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10 Best Audio Mixers For Streaming in 2024

Best Audio Mixers for StreamingAre you aiming to create a seamless streaming experience for your viewers? Whether you are new blood or looking into being a professional, you will undoubtedly need reliable tools to produce high-quality content.

May it be podcasting or streaming, you must have audible and clear audio to give your fans’ the best possible viewing experience. In this case, you will benefit immensely from an audio mixer in your setup!

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Prepare your budget now, and be on the lookout for the best audio mixers for streaming!

Best Audio Mixers For Streaming

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GoXLR - Editor's Choice

Most Popular Audio Mixer for Streaming Price

Yamaha Mg10Xu Stereo Mixer

Great All-in-one Audio Mixer Price

3 Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer

Compatible and Budget Friendly Mixer Price

Creative Sound Blaster K3+

Affordable Audio Mixer For Streamers Price

Behringer Xenyx 502

Budget-Friendly and Compact Streaming Audio Mixer Price

Alto Professional Compact Audio Mixer

Easy-To-Use Pro Audio Mixer Price

Maker Hart Loop Mixer

Versatile Design Audio Mixer for Streaming Price

Pyle Professional 4-Channel USB Mixer

Perfect Audio Mixer for Travel Streamers Price

Maonocaster Lite AU-AM200-S1

One of The Best Audio Mixers for Beginner Streamers Price

Remall Streaming and Podcasting Mixer

Recommended Cheap Audio Mixer for Streaming Price

1. GoXLR Audio Mixer

  • Channel level: This product has a 4-channel mixer that will allow you to control the volume level of your audio sources.
  • Power: GoXLR has a +48V phantom power, which prevents your audio from failing and goes on for hours without diminishing quality!


    • RGB Lighting: Not only is this audi mixer reliable, but it can also add an aesthetic touch to your streams! It has a customizable RGB lighting system to match your gaming mood and vibe!
    • App: GoXLR aims to provide convenience to streamers. You can connect this audio mixer to a particular app that will allow you to easy-to-navigate controls wherever you are in the room.

GoXLR audio mixer has one of the highest customization and power in the market!

This stellar device was created for streaming specifically in mind. It also trades channel space for power and customizability! It even has various voice effects to offer; pitch shift, robot, megaphone, reverb, echo, gender-bend, and hard tune.

This device is intuitive and easy to use. It saves you the time of having to learn how to navigate a complicated tool. With just a bit of practice and you would be able to mix audio like a pro effortlessly.

Overall, despite the price being on the higher side, this is one of the most comfortable, popular and best audio mixers for streamers.

  • It has high power
  • It produces exquisite sound quality
  • It has a multiple voice effects option
  • It has an RGB lights function
  • It is expensive
  • Some complaints are saying that it malfunctions a few months after use

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2. Yamaha Mg10Xu Stereo Mixer

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  • Channel level: This installation of the Mg Series of Yamaha has ten channel inputs, suitable to cater to a vast and diverse range of users.
  • Power: This audio mixer has a switchable 48V Phantom ability to use and operate condenser microphones.


  • SPX Digital Effects: Mg10xu features a comprehensive list of digital effects options, whether that is to add depth to your speaking engagement or to bring in a new color for your content.
  • Class-A Mic Preamps: The Yamaha Mg Series features studio-grade class A D preamps that utilize the inverted Darlington circuit.
  • High-Pass Filter and EQ: This series of Yamaha benefitted the stunning pro audio gear that features 3-band equalizers on all its mono channels, acquiring a more precise sound control. The high pass filter will enable you to eliminate all unnecessary and unwanted noise.

This intuitive audio mixer is well-built and created from a metal chassis, making it durable and compact, perfect to be taken on the road! This mixer is even strong enough to survive a fall! Just dust it off, and it’ll pick up where it left off without any hiccups. Yamaha had successfully incorporated several features in one rugged design.

Being designed by a top-notch company, Mg10xu is undoubtedly a contender to be the head of the class! It didn’t lack quality with class-A D preamps for a studio-like experience and a high-quality filter that allows you full control and the power to eliminate unwanted background noise.

