14 YouTube Faceless Channel Ideas (To Make Money)

YouTube Faceless Channel IdeasYouTube faceless channel offers a unique opportunity for content creators who want to make money on the platform while maintaining anonymity.

While many popular YouTubers are known for showcasing their personalities on camera, there is a growing trend of channels that focus solely on the content without revealing the creator’s face.

This approach can be especially appealing to those who want to explore how to vlog without showing your face.

By exploring different YouTube faceless channel ideas, content creators can find a niche that resonates with their audience and generates revenue. With the right approach, it’s possible to create a successful and profitable YouTube channel without showing your face.

What Do You Need to Start?

There are plenty of vlogging kits available in the market. You can find vlog bundles online as well, and you don’t need to spend too much if you’re just venturing into the world of vlogging. All you need are the basics.

Faceless YouTube Niche Start

Depending on the vlog niche and video ideas you’ve chosen, a typical vlog may require a sturdy tripod to set the camera frame, decent lighting to sufficiently illuminate the workspace, and a good mic.

If you have a DSLR camera, that would be great, but with the advancements in technology, a smartphone should be more than enough.

Finally, you’ll need good video editing software to get your videos to launch ready. There are plenty of paid and free software out there for the job.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Filmora are a couple of popular choices where the learning curve isn’t too steep. With a little practice and a few tutorial videos, you should be all set.

Profitable YouTube Faceless Channel Ideas

Now that you have all the necessary equipment to get going, you could really benefit from some useful ideas to start a YouTube channel where you don’t need to show your face.

While your decision may depend on your interest, convenience, and access to locations, people, or equipment, here are some high-paid ideas for your faceless YouTube channel.

Product Reviews

A very popular YouTube channel niche involves doing product reviews. You can easily make a review video without showing your face.

All you need to do is set the product on a flat surface, set your camera frame so that the product is in full view throughout the video, and talk through the review. Unboxing videos have a lot of potential and should help grow your channel if done consistently.

One thing to keep in mind here is that a specific niche should be chosen so that you can build an association with your target audience. To make the videos more engaging, you can come up with popular products and demonstrate their usage in detail.

Since people don’t get to see your face, you can compensate for that by sounding excited, varying the tone of your voice, and adding an element of humor if possible.

Tutorials and Lessons

Another profitable and high CPM niche to make a YouTube channel on is the tutorials/lessons niche. There are a few ways you can go about this.

If, for instance, you’re giving a tutorial on computer software, an easy way to make a faceless video would be to use screen recording software and narrate through the video to teach different aspects of it.

If you’re teaching a subject like mathematics, for instance, and don’t want your face to be seen in the video, you can aim your camera at a screen or maybe a whiteboard and show your hands solving complex problems while talking through the steps involved.

Similarly, if you’re doing guitar lesson videos or maybe teaching your audience different techniques for solving a Rubik’s cube, you can point your camera towards your hands and avoid showing your face in the frame while you explain the process.

Gaming Videos

You can make a YouTube channel focused on gaming videos.

This niche has a very specific target audience, but the good thing bout this category is that you can get away with making lengthy videos as long as the content is good. All you need is screen recording software, and you’re good to go.

You can make a video of yourself solving a difficult level or a complex puzzle that people may be struggling to solve.

Many YouTube channel makes walk-through videos that show a screen on which the whole game is being played from start to finish.

You can spice things up by doing a commentary on different aspects of the game, like telling the audience about tips, tricks, and shortcuts to solve a level quicker or more efficiently.

Extreme Sports Videos

If you’re an extreme sports buff and want to share the thrill of your action-packed adventures with people, why not make YouTube videos showcasing your experience?

However, depending on the preferred sport, you may need to get suitable equipment first.

If you’re into dirt bikes and motocross, you can document something exciting like a race or biking up/down a steep mountain.

Just get hold of a camera that can be mounted to a helmet, and you’re ready for action. Other extreme sports can include surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain climbing/biking, and bungee/base jumping.

Just grab hold of a GoPro and some attachments to mount it to your chest or your headgear and go extreme! Adding commentary to your videos at the time of editing will liven them up even more.

Once again, no need to show your face.

Relaxation Videos

Another niche that has been gaining popularity is the relaxation videos category. You can package these videos differently according to the audience you want to appeal to. And guess what, no need to your face in these either!

You can get some stock videos from royalty-free websites, get some ambient sounds, patch them together with video editing software and present them as videos that will set the mood for a mediation session or help people who have trouble sleeping.

Another option is to add royalty-free nature sounds with stock footage and make calming or relaxation videos.

There are several YouTube channels that are making a fortune from rain and fire videos put together in a similar way.

Stock videos can be downloaded for free from sites like www.pexels.com or www.pixabay.com.

DIY Channel

As evident by the name, the “do it yourself” topic involves videos where a common problem is identified, and then a solution is proposed that can be achieved by using easy-to-find items and equipment that you may commonly find around the house.

All you need to do here is have a nice, well-lit workspace with all the required materials and tools within arm’s reach.

Showing your face isn’t necessary here. Just be creative and let your hands do their magic. It also helps if the video has some nice upbeat background music going since you may or may not be talking through the process.

Travel Videos

If you’re a travel enthusiast and visit new places frequently, well, then you have all the necessary ingredients to make a popular YouTube video.

