Is it Safe to Have a Vlog? 6 Tips How to Protect your Channel

Is it safe to have a VlogDay after day vlogging is becoming one of the major and the most popular activities during your free time. In general, have you ever thought is it safe to have a vlog?

Many people are in favor of the vlogging on the number one videos platform in the world – YouTube.

However, some people would love to try to create their daily or specific niche vlog on YouTube, but they are not sure is vlogging safe on YouTube and how to protect yourself from possible risks.

In this article, we will show you TOP 6 ways how to improve your channel and your privacy protection.

When you learn about how to protect your privacy on YouTube, you will never face any risks of your privacy security again.

These safe vlogging tips perfectly work for children, adults, and parents as well!

1. Carefully Choose Vlog Topic

For all I know as the YouTuber, you should very carefully choose your Vlog topic.

Try to avoid topics related to racism, sexism, or even topics about homophobic in your vlog.

Despite the fact that you are going to highlight these problems to your followers and your vlog viewers, it can be misunderstood among some people. As a result, most of the time they will start dropping a lot of f-bombs and hate for you.

Obviously, these topics are severe and import through all over the world, and any wrong word or misunderstanding could cause some rejections from your colleagues, co-works or friends.

Quick Tip:

Before start filming your new vlog, you should prepare 80-100% of content which will be said in the particular area and time.

Especially if you are curious about controversial topics. Believe me – you will avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

2. Try not to Show your Apartments

Don't Show Your ApartmentsYou probably saw that there are YouTubers like Logan Paul, who show their residences from all angles.

Just imagine how easily you can find shown residence by using the Google platform and its additional services.

You might be thinking:

“Nobody cares about me and where do I live.”

Needless to say, you don’t know what’s in people’s minds.

Moreover, when you create your own YouTube channel, you immediately become a public person. It means that people day after day will be more interested in your personal life.

Quick Tip:

Try not to show your residence exterior. Avoid filming vlogs from the point where you can easily see the front or the back of the house.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to avoid shooting anything even in your neighborhood, including street signs, landmarks.

This information from your vlogs could be very informative for thieves. By using all this information, they could approximately set where do you live.

3. Select Alternative Names

Select Alternative nameI could say it from my personal experience.

If I decided to go back and start a new vlogging channel, I would not use my real last name or even the first name as well.

Despite the fact that a lot of YouTubers use their real first and last name it is not a good deal, especially when you are about just starting your brand-new channel.

Your First and Last name could reveal a lot of additional and not required information for your viewers.

I have to admit that nowadays to find information about the selected person is easier than ever before. Basically, if you will be interesting for someone, probably he will see your First and Last name, but it will require additional effort.

I believe that an increasing number of followers will encourage people to find your real identity (this situation happened with PewDiePie), but at the same time, they will know you more with the alternative name.

Some of the very popular YouTubers use just alternative Last name to protect their identity by creating vlogs.

Quick Tip:

I would strongly recommend using the Alternative name for your YouTube Channel.

If you don’t have any ideas, change your last name, and in the early stage of vlogging, your personal information will be safe.

You could create your Alternative YouTuber name randomly here.

4. Don’t Reveal your Traveling Plans

Dont Reveal Traveling PlansThis 4th tip is essential for starters who think on how to protect their identity on YouTube or even think that the vlogging safe at all.

I can bet that you now YouTubers who are traveling a lot without hiding all these beautiful places from everywhere.

Why it’s important not to reveal your traveling plans in your videos?

First of all, take a look at the famous YouTubers’ early-stage videos. It’s more likely that they have never shown their residence or they have already hired security among their houses. It’s natural that somebody will be jealous and envious of you. The reasons could be very simple, like even popularity.

If you reveal your traveling plans, including the correct date of the flight, the destination could be precarious. Especially if you have filmed your residence.

At this point, vlogging on YouTube will not be safe anymore.

Quick Tip:

From my experience, I would strongly agree that sharing about your trip is so exciting. Most of the time, every single person wants to share his kindness and joy with others, but if you are vlogging, you have to do it very carefully.

The best tip on how to share your traveling plans and make videos from your holiday – create a delay of the vlog.

What is a delay with the vlog?

Just film a short vlog where you will be introducing your trip. You could name a destination, but don’t reveal the correct date – share this type of video when you are back at home after your holiday.

Don’t forget to create some vlogs from your holiday and publish it from your home after the holidays. It will create 1-2 weeks of delays, but everybody will be satisfied, and your information also will be safe and protected.

5. Hide Trackable Information

Hide Trackable InformationIf you want to protect your Vlog, you should be very cautious about visible and trackable information on your video.

Trackable information could be a car license plate, mail address, phone numbers, or even personal details if one day you will decide to create “the purchase guide from e-shop” type vlog.

This information could be used for stealing money from your bank card, taking quick loans, or even stealing your car.

Do you want to know how to hide this trackable information and make your vlog protected and safe?

Quick Tip:

One of the best ways is to use dedicated software and try out BLUR function, which makes all important details hidden.

6. Check all Available Information on Google about Yourself

Check information about yourself

If you frequently check the information about yourself on the Internet, it will help you to avoid unexpected information leaks.

According to the provided information, you can check and follow the information which spread out.

Taking everything into account, I want to be honest with you guys:

If someone wants to find you, they probably will.

But these tips are crucial for starting vloggers or even for parents who want to make sure that their children and information about them will be safe and protected.

Don’t Forget:

You are the STAR!
All these strangers who might find or follow you probably want to hug or kiss you just because of the work you are adding into your vlogs!

Your Safety Experience?

I’m very interested:

Have you ever faced leaked information about yourself on the internet which was taken from your vlogs or even social media?

Do you think is it safe to have a vlog?

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