There are other products in the Mg series you can look into. You may check for their 6 input, 12 input, 16 input, and 20 input.

  • It has ten channel mixers
  • It is easy to use
  • It is durable
  • It has 4XLR input
  • On an expensive side
  • Some reviews are saying it malfunctions and overheats

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3. 3 Channel Bluetooth Audio Mixer

  • Channel level: As its name implies, this audio mixer has three channels which are perfect for setting up a microphone, streaming computer, and primary game source.
  • Power: This device has a reliable 18V Phantom power. It also has a 5V or 500 mA power supply.


  • Compatibilities: This audio mixer has multiple wireless compatibilities. You would be able to connect it to your phone, laptop, and other devices, proving useful in setting up features like soundboard or music.
  • LED Indicator Lights: It has LED indicator lights, as well as an audio sound slip for your utter convenience.

If you are a beginner streamer, this audio mixer might cater to your needs! This device is a spectacular option when you are streaming games. With this, you would be able to fine-tune your sound and make the necessary adjustments!

As we said, this fantastic audio mixer is one of the best for new streamers. It’s not hard to use and can get the job done! As long as you’re not making big and complicated adjustments, you will have no problems using this product.

It also offers two-channel and five-channel products if you are interested!

  • It is easy to navigate
  • It has wireless compatibility
  • It requires little effort with the setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • It lacks variation and depth as a mixer
  • It doesn’t offer much customizability

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4. Creative Sound Blaster K3+

  • Channel level: Creative Sound Blaster has two channels.
  • Power: This audio mixer has 48V Phantom Power to use condenser microphones for a more precise and better quality.


  • Voice Over Function: This feature genuinely benefits those who do game streaming and podcasts! With this function, you would be able to suppress background audio, so your voice would come out better and louder.
  • Multiple Purpose: This device can support up to 6 various usage scenarios – may it be streaming, recording, DJ hosting, music, karaoke, and broadcasting. You can combine the features and voice effects to create the ideal and quality and content you are shooting for!
  • Soundboard Clips: This feature would surely give your live streaming more life and entertainment. Sound Blaster K3+ has inbuilt sound effects that you can easily select during streaming.

Sound Blaster K3+ is a high-power mixer that can deliver the best sound quality for streaming! With this audio mixer’s amount of strong backing, your sounds would give the illusion that you are in a recording studio!

This audio mixer has nine reverb effects that have adjustable knobs. That would enable you to make changes as you please. Adding to that convenience, you may also be able to connect it to your phone and use it for vlogging and streaming. That will make this audio mixer an even more hassle-free tool for your streaming setup!

  • It has nine reverb effects
  • It offers soundboard clips
  • It has high-quality power
  • Affordable
  • This device can only support two channels
  • Could be quite hard to use for beginners

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5. Behringer Xenyx 502

  • Channel level: This audio mixer has a five-channel input that can help you achieve that desired high sound quality.
  • Power: This device is said to have 15V Phantom power. Xenyx 502 also has a maximum power consumption of 13 watts, a nominal voltage of AC 120V, and a frequency of 60 Hz.


  • British 2-Band EQ: This allows you to imbue signals that have incredible detail and warm musical characters. This equalizer provides sweet but superb audio quality!

If you are new on streaming or a bit tight on the budget, this audio mixer might just fit you! One of the best budget audio mixers for streaming

Here’s the deal:

Despite offering the lowest possible price for a mixer, Xenyx 502 doesn’t fall that far behind other competitors. If you want a straightforward audio mixer that can set up your sounds and doesn’t have all those complicated features, this is perfect!

With its price, the five channels are genuinely a sweet and promising deal! It’s also a compact audio mixer that can pack a serious punch since it can deliver professional and high-quality sound!

  • Affordable
  • It comes with five channels
  • It is lightweight and compact
  • It has an easy-to-use design and interface
  • It could overheat when used for a long time
  • This Mixer lacks wireless capabilities

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6. Alto Professional Compact Audio Mixer

  • Channel level: Alto professional audio Mixer may be small, but it has a staggering five channels to help you achieve top-quality sound and audio.
  • Power: This mixer has an 18V Phantom power used for the XLR condenser microphone.