You just need to do a little homework about the place you’re going to visit, so you know a little history about it.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating for your subscribers to see something fun like your visit to the pyramids in Egypt? How about the grand canyon? Or maybe a panoramic view of Niagara Falls with some fun facts thrown in. Just make sure you have your cellphone fully charged so your phone cam can cover the whole visit.

You may choose to talk through the video as you talk about the place live, or you can add a voice-over later when you’re in the video editing phase.

Food Videos

So do you eat to live or live to eat? Almost everyone I know believes in the latter.

So there are two ways to go about this category and don’t worry, showing your face is not necessary for either of them.

If you’re a fan of making food and consider yourself to be an amazing chef, why hide your talent from the world?  Make a list of your most well-received dishes and make cooking videos showing how to make them.

You can first show all the ingredients laid out on a table and either talk about them or label them with text.

The next step would be to set your tripod down on the kitchen counter, setting the frame without it showing your face.

The final step involves showing the cooking process. You can also make a time-lapse video of this if you choose while you narrate.

If you’re more a fan of eating food than making it, we’ve got you covered in that aspect as well. If you’re visiting that new burger joint that everyone has been talking about, get that phone camera out and make a video of your experience as you enjoy your food.

You can show the meal being served, describe the major ingredients, and then describe the taste. In the end, you could give an honest opinion about how you found it and if it was worth the money. This category of faceless videos can also be linked with travel vlogs.

Reaction Videos

This niche would probably require a little less effort than some of the other categories discussed here. The concept is very simple. Pick a popular topic and react to it on video. Showing your face is not essential. You can do a voice-based reaction.

You can do your research and see which reaction channels have the highest number of subscribers and the most views so that you can get an idea about the response they get on their chosen niche.

Reaction videos can be about movie scenes/trailers, gaming scenes, trending songs, sports plays and etc.


People are always interested in listing to stories. This category gives you a lot of freedom as you have the option of homing in on any theme within the story category and making your channel about that area of interest.

Popular themes include horror stories, near-death experiences, unexplained mysteries, survival stories, and conspiracies, to name a few.

Showing your face isn’t required because you can use some creativity and work around it.

Simply look for stories that you think might interest and arouse the curiosity of the masses. Then look for stock footage, stock images, and background music and put it all together by adding your voice for the narration part.

If you’re not comfortable using your voice, you can use software like speechelo, which gives you several AI voices to choose from. Simply convert your story into text and have one of the computer-generated voices read it out for you.

Animated Videos

Making animated videos does require some technical skills.

If you think you have good command over any animation software such as Adobe Animate, you can make short animations about 10 minutes long and make a channel about an animation series. The videos can be about anything that interests you.

If you don’t know how to use animation software and lack the drive to learn one any time soon, have no fear…Doodly is here. Doodly is a software/web service that will make doodle videos for you.

You can pick any niche and have the software make the necessary animations for you, add your voice to it, and post it on YouTube.

So both these options are simple and workable. And the best part is, you don’t need to show your face for either of them to work.

Compilation Videos

Compilation videos get extremely popular on YouTube. You can do a bunch of different variations, like making a top 5 or top 10 list about a particular subject.

You could also do a regular video that has short video clips arranged in a compilation.

It always helps if you add some humor to these compilations. Compilations of sporting events, funny home videos, funny animals, and funny babies are all popular ideas for your compilation videos.

You can choose to add a voice-over or just put it together with some good background music, and you’re all set.

Masked Videos

If you have a sense of humor, you could try making masked videos. Think about it, how funny would you look playing a rock song on the guitar while wearing a horse mask?

Or cooking in your kitchen, teaching a recipe while dressed as a gorilla?

This is the kind of stuff that has the potential to go viral overnight. You can combine this humorous technique of covering your head with any of the other categories discussed here with the reasonable promise that the videos will gain attention and popularity.

These videos could bring you a lot of viewers, especially if you will do some challenges for your viewers to increase engagement.

ASMR Channel

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a unique niche that involves creating videos that trigger a relaxing or pleasurable sensation in viewers.

As such, ASMR channels are perfect as faceless YouTube niches because they allow creators to focus on the audio and visual stimuli rather than their appearance.

Creators can create ASMR videos using various objects, sounds, and whispers, without showing their faces, and still be able to build a dedicated following.

Moreover, anonymity can help create a sense of mystery and enhance the calming effect of the videos.

Thus, the faceless nature of ASMR channels makes them an excellent option for creators who are shy about appearing on camera or want to remain anonymous while still creating engaging and calming content.


How to Grow Faceless YouTube Channel?

Creating consistently a high-quality, niche-specific video that has a high search volume and answers questions or entertains your intended audience is key to expanding your faceless YouTube channel. Do Faceless YouTube

Do Faceless YouTube Channels Make Money?

Yes, faceless YouTube channels can make money through various monetization options, such as Google AdSense, sponsorships, merchandise sales and even crowdfunding. However, the amount of money a channel can earn depends on several factors, including the niche, audience size, engagement rate, and content quality.

Who Is The Biggest Faceless YouTuber?

As many popular channels want to remain anonymous or utilize avatars in their videos, it’s hard to pinpoint a single individual as YouTube’s largest faceless star. Nevertheless, HowToBasic, Corpse Husband, and TheOdd1sOut are just a few examples of top faceless YouTube channels.

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