50 YouTube Niches with High CPM in 2024

YouTube Niches with High CPM YouTubers are known not only for the content they make but also because they are one of the highest-paid individuals in the entire world!

And maybe sometimes you want to start your own YouTube channel but aren’t sure if it would be profitable, right?

Well, it’s just a matter of technique and “relevant topics.”

Whether you want to have one or are just curious about how these YouTubers are making so much money, this article is perfect for you!

We have compiled the 50 most effective YouTube niches with high CPM.

These niches can provide a nice side income and a terrific full-time career.

You don’t have to make a complete channel dedicated to that subject; you can stuff it into specific videos and be paid more for them.

Highest YouTube CPM Countries

5South Korea$17.00
8United Kingdom$13.75
10United States$13.00
Source: https://ecocnn.com/highest-youtube-cpm-country/

50 YouTube Niches with the Highest CPM

To make a living off of YouTube, you need to know which videos can be monetized to develop a more efficient, long-term strategy to target those themes.

Furthermore, certain specialized subjects will have greater CPMs in the end. CPM will be higher in industries that do well on YouTube and are highly profitable.

YouTube NicheAverage Low CPMAverage High CPM
Online Education$7.71
Educational Degree
Home Repair$2.92
Personal Advice
Food Critique$1.55
Engineering Tutorials$1.58
Affiliate Marketing$1.00
Video editing$1.03
Real Estate
Social Issues$1.34
Album Ratings$0.42
Video Reactions$0.14
CPM is calculated based on the United States viewers. 

1. Insurance

This YouTube niche covers everything related to insurance. You could create videos like: “how to get cheap car insurance”, “best insurance companies”. Keep in mind that your videos should be based on your experience to make people watch you. Also, you could attract extra highly paid sponsorship deals for your YouTube channel from insurance companies.

2. Online Education

The pandemic shifted our course into a whole online world, including education. You may opt to talk about learning in online classes, and give recommendations on how to learn more effectively through certain study habits and the type of learning environment.

3. Mortgage

For this niche, there are the same rules as for insurance. You should educate your viewers on mortgage topics from very different angles.

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4. E-Commerce

One of the most popular niches for YouTube videos past few years. Educate people on how to create their e-commerce website, make sales, talk about dropshipping, etc.

5. Educational Degree

Divide your videos into different segments. Talk about the best places to learn something and get a degree, share your tips on choosing the best college or school and more.

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is trending. A lot of people want to understand how Google’s algorithm works. Teach them! Show tips and tricks, your skills and share some useful and secret tactics.

How I Got +80% Traffic in the Hardest Niche Ever!

7. Casino

The casino is a controversial YouTube niche. You can find a lot of YouTube videos, challenges related to casino winnings (from $5 to $1000 in 10 days) and so on.

Here’s the deal:

You could find many streaming sessions showing people playing in casinos and winning a decent amount of money. These videos are sponsored deals with the casino, so basically, you are promoting the casino with not your money and earning extra income from the sponsorship deal.

Also, later on, you could upload these videos to your YouTube channel and get even more income from YouTube ads, because of very high YouTube CPM.

8. Website Publishing

You need to build your channel with different tips on building a website. We highly recommend focusing on the best platform you know (for example, WordPress) and sharing all tips and tricks on how even a beginner could build a nice-looking website.

9. Online Banking

You could use threads on which banks are best for online banking or share your personal banking experience.

10. Fashion

Fashion sense is something personal. But to look attractive, fashion must match your physical characteristics. You may start reviews on new apparel, give updates on the latest styles and give advice on how to match trends to bare looks. If you are lucky enough to be noticed by clothing brands, they may sponsor and pay you to promote their products.

11. Investment

People invest in generating income and adding up to the value of an asset over time. Any mechanism for creating future income can be considered an investment. This includes, for example, the acquisition of bonds, equities, or real estate property. Buying a property used to manufacture things can also be considered an investment.

You could create video series on that topic, but remember to inform your viewers that you are not a financial advisor. A great example is Graham Stephan’s YouTube channel.

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12. VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) converts a public internet connection into a private network, allowing you to remain anonymous and private online. VPNs mask your IP address, making your online actions nearly impossible to track. VPN services, above all, offer secure and encrypted connections that offer greater privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you build your YouTube channel around your topic you could not even earn money from YouTube but also get some affiliate deals from well-known VPN companies.

13. Home Repair

Basic how-tos at home are necessary knowledge every homeowner should have. While making a dime out of what you know, you also save them their time of going out and finding someone who could fix their issues. If you consider yourself a skillful person, create YouTube channel series around this topic.

14. Cryptocurrency

If you are really into cryptocurrency and searching for new trends or investing/trading ideas, create a YouTube channel and start making money from your ideas. This niche is well-known not only for highly CPM payments but also has a lot of possible deals with sponsors of your videos.

To be honest, the practice shows that cryptocurrency companies pay a lot for partnerships. If you have around 100K subscribers – this niche is one of the most profitable if we include all income scenarios.