  • Inputs and Outputs: Alto Professional is a versatile audio mixer that you can use not just for streaming but also for live performances, video suites, and home studio! You can easily plug in keyboards, MP3 players, microphones, headsets, drum machines, etc.
  • LED Indicators: You will be able to visualize your mix with this tool’s LED indicators. The white, red, and blue pots are visible even in dim lighting, perfect for dark venues.
  • High Headroom and Low Noise: This audio mixer has high headroom circuitry that can offer you an extra dynamic range. Also, it has an ultra-low noise that allows better sound quality and performance.

The compact size truly appeals to customers, especially those who stream from the comfort of their homes. It takes less space than the best audio mixers available in the market, yet that does not compromise its ability to give clear audio. What’s more, this audio mixer works well for both professionals and beginners!

The versatility of the device makes a pro want to pick it up. Meanwhile, the plug-and-play system makes it easy for newbies to master it!

You would be able to fine-tune and tweak your output to your heart’s desire. It may have a handful of inputs and knobs, but it isn’t confusing to navigate.

This Alto Professional Model also offers six channels and eight channels for more options to choose from!

  • This audio mixer is small and unimposing
  • It has five channels
  • It is easy to use
  • It has an 18V Phantom power
  • It has no USB output
  • There are some complaints about how it stopped working after a few months

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7. Maker Hart Loop Mixer

  • Channel level: This audio mixer has 5 channels.
  • Power: Maker Hart’s power is supplied by a 9V Adapter.


  • Multiple Purpose Use: Maker Hart is a versatile device that you can connect to multiple devices such as your phone, computer, mics, gaming consoles, tablets, and instruments. With that, you would be able to simultaneously play video games, listen to music, and watch TV! This Audio mixer has an option available that amplifies the signal so that it will be able to reach said devices easily.
  • Outputs: This mixer has three outputs; speakers, 3.5 mm stereo jacks, and 1/8” headphones. These outputs are capable of working at the same time.

Maker Hart is a mixer that works perfectly for live streaming on any platform! It is a professional and versatile tool that can serve your needs as a streamer. It is compact, portable, and just about the right weight, perfect for traveling.

This would make a good starter audio mixer for a novice streamer! It can effectively monitor, record, and output simultaneously.

  • It has a versatile design
  • This audio mixer has 9V Power
  • It is a 5-channel mixer
  • It has 3 outputs available
  • The power button is said to get stuck on the casing
  • Some complaints about issues with the input

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8. Pyle Professional 4-Channel USB Mixer

  • Channel level: This Pyle model has 4 channels for audio source mixing.
  • Power: Pyle Professional has 48V Phantom Power for microphone preamps. This audio mixer also has a 100V-240V power supply for ideal usage.


  • Compatibilities: You may connect your computer PC, Bluetooth device, external USB, or flash drive to be able to use controls such as skip, play, pause, and switch between modes.
  • Wireless Streaming: With Bluetooth, you’d be able to listen and stream music from your iPhone, Android, or iPad on YouTube or Spotify.
  • Design: This audio mixer has a Rugged Steel Chassis suitable for spur-of-the-moment ideas while on the road. It also has rotary controls that are capable of resisting grime and dust.

Pyle professional audio mixer is an excellent choice for those who are still a novice in the streaming field. You will easily connect your computer or laptop via Bluetooth or USB to access and improve your sound quality. Take wonderful advantage of this mixer’s features and capabilities!

This Bluetooth-enabled mixer is specifically designed to cater to not just streamers but also DJs, sound engineers, musicians, and performers. This is an incredibly versatile device that does its job perfectly and efficiently!

  • This audio mixer has a rugged design
  • It is compact and portable for travel
  • It has a 16 reverb FX setting option
  • This mixer has a cordless and wireless Bluetooth connection
  • There is no mute button or option for individual channels
  • Bluetooth doesn’t mean it has the best audio quality

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9. Maonocaster Lite AU-AM200-S1

  • Channel level: Maonocaster Lite offers you 4 channels of easy connection to smartphones, microphones, and other sources.
  • Power: This mixer does not support Phantom power.


