of Makeup” in 2015, and now she has more than 13 million subscribers.

#5 SaraBeauty Corner

Sara Beauty Corners is a Norwegian social media star, vlogger, and beauty YouTuber with more than 10.6 million subscribers known for comedic, nail arts, makeup, and beauty content.

Sum Up

Since you’ve already known the steps, and we’ve already pinpointed and answered the question “How to become a beauty vlogger.”

It’s now time for you to do the thing.

Embrace all your strengths and weaknesses and just let out the best in you. It is time for you to step up and deeply discover your potential. Grab your phone/camera as well as your light and other equipment and your available resources, and have the courage to start to film yourself.

Perform your build content ideas and time now to put them to the test. Now that we’ve somehow revealed those few tons of potential as well as acknowledged your beauty, it’s time for you to take the floor. Own the spotlight, find your good background, and immerse yourself in the magic of your own.

The battle is in your hands, trust and enjoy the process because you have what it takes to be a beauty vlogger this year 2024.

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