15. Personal Advice

This is something you don’t normally encounter on YouTube. You can take on many issues that you have encountered and talk about them online. Though, you must make sure that your viewers can reap something from it; be it the motivation they need, an inspiration, a life lesson, career advice, rising up from emotional breakdowns, dealing with stress, and the like.

16. Forex Exchange

Currency trading happens in the foreign exchange market. Many people search for that information, so If you are a professional in trading in the forex market, launch your YouTube channel.

17. Healthy Living and Fitness

Health alongside fitness is one of the most trending topics throughout the world. Your content may include healthy diet tips, exercise patterns you follow, or your motivating others from being slack to disciplined health enthusiasts.

How to START a Healthy Lifestyle | 7 pillars of good health

18. Painting

Whatever style you do, imparting your skill to others is best. A parade of your unique paintings is an attractive ploy to get viewers, as many unnatural painters also want to paint, so adding beginners’ lessons may be more effective.

19. Housekeeping

House cleaning ideas and reorganization to make a home more appealing are typically aimed at large households, but even single persons might benefit. For example, making movies on difficult-to-clean messes or disorganized clothing bins can inspire viewers to do the same.

20. Stock Exchange and Markets

Very similar YouTube niche to trading, but it is more related on reviews. You should create your channel around your reviews about the best and worst stock exchanges, stock reviews and so on.

21. Credit

Do credit card reviews, including tips for travelers or daily users. For example, you could create videos for topics like: “How To Get the Credit Card for…” or “Best Credit Card for…”.

22. Gaming

Fun fact, video games are not exclusively for kids! A lot of mid-aged adults engage in them, and some even make it their full-time career. Whether you have been playing for years or have just started. To earn money from this activity, create a YouTube channel based on live-streaming and publishing gaming videos (gaming tips work best).

Moreover, this YouTube niche works best if you don’t want to show your face.

Building Complete - S1 EP10 | Sons of The Forest

23. Personal Finance

Personal finance is focused on meeting personal financial goals such as having money to suffice urgent financial needs, saving for retirement, or investing in your child’s education. A really good YouTube Niche with high YouTube CPM for ads.

24. Food Critique

Apart from a cooking channel, food reviews just involve you trying out cuisines and you make your comments about how it tastes to you. People often look for the best dish in different places. So, if you love to travel, you might as well incorporate food reviews in your travel videos and get more viewers.

25. Law-Related

If you’re a lawyer or a law student, you might find this subject fascinating, especially discussing your local policies or giving your stance on certain issues.

26. Instructional Software Videos

It might just be a burden for some to read manuals. There are those visual learners who can hardly learn without actual demonstration. Software is just a broad term, so this doesn’t actually limit to popular applications and system software. Discussions such as basic navigation, how to upgrade to new versions, and the like are the most probable topics.

27. Engineering Tutorials

Engineering is undoubtedly difficult. Not everyone is well-gifted with math skills from birth, yet a number of them are pursuing the course. Conducting tutorials on common engineering subjects is a good way to generate revenue whilst helping struggling students.

Also, if you are a licensed engineer, focusing on your field of engineering would increase your credibility resulting in having more people stream your videos.

28. Affiliate Marketing

You make dimes as an affiliate marketer by promoting other people’s products. the products of another individual or firm.

The affiliate finds a product they like, enables it and deserves a portion of the profit from each sale they make. Create video series based on affiliate marketing tips. Share your best affiliate campaigns, review them and earn extra money from sponsorship deal too.

You could develop this YouTube niche around marketing in general.

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29. Story-Telling Plot

By arranging your YouTube videos like a television season premiere and sequencing your videos into a storyline series, you can get people’s attention to your content.

30. Makeup and Beauty

Makeup tutorials, imitating the looks of celebrities and personalities, talking about good makeup products, and the like comprise a good beauty channel. Skincare routines and beauty brand reviews are relevant to add to your YouTube channel. Being a beauty vlogger could attract a highly YouTube CPM audience in general.

31. Dating

This one is another mainstream content. Everyone wants to find their “the one,” and simply talking about romance makes people gravitate towards your channel, especially if your approach is relatable and emotionally appealing. There are hundreds of YouTube video ideas related to dating and relationships.

32. Photography

Have you discovered the trick of taking those high-quality pictures by using your phone alone? Then here’s your chance to share it with the world and get paid! You might as well share your photographs and interpretations to make your channel more engaging.

33. Video Editing

Especially if you are an exceptional editor who gets paid for video editing, increases your net worth by making video editing tutorials for aspiring videographers and filmmakers. Or, you may also maintain the “thrill” by posting random videos that showcase your remarkable editing skills to keep viewers curious.

34. Travel

If you love traveling, you might as well share your views with the world. Many people want to travel but some may be bound to budget cuts or workloads. Most often, they want to make sure that their dream travel destination is worthwhile. Featuring your vacations and holidays would help them decide to which place they should hop into.

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35. Politics

Politics is one of the hottest topics to discuss today, especially with the current crises; it concerns governmental policies and international relations and their impact on your countrymen.