  • Compatibilities: This audio mixer is compatible with a PC. It isn’t 100% certain that it can be compatible with digital connections like Android System or iOS. In the chance that the USB Digital connection fails, you can use the 3.5 mm TRRS input to connect it to your device.
  • Multi-People Streaming: Maoncaster Lite can support up to 2 people streaming or live to broadcast simultaneously.
  • Special effects: This mixer can make live streaming and recording fun by adding some wacky and entertaining sound effects! There are 8 built-in sound effects; laughter, booing, applause, opening, slapping, awkward, cheering, and gunshot. You can even customize these sound effects and record popular audio! There are four vacant and customizable jingle pads that will enable you to record your desired sound effects!
  • Noise Cancelling: Maonocaster Lite has a Denoise button that can eliminate unwanted background noise for clearer audio.

This Audio Mixer is the ideal device you can use if it’s added entertainment you are aiming for your streams or podcasts. The unique feature of this audio mixer is the special effects it offers!

Also, Maonocaster Lite is an intuitive device that is easy to use, allowing you to just jump in with your stream within minutes of setting it up.

You would be able to focus on your content and engage with your audience without worrying about your sound quality. Maonocaster has a stylish and modern design with its acrylic panels, silicone buttons, and 6-level light adjustment. This audio mixer can surely liven up your streaming experience!

Here’s the deal:

For that price, this audio mixer is definitely one of the priority picks for new streamers or podcasters who search for the best tool to improve the stream quality. 

  • It can support two people simultaneously
  • It is stylish and durable
  • This mixer has special effects
  • It is easy to use
  • The microphone doesn’t have great quality, highly recommend using your own
  • Sometimes you could see some issues with the special effects

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10. Remall Streaming and Podcasting Mixer

  • Channel level: REMALL Live Sound has 2 channels.
  • Power: It is powered by a 1200maH battery that can last up to 8-10 hours of continuous use.


  • Compatibilities: REMALL Live Sound Card can connect with Computer, PC, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, gaming devices, Android phones, musical instruments, and Type C Phones.
  • Voice Change: This mixer also has a voice change feature! A short press enables you to change your voice modes to a male voice, female voice, monster voice, etc.
  • Sound Effects: This model contains 18 sound effects that you can use for your stream! Some sound effects are applause, minions, kiss, short smile, yell, and water.

This audio mixer is versatile and flexible! You can use it for live streaming, podcasts, DJ, karaoke, and recording! It also has a noise reduction chip that lessens the volume of background noise and allows for clearer and more stable audio and sound!

REMALL comes with a USB charging cable, user manual, and two audio cables. There are also 4 other variations for this product, all varying in price, features, and design!

  • It has a voice change feature
  • It has sound effects
  • You can connect it to many devices at the same time
  • It has a noise reduction chip
  • Some complaints about how it fails to connect to devices
  • The instruction manual isn’t much helpful

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How To Buy an Audio Mixer for Streaming?

Audio mixers of all kinds and sizes are littered around the market today! With that abundant amount of choices, it’ll be challenging to find the best one! Fortunately, you won’t need to go in blind!

Here’s a helpful buyer’s guide in choosing an Audio Mixer for streaming!

Type of Mixer

Generally, there are three types of audio mixers that streamers are fond of. Digital and Analog are the main two that streamers tend to drool over. There are quite a few who prefer powered audio mixers since they give analog sounds a bit more amplification.

It’ll be beneficial for you to know which type you prefer. That would narrow down your choices and eventually lead you to the best audio mixer for you.


Fine Tuning means to be adjusted precisely to bring out the best and highest level of effectiveness. As a streamer, you would want this feature on your Audio Mixer a bit more than anything else. There is also the fact that tuning knobs can give your Mixer a more professional look!

