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TOP 5 Best Vlogging Cameras for Kids of All Ages

Best Vlogging Cameras for KidsHave you remembered when you were a child and you wanted to become an astronaut or a doctor?

Everybody had their dreams in childhood, but nowadays, children are saying, “I want to be a vlogger!

It is not a surprise as we are living in a wholly digital world, where filming yourself in the streets and upload it to YouTube is similar to drinking a cup of tea.

It is great that you are reading this article because you are going to find out what are the best vlogging cameras for kids and how to choose it right.

Here‘s the deal:

Vlogging is not a bad hobby at all, so children can do it also under parent control, of course. Furthermore, you could earn some decent income if YouTube and vlogging become your job.

But first of all, your child needs a great camera, suitable for messy vlogging.

So let‘s go!

TOP 5 Best Vlogging Cameras for Kids

Best Vlogging Cameras for Children

There are a lot of different types of cameras for kids and teenagers. We are giving you a shortlist of the top 5 best vlogging cameras for kids, and each of them is saying for what age the device is suitable the most.

Also, it is important to find out the main features of each camera, pros, and cons.

We also wrote a quick Buyer’s Guide at the end of this article, but you can read it now if you don’t know where to start.

All cameras from this list were reviewed by vlogtribe.com editors.
NameMegapixelsVideo ResolutionAge (Years)Check

Joytrip Kids Video Camera

8 MP1080p303+ Price

AKAMATE Kids Action Camera

5 MP1080p305+ Price

Fujifilm FinePix XP140

16 MP4K/15p10+ Price

Sony ZV-1

20.1 MP4K/30pTeenagers Price

Canon VIXIA HF R800

3.28 MP1080p30Teenagers Price

Joytrip Kids Video Camera – Best Vlogging Camera for Kids Age 3+

Best Vlogging Camera for Kids Age 3+The Joytrip Kids camera is a fun and playful way to introduce your child to a vlogging or YouTuber career.

It is entirely suitable to use even for the little ones who are aged 3+.

It is a small-sized camera that is comfortable to hold with tiny little hands. Also, the silicone case covers the whole device to protect it when the child drops the camera (which can happen quite a lot). It also comes in bright and joyful colors, suitable for girls and boys.

Now let’s talk about some digital features:

The camera has 8 MP, which is totally enough for a child to take great photos. FHD 1080p resolution allows filming great quality vlogs. Really great!

Also, transferring the files from the camera to a PC is easy, thanks to the USB port. Besides, you can put many fun frames on the pics and change the filters straight on the camera.

There are few buttons, including the main ones, so navigating should be easy for a 3-year-old child.

All in all, these features perfectly covers everything that is necessary for 3-year-old child.

  • Silicone case which can protect the camera when it is being dropped
  • 8 MP and FHD 1080p video recording
  • Bright and playful color options
  • Small and comfortable size for a child to hold it
  • The battery allows the child to shoot from 4 to 6 hours on a full charge
  • The Joytrip Camera for kids doesn’t come with a memory card
10Expert Score

When it comes to a final verdict, the Joytrip camera for kids is a really great option even for the little ones to start capturing their memories. It is not a high-end DSLR camera or G7X, but it is more than enough for a child. Good item for the value.

Ease Of Use
Value for Money

Check the Price

AKAMATE Kids Action Camera – Best Action Camera for Kids Age 5+

Best Action Camera for Kids Age 5+If you are looking for a great action camera for kids aged 5+, the Akamate Children Action Camera is one of the best camera options that you can get.

It shoots excellent HD videos at 1080p and taking pictures with 5 MP image quality. It might seem that it is a bit low, as it has only 5 MP, but it is enough considering that this is an action type camera for kids.

Also, with a case, this camera is able to film adventures underwater, so your child can take this cam into the pool and be filming pool games.

Moreover, it comes with a different type of accessories, like the normal action camera does: bike mounts, neck-straps, cases, and even better – 32GB memory card.

Nevertheless, with this camera you will be able to boldly shoot even the usual home videos or vlogs.

  • Films videos in HD 1080p quality
  • Has 3 different kind of games inside that your child can play
  • With a case, the camera is able to film underwater
  • Long-lasting battery (180 minutes of continuous recording)
  • Need to install an SD card before use
10Expert Score

Overall, it is a great action camera which can be a perfect gift for your child. With the ability to film everywhere, even underwater, your kid will want to stay outdoors for much longer.