36. Real Estate

Land and improvements comprise real estates, such as buildings, furnishings, roads, structures, and utility systems. Property rights provide ownership of land, modifications, and natural resources such as minerals, plants, animals, and water, among other things.

If you are a realtor, you may use your channel to gain more clients by highlighting local businesses and community events.

37. Dancing

Dancing siblings Ranz and Niana started making videos in 2011 and they are now one of the highest-earning stars worldwide!

They have their little sister, Natalia, joining them too. People would love to see you pursue your passion. Whatever the genre is, dancing is an attractive way to get more followers.

38. Space, Cosmos

Another interesting thing to look into is space; be it about the possibility of aliens, Mars expedition, or UFOs. However, be sure that what you publish online are verified facts from high authority sources.

39. Decor

The obsession to home decoration rose on the onset of the pandemic as people have been spending more time at home than going out.

You can share your home setup and bedroom styles with the public to give them more ideas on how they are going to beautify theirs. However, you do not necessarily have to limit yourself to decorations at home; you can expand to office furnishing, classroom ornament, and many more.

40. Vlogging

This is by far the easiest to come up with. Many present YouTubers simply make content about random things in their lives. If you can create something unique from the others, most likely, you are to excel.

Here’s a quick tip:

One of the most popular vlog ideas is videos such as “Day in a life of…”

Day in the Life of a Young Entrepreneur – The REAL Routine

41. Technology

Tools and machines that can be utilized to solve real-world problems are referred to as technology, a general term that refers to simple instruments like a crowbar or wooden spoon to more complicated devices like a space station or particle accelerator.

Narrow it down and build your YouTube channel about technology niche.

42. Food, Recipes, Cooking

Apparently, you might not need to join famous cooking shows to showcase your world-class dishes. While a lot of people are on the stage of trying to perfect their cuisines and learn about new ones, a YouTube channel dedicated to assisting and inspiring them is an effective way of garnering views. You may share some tips or a detailed procedure on how each step should look like.

43. Social Issues

It’s important to keep yourself and your audience updated on social issues. You utilize YouTube not only for fun and entertainment but also for information dissemination.

As long as everything you publish is a verified fact, there is no harm in sharing your sentiments about it, and encourage a healthy discussion among your followers as well.

44. Movie Critic

Create a YouTube channel and represent yourself as a movie critic. Create movie reviews without spoils and engage your audience in that way. You might be surprised how many people search for movie reviews.

Furthermore, YouTube CPM is quite high for that niche, so you will earn a decent amount of money.

45. Album Ratings

Similar to food and movie reviews, you can also add your favorite albums, and the most sensational ones to your list. Because music is limitless, you can do reviews endlessly.

To make you more appealing, perhaps having a musical background is necessary so you don’t just bluff things randomly.

46. Music

If you are musically inclined, you may make song covers of your favorite bands and post them online. Especially if you have the talent for singing, you can have millions of viewers in no time if they find you unique and your songs relatable.

47. Comedy

Being too serious about the content is boring. It’s good to add splices of humorous topics adding life to the videos. Get your wit and humor ready!

48. “Favorites”

You can start your YouTube career by sharing your favorites. Just favorites for anything.

In that way, you create your unique image of who you are. People value honesty more than anything. They do not like pretentious people trying to be perfect online. In addition, you also give them ideas about things you put as your favorite.

49. Video Reactions

SSSniperwolf, a famous french YouTuber publishes reaction videos everyday. She watches random TikTok videos and short films and then she films herself watching it.

That way, her viewers can see her actual reaction while she also makes her remarks from time to time.

Random Acts Of Kindness That Restored Faith In Humanity

50. Loans

This niche is highly relatable with other finance niches too. Create videos by sharing main tips for people who will take loans.

Create videos like: “Why You Should Finance Your Car” or “Reduce your Interest on Loan” or similar. If you are an expert in this field, start your YouTube channel around this niche and then expand in finances in general.

Why Are CPMs so Different Between Videos?

When you make YouTube videos, your videos become available for advertisers to use for ad placement. However, each time someone sees or clicks on an advertiser’s ad, they must pay a set fee.

The price they pay is decided by the amount of competition who want to place advertising on their films. They must compete for the most outstanding fee for their advertising to be broadcast.

The more competition there is, the more expensive it is to advertise.

The Importance of YouTube Niches with High CPM

YouTube is a compelling advertising channel with over two billion monthly active viewers. If you’re a content creator, there are many ways to profit from the network.

If marketers pay to display adverts on your films, you can enhance revenue through CPM. It is a strong indicator that your content is valued, and it can help you identify firms with whom you might wish to collaborate in the future.

CPM is an essential indicator for determining which of your videos are most helpful to advertisers as a YouTube artist. It is a piece of crucial information because advertising is YouTube’s principal source of revenue.

A portion of the money spent on your video is paid to you by advertising. Therefore, you earn more money when an advertiser spends more on an ad.

CPM is highly essential because it depends on how much advertisers are willing to spend rather than how much money you earn.

On average, you could earn $0.18 from YouTube per ad view. Also, note that CPM could change according to viewers’ countries and video language.

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