How Much Do YouTubers Make With 100K Subscribers? [2024]

How Much Do YouTubers Make With 100k Subscribers

How much does YouTuber make with 100K subscribers?

On average, YouTube can pay $330 to $ 12,000 from 100 active subscribers. Keep in mind, that this is based on the calculation of per 1000 views and watch time.

Keep in mind, to start earning money directly from YouTube you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 100 Thousand Subscribers?

None. As you know, YouTube pays per ad view and not per subscriber. Nonetheless, YouTubers need subscribers since loyal ones watch every new video they release which guarantees views.

That means with 100K active subscribers watching your videos, you already have 100,000 views. Being a good number of views to start with, when we calculate with a per-view rate of $0.03 – $0.12 for every view, a YouTuber with 100K subscribers gets to earn roughly $3,000 – $12,000.

Just keep in mind that many factors affect what YouTubers with 100K subscribers usually earn and the most important are niche, video language and targeted country.

Comparison of YouTubers with 100K Subscribers

Monthly Revenue
Average CPM Per Niche

Charlie Chang

690,000+Finance and InvestingUnited States$5,839$12.25

Danielle Marie Carolan

540,000+LifestyleUnited States$5,613$3.47

Ben Brown

652,000+TravelUnited Kingdom$2,005$2.74

Roberto Blake

553,000+EntrepreneurshipUnited States$1,056$9.89

Chase Jarvis

221,000+EntrepreneurshipUnited States$393$9.89



Jess Beautician

300,000+Health and WellnessUnited Kingdom$322$1.60

Workout with Sabah


Hayley Quinn

104,000+RelationshipUnited Kingdom$263$3.47

Ty Moss

439,000+TechnologyUnited States $160$2.39

This comparison is a great example that the number of subscribers on YouTube has nothing to do with revenue. In general, the highest-paying vloggers publish content extremely often, and the video topics they choose match search intent and volume. Moreover, as you notice, niches are finance and business-related.

What Factors Determine the Revenue of the YouTubers with 100K Subscribers?

Many factors determine the different revenues of YouTubers with 100K. However, the one main factor that usually affects YouTube earnings is CPM.

One of the main ways YouTubers earn money is through YouTube adverts (Google Adsense, Ads). Therefore, CPM is the number of money advertisers pay to YouTube which then pays a certain percentage to the YouTuber (55% of the revenue).

The advertiser pays for every 1000 ad views which include either audio or video adverts, as well as video playback where advertisements are displayed. So, the higher the CPM, the more money you will earn as a YouTuber.

Here are the other factors that determine the earnings of an average YouTuber with 100K subscribers.

1. YouTube Niche

It is no secret that YouTube doesn’t pay the same when it comes to niches. Using the above list of YouTube creators with 100k subscribers, it is clear the CPM of some niches is higher than others.

For instance, the investing niche has 12.5 CPM whereas the fitness niche has an average cost per mile of $1.60.

2. Geographic Locations

The geographic location of a YouTube channel also plays a vital role in determining how YouTubers with 100K subscribers earn their revenue. This mostly happens since YouTube doesn’t pay out an equal amount of CPM per country.

For instance, for 100K subscribers with 100K views, YouTubers in Australia get a minimum of $3, 724 in ad revenue while an average YouTuber in the US gets $3, 378.

Other top countries are Canada with $3,308, New Zealand – $2,924, UK – $2,632 and India has the lowest with $336 to $1680.

3. Seasonal Change

YouTube ad revenues tend to change with the seasons. During some times of the year, advertisers tend to pay a higher premium for the same advertising space. One of these times is the Christmas holidays when there is a lot of competition for show ads.

With people everywhere buying gifts for loved ones, some niches get to earn more than others.

For example, the tech channels get to earn more at this time of the year whereas the fitness channels earn more after the holiday season.

4. The Type of Advertisements That Run on the YouTube Videos

Did you know that not all ads are ideal for your channel?

There are various types of ads offered by YouTube; this is from display ads, sponsored cards, overlay ads, and skippable ads among others. Therefore, as YouTuber, you can need to be very careful about which type of ads to run on your videos.

Apart from finding the right ads to go with your videos, you need to consider that the different types of ads offered have different pay rates.

Here are the types of Ads and their estimated pay:

  • Display ads (auction) – $1.36
  • Bumper ads (auction) – $4.58
  • The reserved Bumper ads – $9.48
  • Skippable video ads (auction) – $15.81
  • The reserved Skippable video ads – $15.29
  • Non-skippable video ads (auction) – $8.85
  • The reserved Non-skippable video ads – $14.64

5. The Age of Your Audience

The age of the audience is another important factor in how much YouTube will pay for 100K subscribers. Advertisers spend money on ads to bring in more ad revenue for their businesses and the different age categories vary in spending expenditures.

