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TOP 5 Best Cameras for Pranks [Approved by Pranksters]

Cameras for Prank VideosPrank videos are trending on YouTube. It is a great and unique way to create interesting content and gain a lot of subscribers if you are going to do it right.

Needless to say, you need to have a good camera and be well prepared and equipped to record a viral prank video.

Here’s the kicker:

This is the reason why we created a guide and the list where you are going to find out the best cameras for pranks and will know how to buy a camera for filming a prank video.

It might not be an easy task, as there are a lot of devices to choose from. There are small and compatible cameras, and there are bulky DSLR ones, many more to choose from.

That’s why we are going to cover the main criteria for a good prank camera.

Best Cameras for Pranks

Best Cameras for Prank Videos
All cameras for prank videos from this list were reviewed by vlogtribe.com editors who were consulting with pranksters.

NameVideo RecordingMicrophoneCheck

Sony Alpha a6300 - Editor's Choice

1080/60pInternal Mic. Price

GoPro Hero 11 Black - Editor's Choice

5K/60pExternal Mic. Price

Sony HDR-CX405 HD

1080p/60pInternal Mic. Price

Nikon 1 J3

1080p/60pExternal Mic. Price

Canon Powershot S120

1080p/60pInternal Mic. Price

1. Sony Alpha a6300 – Amazing Camera for All Type of Pranks 

Sony Alpha a6300 camera has features that can boost your prank videos to another level.

Also, the main feature that this camera has – super-fast autofocus, so the camera can focus within 0.05 seconds. It is the fastest autofocus mode in the world compared to the other cameras’.

It also has one of the highest numbers of focus points – in total, 425-points. Moreover, it also has 24.2 MP which makes the quality of videos and pictures so good that you can see every detail. An ultimate HD or 4K video recording is what you should notice while filming with the Alpha a6300.

The camera has built-in WIFI and NFC connections. You can also easily transfer the files from the camera to a smartphone or tablet while using the app for Android or iOS, which is called “Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile.”

This is a perfect camera for those who are looking for an update or have an amazing camera for their prank channels.

The Alpha a6300 body is made from strong magnesium alloy, making the camera very stable and secure. Also, it is moisture and dustproof, so you can film your prank in extreme conditions.

If you want to shoot with the added lens, there is a grip that eases the handling and the sturdy lens mount keeps the lenses secure. The Alpha a6300 also has a shutter button, which is very easy to reach while holding the camera in the hands. The middle finger hugging curves ease the holding while shooting with this device, even with a larger lens.

Key features:
  • 3 MP CMOS sensor and image processor Bionz X;
  • AF hybrid system with 170 phase-detect points;
  • 11 fps continuous shooting with subject-tracking feature;
  • 4K /30p and Full HD video recording at 1080p/60p resolution.
Final Verdict:

A lot of pranksters use this camera and says that it one of the best cameras for filming prank videos. So, If you are ready to start or upgrade your prank channel, definitely consider the Sony Alpha a6300, as it is one of the best compatible cameras with the ability to film full HD videos. It is small, so you can hide it with no problem and still record a full HD prank.

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2. GoPro HERO 11 Black – Best Action Camera for Prank Videos

The GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini includes a lot of great features, which makes it one of the best cameras for pranks.

An updated version of the Hero 10, the GoPro Hero 11 is the best camera for pranks as it is inconspicuous. With a lot of improved features, the camera is extremely comfortable to use since it can fit in your hands.

With a 2.27-inch rear screen and 1.4-inch front screen, the camera does a perfect job when it comes to recording slow or fast footage.

With a lot of improved features, the camera is extremely comfortable to use since it can fit in your hands. The camera does a perfect job when it comes to recording slow or fast footage.

The waterproof capability is also amazing for pranksters as it puts them at ease when recording pranks near or in water bodies.

Another stand-out feature is the HyperSmooth 5.0 digital image stabilizer which lets you produce smoother and more stable videos without using a gimbal.

Keep in mind, that the camera has a mount on the bottom that comes in handy if you want to attach other mounting accessories required to take your pranking videos to the next level.

What about video capability?

With the introduction of 5K60 capabilities, you get clear videos. If you are planning to show people’s expressions in slow motion, the camera is ready to give you 8x at 2.7K slow-motion videos. Do note, you can also record YouTube live-stream of your prank videos that are up to Full HD.

