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5 Best Ring Lights for YouTube & TikTok Videos [2024]

Best Ring LightsMost professional YouTubers will say the same that lighting can significantly impact the videos and their quality.

This is the main reason why filmmakers, TikTokers, Makeup artists, and YouTubers are very serious when talking about the best ring lights.

You need to make your audience think or say “wow” after watching your video, especially if you are a makeup artist, streamer, or casual vlogger. Basically, any kind of video requires great lighting.

Here’s the deal:

High-quality videos are made not only because of the expensive DSLR camera with a great lens, but also because you need to have great lighting. Having a decent ring light for your videos will help you to increase video views at least 2x times!

In this article, we will go through the most important aspects when choosing best ring lights for YouTube and TikTok videos and give the most popular suggestions.

Best Ring Lights for YouTube

We’ll review the best ring lights for video creators, from YouTube to TikTok users and explain what each light is used for and why it’s the best in 2024.

All ring lights from this list were reviewed by vlogtribe.com editors.
NamePhone / Camera HolderMax HeightCheck

Neewer Outer Dimmable - Editor's Choice

Yes78" / 2 m Price

Inkeltech Ring Light

Yes75" / 1.9 m Price

UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ring Light

Yes51" / 1.3 m Price

LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Separate6" / 18 cm Price

Ring Light LED 360

Yes14" / 35 cm Price

1. Neewer Outer Dimmable – Best Basic LED Ring Light for YouTube Videos

For those who are unfamiliar with Neewer lighting, it is a global-leading brand with several sites across three continents.

Furthermore, the business is well-known for its photography, video, and music equipment. They are creating high-quality items for your best experience creating YouTube and TikTok videos.

When it comes to finding the best ring light for vlogging, the Newer brand will undoubtedly have a lot to offer.

Our editor believes that the Newer Ring light is one of the best universal ring lightings for shooting high-quality videos since it is simple and straightforward to use.

Furthermore, as we mentioned, it is not an expensive one, so if you are a beginner who wants to have great lighting equipment for your YouTube or TikTok videos, then this is a perfect option.

The Newer ring light is 18″ (48cm) wide and comes with 240 LED bulbs in total. The best part is that this ring light is extremely bright. If you are filming in a smaller room, the ring light will shine the entire room. Many competitor ring lights have many more bulbs (as the first one, for example), but for a consumer – it is quite enough.

The ring light is made out of sturdy and strong material, the height is also adjustable from 36.2″ (92 cm) to 78.7″ (2 m). The Newer ring light uses way less energy than most of the other ring lights out on the market, making it more economical and environment-friendly to use.

Also, the ring light is made out of sturdy and robust material, and it means it will last longer. The Newer ring light comes with white and orange color filters so that you can get cold or warm lighting options. This enhances skin tones.

There is a rotatable smartphone and camera holder and a hot shoe adapter to fit your filming device and lock it into position.

  • The Newer ring light comes with 240 LED bulbs, which are enough for vlogging.
  • It comes with white and orange color filters to enhance the skin tone for the video.
  • The height is adjustable, so you can put it on the ground or the top of your desk.
  • Strong and sturdy aluminum alloy frame.
Final Verdict:

At the same time it is a basic but one of the best ring lights that is used for live streaming or any other type of video. This ring light is a perfect choice for vloggers, TikTokers who are looking for a solution to improve general video quality. Also, it is a great option for starters because it is simple to start learning how to manage your lighting.

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2. Inkeltech Ring Light – Best Ring Light for Makeup Artists

In general, “Inkeltech ring lights” can be used for any type of YouTube or TikTok video.

However, this is, in our opinion, best designed for makeup artists, live streaming sessions, or taking selfies.

First of all, this LED ring light can be controlled via the IR remote control, which can be used to 5 meters away. There is an option for adjustable color temperature and you don’t have to use any color filters at all. This allows you to quickly and easily change skin tones, which is a super essential feature for makeup artists. It adds comfort as you can shoot a video with a press of a button from a distance.

You can check the makeup in warm or cold lighting mode. Besides, this ring light has a rotating phone holder. Moreover, a retractable tripod and helps you to capture a different levels of angles and brightness.

The phone holder includes user-friendly settings and is intended to suit the most popular smartphones, including the iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei.

Furthermore, because it is powered by long-term Sony batteries, the versatile ring light and may be used outside if necessary. An indicator light on the back of the lights’ pedestal displays the battery’s status. Keep in mind, that your LED ring light batteries are fully charged when the indicator stops blinking.

When the batteries run out, the indicator will start blinking red. If the ring light does not work with the batteries, simply plug it in and keep using it.

This ring light is amazing for the price and allows you to select the necessary color temperature to present the best version of your makeup to the audience.

  • The Inkeltech has 480 LED bulbs, which make the lighting stronger and more intense.
  • You can change the lighting temperature via IR remote control or press a record button to start recording the video or take a picture from a distance.
  • The travel bag is included for easy transportation.
  • The ring light is powered with batteries, which allows you to use it as a wireless ring light.
Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a great ring light for streaming, microphotography or makeup tutorials on YouTube, the Inkeltech portable ring light is the amazing option. It has a remote control feature, able to change the color temperature, easy to carry around, and powered with batteries.

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3. UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ring Light – Best Budget-Friendly Ring Light for Vloggers and TikTokers

If you’re on a small budget but want a good LED ring light for YouTube videos, the UBeesize ring light may exceed your expectations.