Ease Of Use
Value for Money

Check the Price

Fujifilm FinePix XP140 – Best Vlogging Camera for Kids Age 10+

Best Vlogging Camera for Kids Age 10+When your kid gets older, you can improve the quality of the camera for better vlogs or just standard videos.

This digital camera for kids is fully suitable to be used by 10-year-olds. 

The Fujifilm FinePix XP140 is an authentic, waterproof compact camera that can withstand a depth of 25 meters, operates at a freezing temperature of -10C, and can be dropped from a height of 1.8m, shockproof.

This camera has been an excellent camera for kids who love to enjoy photography and vlogging at a very young age.

Talking about key features, let’s start with that the Fujifilm XP140 is a compact camera with an impressive rigid design with a 16-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor with a 5X optical zoom.

Moreover, Fujifilm FinePix XP 140 has a headline feature of a 4k video mode waterproof compact camera. This feature can only be used with a maximum 15fps frame rate. Hence, you cannot use it to capture intense action footage.

On the bright side, the camera can still record video at 1080 resolution at 60p. There are also additional features from its previous model, such as the inclusion of the following: Face auto self-timer mode; and Rich and Fine and Monochrome filters; and a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800.

You can’t even ask for anything more from this type of camera, right?

But that’s not all, on the front of the camera, there is the lens. There is also a flash unit and a rubber grip, which is raised for your fingers.

On the rear side of the camera is the 3-inch fixed LCD screen. Below there is a plastic texture area where you can place your thumb comfortably. An ergonomic design that loves not by kids as well as adults.

The color availability of Fujifilm FinePix XP140 is very eye-catchy for kids because it comes in a variety of Lime, Yellow, Graphite, and Skyblue colors. The colors are so vibrant, and kids will surely love the colors.

Here’s the deal:

Fujifilm Fine Pix XP140 camera is pretty much standard stuff that weighs just 207 g (0.45 lb). Kids can easily store it because it is lightweight and small. As a result, the camera can easily be fit in their pockets.

XP140 camera is manageable due to its rigid design, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof. It can even function as in low temperatures making it an ideal camera for family specifically for kids.

As intuitive and user friendly of the controls of XP140, it will not be difficult for any kid to operate this camera. Since when they use Fujifilm FinePix XP140, they will immediately understand the controls and focus more on their photos and videos rather than fussing over settings.

Photos and video footage can be shared with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This camera may also be able to connect your smartphone and camera through Fujifilm apps.

The Bluetooth connectivity, on the other hand, may enable your camera to connect to an Instax printer to produce instant photos of your family adventures.

  • Amazing design and coloring
  • Waterproof to 25 m (82 ft)
  • Suitable for 10-year-olds
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Great video (4K resolution) and image quality
  • Super friendly to use
  • Not recommended for younger kids
  • Struggles with close-ups subjects
10Expert Score

If your child is looking for an improvement of the vlogging quality then this camera is a best choice. It offers full HD video recording which is impressive for a kids camera and makes it a perfect Christmas or Birthday gift. Taking everything into account, the tough design and features of this camera are highly recommended for kids in their 10+ years that would love to develop their photography and vlogging skills.

Ease Of Use
Value for Money

Check the Price

Sony ZV-1 – Best Vlogging and YouTube Videos Camera for Teenagers

Best Vlogging and YouTube Videos Camera for TeenagersWell, teenagers are a bit more responsible, as they are older and get used to the smart devices around them.

The Sony ZV-1 is one of the best cameras for vlogging based on all provided features.

It delivers a great 20.1 MP quality with a 1-inch sensor and fixed 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8mm lens with Sony‘s Real-time tracking and Real-time Eye AF systems.

The best thing about this camera is:

  • It is very comfortable and easy to use. Moreover, it has an LCD touchscreen that can be easily flipped in front of you, and it is a crucial feature that makes vloggers’ life even easier. And without a doubt, Sony ZV-1 offers 4K video at 30fps and 1080 at 120fps video quality!

In general, it is one of the best vlogging cameras with a flip screen that is very easy to use for beginners as well.

To our mind, if your teenage kid loves vlogging and filming, this camera might be the best gift for him!