The different age categories usually are:

  • 13-17 years
  • 18-24 years
  • 25-34 years
  • 45-54 years
  • 55-64 years
  • 65 years and above

That means, if your 100K YouTube subscribers are between the ages of 13-17, you won’t earn as much as another YouTuber with 100K Subscribers whose audience is from 45-54 years. That is because teenagers have a tiny purchasing power compared to adults who have a steady source of income.

Therefore, when it comes down to it, advertisers are less likely to spend a lot of money on videos that don’t have a financially stable age group. This explains why different YouTubers with 100K earn differently.

Ways To Gain Over 100K YouTube Subscribers

What are the Alternative Ways for YouTubers with 100K Subscribers to Earn Money?

Alternative Ways for YouTubers with 100K SubscribersAlthough advertising is a great method to earn from YouTube, it is not the only way to increase your revenue.

So, here are some other alternative ways to optimize your YouTube earnings.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to add to your YouTube revenue. By collaborating with brands, you get to unofficially advertise their products and services and earn a commission when your audiences purchase the product or pay for the service.

Mostly associated with the type of YouTube channel you have, you get to include links at the bottom of your videos to make your subscribers easily find the products or services.

The good news is that with 100K subscribers, you are more likely to earn a decent commission. Just make sure to promote products and services worth your audience so as to secure direct purchases through your affiliate link.

  • Merchandise

Do you own some merchandise?

Then you know it is possible to earn from selling them on your YouTube channel. If you haven’t any merchandise, you can start with simple fan merchandise like t-shirts, hats, or stuffed animals.

However, you can also sell unique merchandise depending on your niche which may bring in more fans as they feel a part of your group.

Think about it, with 100k subscribers you are bound to sell more fan products since your active subscribers can also influence their family and friends to be loyal fans of your products too.

  • Sponsorship

Big brands in industries are looking for ways to increase their online presence and one way they do that is to look for YouTubers with a good following. Aside from paying you to mention the brands on your videos, you may also get to specifically review their products.

Note that, the larger your audience size, the larger the sponsorship you will be able to negotiate and YouTubers with 100K subscribers have a great chance with sponsorship deals.

Note that, if you are looking for a way to connect with big brands, there are many great Influencer Marketing Networks out there that can connect you to the best brand for amazing sponsorship deals.

What are the Ways to Gain Over 100K YouTube Subscribers?

  • Schedule Your Videos

Do you have a specific time you upload your videos? If not, then you should schedule the best time to upload them.

Depending on the day your targeted audience is most active, a scheduled structure makes your subscribers view your videos regularly.

  • Collaborations

Collaboration is another major factor in the growth of your YouTube channel. It is not easy to gain subscribers by only creating individual content, therefore, use your connections to find other YouTube creators in your field to create new content.

With collaborations, you not only gain some new subscribers from the other YouTubers but also build friendships. This usually leads to exchanging ideas as well as great tips on how to increase your subscriber count and views too.

  • Build an Interactive Community

No matter how busy you may be, interacting with your audience is one way to enable you to reach 100K subscribers. If you form a relationship with your subscribers, they are more likely to keep coming back and also introduce other people to your channel too.

One way to interact with them is by responding to their comments, if they own YouTube channels follow them too.

You can also ask for video ideas or YouTube challenges and use the best ones. Who knows, unique content can be a great way to bring new subscribers as well.

  • Follow the Trend of Outperforming Videos

Another great way to grow your subscribers is by following the trend of your outperforming videos. This simply means you create more videos around the topic that have more views.

  • Leverage Other Socal Media Platforms

YouTube users are on other social media platforms which is why it is a great idea to cross-promote your YouTube channel on other platforms. One way to encourage people to check your YouTube channel is by creating a short teaser clip on the most exciting part of your videos.

Simply repost the clips on Instagram, and Facebook and get to entice people to see the full video on YouTube which will bring in more subscribers.

  • Increase Your Post Frequency

Did you know that according to Social Media Examiner, YouTube channels that upload more than one video per week perform better?

Although you should not sacrifice quality over quantity, an increase in your video posts is another great way to increase subscribers.

Therefore, if you can afford to post more than one video the better.


Keep in mind that the number of how many subscribers you have doesn’t determine your earnings. Needless to say, the more subscribers your channel has, the more views you will get.

Statistically, regardless of the niche and supporting US CPM data, with 100K subscribers YouTube channel you can expect to earn on average 3,000 to 10,000 thousand dollars per video (if it is successful).

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