A good quality audio mixer should be able to give you reigns and power over controlling the channel’s gain, EQ, and compression. Playing around and tweaking the settings would ultimately lead you to find the setup you like. It is also the most foolproof way to become adept with your audio mixer.


If you are streaming at home, having a big and heavy audio mixer would be nothing short of a nightmare. It would be advisable to find an audio mixer that is lightweight and compact, especially if you don’t have a permanent corner or location to do your streaming. That way, you would be able to move it around as you wish.


The number of channels you need will depend on the type of work that needs to be done with the audio mixer. Having multiple input channels would enable you to set up plenty of audio devices and microphones.

In streaming, it’s rare to need more than three input channels. Even so, it might come in handy in the future to have multiple input channels at your disposal. That would give you more than enough space and room for multiple audio inputs.

Ease of Control

It was mentioned prior how analog and digital audio mixers are the main types that streamers prefer. The key and crucial differences between said audio mixers are the knobs and ease of control and use. It also comes down to personal preference and convenience. Analog audio mixers have more knobs than digital audio mixers, so you might want to think twice if you prefer sliders.

Best Audio Mixers for Streamers

What Audio Mixer Do Streamers Use? 

Analog Mixers

These are the go-to options for live streaming, pre-recorded programs, and podcasting. It is easy and efficient to use. It has plenty of dials and knobs, providing the necessary adjustments you need. Despite having a simple interface, it can still control and tune channels flawlessly.

This type of Mixer makes use of analog sound transmissions. It also tends to be less expensive than digital audio mixers. The most popular analog mixers that streamers prefer to use are the Yamaha MG06X, Alto Professional ZMX122FX, and the Maker Hart LOOP Mixer.

Digital Mixers

These enable you to create personal sound setups and profiles. It has a broad and vast range of control capabilities.

This Mixer is perfect for convenience since you can tweak the sounds through apps using your phone or tablet! It makes sure that your stream will stay clear and crisp all the way.

This type uses electronic or digital sound transmission. It is more expandable, allowing you to connect it to multiple devices. One big benefit of this type is that it enables you to preprogram a control that you can easily pull up when you need it.

Digital Mixers are also resistant when it comes to external and background noise compared to analog mixers. The most preferred digital mixers by today’s streamers are the Yamaha TF-Rack, Allen & Heath SQ-5, and the Solid State Logic Live Series.

Powered Mixers

Powered mixers have built-in amplification. It is portable, convenient, easy to use, and compact. Most powered mixers consist of two amp channels, which can power one main speaker and monitor or perhaps two main speakers. This mixer doesn’t have many features or output power, making it less favorable than the other two. 

The best-powered mixers that streamers use are the Rockville RPM85, Behringer PMP550M, and the Yamaha EMX2.

If you are new blood to the streaming world, a digital mixer might suit you best as it is much easier to navigate and use. You can always play around with these types until you find the one that suits you best.


Our research shows that the most popular and the best audio mixer in 2024 that streamers use is GoXLR.

Why Do Streamers Use Audio Mixers?

Why Do Streamers Use Audio MixersHaving audio mixers truly makes a stellar difference in the streaming experience.

As a streamer, having audio that your viewers can understand is vital. Not everyone would be okay hearing a streamer breathing on the mic and so on.

This device takes signals from several inputs and polishes them for a clearer and cleaner quality.

A mixer can help a streamer optimize the quality of their podcasts and streams. It can help them make better content that their viewers can enjoy.

Also, audio mixers help drown out the sounds of passing cars, the barking of your neighbor’s dog, and other background noise that would distract or annoy your viewers.   

Furthermore, by using a dedicated audio mixer for streaming, you could integrate various sound effects and make your stream even more entertaining. 

All in All

Having the best audio mixer for streaming sessions will allow you a vast range of control over channels and sound adjustment.

It will let you tweak your audio and apply the necessary changes to make it the best quality possible. If you are a streamer, you will benefit immensely from this device! It is flexible and offers newbies the chance to grow and pros the opportunity to upgrade their streams and podcasts. Invest in this hardware and make the best of your streaming experience!

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