  • Compactable, lightweight and sleek body design makes it comfortable to use
  • Offers a 4K video and image shotting with a 20.1 MP quality
  • Suitable to be the first vlogging camera for a teenager
  • Lacks of an electronic viewfinder
10Expert Score

If your kid has been spending free time for vlogging and it got older, the Sony ZV-1 is a perfect way to improve the quality from the 10 MP to even 20.1 MP and 4K video quality! If your kid really wants to be vlogger, then it is worth the cost because this camera delivers great quality.

Ease Of Use
Value for Money

Check the Price

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder – Budget-Friendly Camcorder For a Teenager Vlogger

Budget-Friendly Camcorder For a Teenager VloggerCanon VIXIA HF R800 is a great way to capture every moment from a teenager life.

Also, the Canon HF-R800 is one of the cheapest camcorders from the Canon cameras brand.

The best part about the camera that it can take videos in full HD 1080p. Also, a 57x zoom lens can capture tiny little detail without putting the camcorder in front of the object.

However, this device is not very attractive, and the design is not very sleek and smooth, but it sure is a high-quality and affordable camcorder. It pays off!

The Canon HF-R800 camcorder has one of the most massive zoom lenses in the camcorder market. With the ability to zoom 57x, you don’t have to be scared that the image or video will be shaky.

This camcorder offers an excellent image stabilization option. Fortunately, the videos will be smooth and stable.

  • Has an attached hand strap which makes it more secure and comfortable to hold the camera
  • Image stabilization feature helps to shoot smooth videos even when zoomed 57x
  • Able to film full HD videos
  • Doesn’t have a wifi
  • When shooting in low-light, the quality can get worse
  • There is no internal memory
9.3Expert Score

The Canon HF R800 is a great camcorder for a teenager vlogging. If you are looking for a comfortable and great camcorder, which can shoot great quality videos, be able to zoom without any shaking - this device is great.

Ease Of Use
Value for Money

Check the Price

How to Buy a Best Vlogging Camera for a Kid?

How to buy a camera for Kid?Now that you may have an idea of which vlogging camera to buy for your child, we give you some of the main criteria that are useful to follow when buying a camera.

You need to consider what type of camera is most suitable for a specific type of age, also what type of features you are looking for.

Even more, the child-friendly camera needs to be easy-to-use and navigate.

Here are some of the criteria and tips that you can follow before purchasing any type of vlogging camera for a kid.

Kids Age

This should be the most important criteria which you need to follow before buying any type of smart device.

Besides, the 3-year-old will handle the camera very differently than a 9-year-old. Therefore, for each camera suggestions, we have a hint of what type of age each of the cameras is suitable.

Also, cameras that are more suitable for little ones have a shockproof feature, and they are protected from drop damage.

When you are buying a camera for a teenager, it is more likely that a 2-year-old type of device wouldn’t be very suitable and enough.

Durability and Functionality

Children have smaller hands and slower reflexes, so any type of device, including a camera, should be durable and made out of sturdy and strong materials.

Somehow kids are more intent to break things, so any camera needs to be prepared for it.

In this way, a lot of the child-friendly cameras are made from a shockproof case, also are waterproof and easy to use, small and lightweight.

Easy to Use

This factor is also very important to look for when buying a camera for a child.

Most of the time, cameras that are suitable for smaller and younger kids have a very easy navigation menu and only a few buttons.

Besides, the design is usually small, slim, and lightweight. For a teenager, the cameras are more likely to have more functions and buttons.

Type of Camera

Before purchasing any type of camera, talk to your child and ask where he or she will be using it. For example, you could choose among vlogging cameras like action, waterproof cameras, and camcorders.

Find out if the child would like to use the camera and vlog it everywhere, even bring it to the pool or just film games in the park.


This factor is also important because the price depends on the quality.

For a younger child, the quality of 5-8 MP is enough, but when the kid is getting older, becoming a teenager and has good skills in vlogging, based on the circumstances, update the camera for better and higher quality.

All in All:

Finding one of the best vlogging cameras for kids can be a challenging part for any parent. There are a lot of factors to consider first before buying any type of device.

Children are more likely to break things up, drop them down, and get bored after a while. According to this fact, cameras that are kid-friendly are made out of strong and sturdy materials, and in this way, it makes the device shockproof, saves the camera from any type of damage. Moreover, some cameras are waterproof and allow your child to be filming pool adventures.

Anyway, if you are a vlogger or love watching vlogs or YouTube videos, so why not have fun and teach your child how to the same thing?

Besides, in this way, your kid will capture some great moments of their life and will have some footage to see in the future.

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