It is a compact 2-in-1 device that functions as both a ring light and a smartphone tripod. A superb lighting solution for eliminating undesired shadows and capturing videos even in low-light situations.

It offers three color-changing settings: warm, natural, and cold light, as well as 11 brightness modes, for a total of 33 possible possibilities.

Here’s how it works:

For that price, you get a number of lighting options, making it one of the finest choices for vloggers and TikTokers on a small budget.

The UBeesize LED ring light is powered by a USB connection, so no batteries are required. The item is built of strong and durable materials that will endure a long time.

The Bluetooth remote control is included with the ring light. It enables you to regulate the ring light from afar. This is convenient since you can adjust the lighting, sit down, get set to begin making a YouTube or TikTok video, and then just push a button to begin filming. The phone holder is sturdy and secures the device in place.

  • It comes with 3 color options: cold, natural, and warm and has 11 brightness levels, so 33 color modes in total.
  • Bluetooth remote control for easy operating from a distance.
  • USB cable powered, doesn’t require batteries.
Final Verdict:

One of the cheapest led ring lights in the market that has 33 color modes in total. If you are searching for an inexpensive lighting option for your videos, go for the Beesize ring light.

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4. LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand – Most Simple Ring Light for Under $20

This ring light is even cheaper than the previous one. However, it can also make your YouTube, TikTok, or any other videos more beautiful, look nicer and of higher quality.

In general, it is a perfect purchase for beginners who haven’t tried any ring lights yet.


You really won’t overpay for this gadget, but for sure, you will notice a difference in the video quality.

It brings out a great lighting effect. You can adjust your appropriate brightness and color temperature levels.

If you are shooting your videos indoors and the lighting isn’t great, turn on this ring light and adjust the lighting brightness according to the environment.

There are 11 brightness levels in total and 3 color temperatures: warm yellow, warm white, and white. A simple, small and easy-to-use led ring light that you can take everywhere with you and shoot a nice YouTube video.

  • Comes with 11 brightness levels and 3 color temperature options: warm yellow, warm white, and white.
  • A simple and small ring light that can be used as a selfie ring light or for streaming YouTube videos.
  • USB cable powered, don’t have to worry about the batteries.
  • Suitable to use with most iPhone and Samsung smartphones.
Final Verdict:

Overall, it is the most simple ring light that you can get. If you are looking for a cheap and simple ring light, this selection could be enough for you. It has 11 brightness levels and 3 color temperatures which are enough to adjust the lighting for your YouTube videos.

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5. Ring Light LED 360 – Great 360-Degrees Rotating Ring Light [Perfect for Beginners]

Yesker brands’ portable ring light is another great and cheap option if you are looking for the best ring lighting for home videos.

It has a 360-degree adjustable tripod stand, a smartphone stand, and Bluetooth remote control, so you can control your lighting option up to 10 meters away. The rotatable smartphone holder and camera tripod can be flipped 360 degrees, which allows you to place your device at any different angle.

Also, this ring light comes with 3 color options: white, warm white, and warm light and 10 adjustable brightness levels, so you can easily set the lighting you need for your TikTok, YouTube video or even video conferencing.

This ring light could be suitable for any type of video: streaming, vlogging, or makeup tutorial. Also, you can use it as photography lighting.

  • The ring light comes with 3 color options: white, warm white, warm light, and 10 brightness levels.
  • Has Bluetooth remote control, which allows controlling the LED ring light up to 10 meters away.
  • 360-degree rotating smartphone holder.
  • Non-slip rubber tripod foot, which secures the ring light and makes it stand in place.
Final Verdict:

Great LED ring light for those who are looking for a simple and cheap way to improve your video quality. Having 3 color options and 10 brightness levels, you can improve and adjust the lighting to make your video even better. Also, you could use it as a light stand easily.

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When Should You Use Ring Light for Video?

A long time ago, originally, ring lights were made for medical or dental purposes. However, it has gained huge popularity and now this type of lighting is the most popular among daily YouTubers and makeup artists.

Typically, a ring light is easy to use and suitable for both beginners and professional YouTubers.

  • Due to the design of this light, it allows users to put their cameras in the middle of the light and enables them to focus on specific details.
  • Besides, using a ring light when taking images or thumbnails, you get perfectly balanced lighting that drops evenly on the face or a subject that you are taking a pic of.
  • Last but not least, the ring light produces a beautiful halo shadow that outlines the subject that you are filming.

How to Use a Ring Light for Video?

The most common and right approach to use ring light is to place it in front of a subject or its face and position the camera in the center of the light to get the ideal lighting angle.

Before you begin playing with the ring light, it is always best to use it traditionally.

Another option to use this sort of light is to position it above and out of the way of the camera’s vision, behind the subject as a “hair light.” This creates a lovely backdrop or divide between the subject and the background.

Check out the video below to discover how to set up a ring light for your vlog.

How to Light your Vlog

All in All

Always choose a ring light based on your needs and most importantly – your budget. Don’t overspend for an expensive and good-looking LED ring light kit. Keep in mind that most ring lights are overpriced.

These reviewed ring lights for your videos are the main ones that most of the TikTokers, streamers, vloggers, makeup artists, and photographers are using in 2024.

Some of them have a lot of great features that a professional YouTuber can use. Some of the ring lights are more suitable for beginners who are looking for a small and simple way to improve video quality.

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