How Much Do Sponsors Pay YouTubers?

How Much Do Sponsors Pay YouTubers?Is it worthwhile to pursue brand partnerships, or are YouTube Ads sufficient as your major income strategy?

If you’ve come to this page, you already know that securing brand sponsorships is one of the greatest methods to generate revenue from your YouTube channel.

But how much do YouTubers get paid by sponsors in 2024?

Can Vloggers Get Sponsors Easily?

Here’s a deal:

Vloggers don’t normally become famous instantly. It requires a while – typically years – for their virality to peak and for them to earn a living on the video platform.

This change helps them to develop their trademarks and digital identities, as well as become acquainted with the monetary procedures of the internet environment.

But, take note that:

The best way to attract sponsor deals to your channel is to constantly create and publish videos and grow your audience.

Experience shows that when the channel is active and the content is constantly updated here, those interested in YouTube sponsorship will contact you and from here it is the best point to start negotiating the terms.

In other words, there is no better way to start working with brand sponsorships than to attract interest from them and get an inquiry about possible collaboration.

Believe me, cold emails and outreach on your part won’t be as effective as concentrating directly on video creation and waiting for offers directly.

What Do I Need To Get Sponsors?

  1. Upload High-Quality Content Videos Regularly

You must upload high-quality films regularly, with interesting, relevant, and engaging information to viewers.

  1. Never stop promoting!

Additionally, you must advertise the video on your website, blog, social media platforms, and other video-sharing websites, among other venues. It would be wonderful if you were treated with dignity and respect. To have one of the most-watched YouTube videos, you’ll need to be lucky in your endeavor.

That’s it. If you will be doing this with a huge amount of effort, you will get brand deals that want to work with you.

But while waiting to have YouTube sponsorships from brands:

Most YouTubers include advertisements that appear before and during the video, and these ads help compensate content creators to earn extra money. You could use that as well.

What Are YouTube Brand Deals?

Youtube Brand Deals are collaborations between content creators and corporations, often recognized as “brand sponsorships.”

Essentially, any YouTuber may work with businesses to generate money online by monetizing their video content.

Working with brands isn’t as difficult as it once was. Now, any YouTube user who has acquired a following and a fandom that trusts them may collaborate with businesses.

YouTube brand deals are a win-win situation for both sides.

What is a Branded Content?

Any video created with a brand that exhibits its goods and services is termed “branded content,” and video creators are compensated for this form of branded content to showcase goods or services and make a review.

When people search for specific video reviews regarding specific products, some of the videos posted by vloggers are paid by the brand while other vloggers just do it for sharing personal experiences about it without getting paid by a brand they endorsed.

Common branded content videos are unboxing items, hauls, lookbooks, and etc.

Brand partnerships are an excellent way to expand the value of your channel. Influencers are continually sought after by brands to promote their goods and services.

If your audience fits a brand’s target audience and you have an excellent relationship with your viewers, you are excellent for a brand deal collaboration.

Keep in mind:

Companies want to market, and if your viewer trusts your viewpoint, you are much more likely to achieve the sales brands need, particularly if you have a huge subscription base and engaged audience.

What Do I Need To Get Sponsors

How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid for Brand Deals?

YouTube is one of the best platforms for brand awareness and monetization.

YouTube superstars and celebrities demand an average of $150,000 – $200,000 for each branded video, according to a talent agency.

In general, most of the time brand deal depends on video CPM rate, which is between $5 and $30 for views from nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.


According to statistics, casual YouTube influencer-vlogger rates are connected to the number of subscribers, watch time, user interactions (comments and etc.) and channel niche.

  • $500 to $1,000 per video for 50,000 to 100,000 channel subscribers
  • $1,000 to 3,000 dollars each video for 100,000 to 500,000 channel subscribers
  • $3,000 to $5,000 or more per video for more than 500,000 channel subscribers

How Much Do Small YouTubers Get Paid for Sponsorships?

On average, brands often pay YouTubers between $10 and $50 per 1,000 views. According to the company, fully integrated videos and sponsored mentions are the two most prevalent forms of sponsored material that YouTubers make.

Companies will be more inclined to approach you about sponsored videos if you continuously provide high-quality content. Even if you have a limited reach, you may still reach out to small businesses and local brands who would be delighted to collaborate with you.

When To Begin Looking for Sponsors?

First of all, have a considerable number of followers and a decent watch time.

It is not impossible to secure a brand contract as a smaller channel, but it is much more challenging than when you have a significant number of subscribers considering sponsors are normally searching for a larger audience.

Your brand identity, substance, and intended audience must be complementary to theirs in order to pique the interest of potential sponsors.

Keep in Mind:

It is recommended that you focus on YouTube content and advertising. Don’t rush to look for brand deals as soon as your videos start to become visible and popular. Maintain testability and trust that mature will contact you on their own.

What Does Sponsorship Look Like?

  • The most popular brand deals are video integration.

This type of advertising is coordinated with the customer, and the principle is simple. YouTuber creates content according to their own plan and inserts advertising in the video section to add value to viewer.

For example, you are in trading, investing niche, creating videos about market trends, and doing trading analysis. A great advertisement in this place would be an exchange that offers your viewers an extra bonus for a signup, and you use it in your video to perform your daily trading activities. This is a win-win situation and the most convertible brand sponsorship deal for both sides.

Brand Deal Integration Example

Source: Thomas Kralow

  • Another way is to dedicate a full sponsored video (usually it will be a product review).

There is probably not much to say here. This method of advertising is extremely simple and its purpose is to review, introduce and evaluate a product or service.

This ad pays off when YouTubers have a huge number of subscribers and the product being reviewed is accurately targeted to the YouTube channel niche.

For example, your channel is about Sim-Racing, and in one of the sponsored videos, you are reviewing a new-generation steering wheel with pedals.

The result is that the product fits your niche, so the advertiser also benefits because you will reach their targeted audience and moreover you will get more views in time because people usually look for review-type sponsored videos.

Brand Deal Review

Source: Karl Gosling

How Much Sponsors Are Going To Pay in The Next Five Years?

In the next five years, YouTube will become a worldwide multimedia firm that uses the power of video to connect people. This technology will become a need for the billions of people who will utilize it every day. People will be able to run their channels, post videos, engage with one other, and more.

Video will become more social and interactive, allowing viewers to have a more significant impact on the content. Expect to be instantly alerted to new possibilities, such as collaborations and fresh packaging.

YouTubers should expect a new virtual world from Google’s service. Sharing, participating, and harnessing the collective power of viewers will be possible. They may use any tools at their disposal, including AI, deep learning, and virtual reality.

In the next five years, we expect to pay up to 10-25% more as demand for creator partnerships on YouTube is steadily increasing.

The amount you get paid for a brand contract is decided for both you and the brand with whom you are collaborating and is mostly defined by various criteria. Rates for YouTubers, on the other hand, will vary depending on a variety of criteria such as niche, kind of material, and time of year.

All in All

Every YouTube niche has a distinct supply and demand for content creators and businesses searching for collaborations.

YouTube sponsorship pricing for platform creators, like any other influencer marketing specialty or platform, is primarily determined by fluctuations in market supply and demand.

So, answering the question of how much sponsors pay YouTubers – depends on the niche. Anyway, to sum everything up, if your channel has from 0 to 500,000 subscribers, you could expect average income from brand deals from $500 – $3,000. If you have more than 500,000 subscribers – you could expect $3,000 and above.

Keep in mind that subscribers are not everything. Your audience must be active and your videos should have a decent watch time too.

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