The best part is the camera comes with Wi-Fi and USB connectivity to enhance your videos and photo transferring experience. Don’t forget Quikapp which also enables you to easily transfer your videos and photos from your GoPro Hero 11 camera to your phone.

That said, the audio won’t be a problem as the camera has a built-in directional microphone as well as a 3.5mm microphone port meant to boost the audio quality of your prank videos.

Here’s the deal:

If you are on the budget – you could go with the Hero 11 Black Mini version. It is a perfect device that covers almost everything you need for a good prank video.
Key features:
  • The camera has a compact, sleek design perfect when pranking people
  • It has 5K and 4K resolution that will produce amazing videos for your pranking channel
  • Offers HyperSmooth 5.0 feature which works as video stabilization;
  • It has time-lapse and slow-motion modes for showing people’s reactions
  • The action camera is waterproof up to 33 meters therefore ideal for underwater pranks
  • Hydrophobic lens coating for near body prank videos
  • Live streaming opportunity to share with your viewers
  • Expandable Mods that increase creativity with the light and display mods

The GoPro Hero 11 Black action camera is not only good for high-quality vlogging, filming action sports, but people are using it for shooting prank videos. It is a small device that has great features and excellent video quality.

Final Verdict:

Ultimately, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is the best action and easily hideable camera for pranks. Its compact size feature makes it easy to be inconspicuous. The 24.7-megapixel sensor and 5.3K/60p resolution video also produce clear videos while the Wi-Fi and USB connectivity enables you to transfer your prank videos to your phone or laptop in an instant.

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3. Sony HDR CX405 HD – Best Budget-Friendly Camcorder for Prank Videos

The Sony HDR-CX405 HD camcorder is a stunning device with HD video shooting features at a very low price.

This camcorder has a nice hand strap, which allows you to hold the device in a comfortable position. It remains the same main features of a typical beginner camcorder and it has a built-in USB cable, which eases the files transfer to the computer.

Because of the Sony HDR-CX405 HD camcorders’ small size, it doesn’t have a big touchscreen. However, the 2.7″ display can be flipped, so you can see what you are shooting.

It can shoot MP4, AVCHD videos at 1080p/60p resolution. Besides, the quality is excellent thanks to the 26.8 wide-angle ZEISS lens with a 30x optical zoom. These are very great features if you are going to shoot prank videos, as the zoom lens allows you to zoom the prank action from a distance while remaining a great quality.

Besides, this camcorder comes with SteadyShot image stabilization. This eases the filming process and remains steady and smooth video quality.

Key features:
  • Full HD videos with 9.2MP lens;
  • Exmor CMOS sensor with Bionz X processor;
  • Zeiss 30x zoom lens allows you to remain the quality while in the zooming mode.
Final Verdict:

The Sony HDR-CX405 HD camcorder is a great consumer-type device, especially good for beginners that are starting their YouTube prank channel. It has 9.2MP lens with Exmor CMOS sensor and the ability to shoot full HD 1080p video.

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4. Nikon 1 J3 – Favourite Camera Between Pranksters

The Nikon 1 J3 is a small and compact camera that offers 14.2 MP with a CX sensor and the Nikon 1 lens mount. It offers a continuous shooting speed of 15fps with continuous AF and 60fps with a fixed-point AF system.

Furthermore, The Nikon 1 J3 camera can record a full HD video at 1080p resolution with an ultra-fast hybrid AF system, which is great for filming pranks.

Talking about the design of this camera, the Nikon 1 J3 is made from aluminum with magnesium alloy, which makes it a bit heavier than a normal compact camera. It also feels that the camera is well-made and is sturdy.

When considering the features that the camera has, the 1 J3 has a minimum amount of them. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi or NFC connections, and the LCD screen is not touch-sensitive or vari-angle. For pranks, it is not very necessary to have these features either.

However, it does have a Live Image Control feature, which allows you to view the effects of changing the exposure in settings.

The Slow View feature takes up to 20 continuous shots and can show them in slow motion. The Smart Photo Selector feature takes several pics and will save the 5 best ones based on an algorithm. Motion Snapshot feature delivers a slow-motion clip before pressing the shutter.

Key features:
  • 2 MP CMOS sensor with Nikon 1 lens mount;
  • 3″ LCD monitor which provides excellent resolution quality;
  • Advanced Hybrid AF system delivers great focusing while shooting;
  • Smart features like Smart Photo selector, Live Image Control, Motion Snapshot;
  • Full HD video recording at 1080p resolution.
Final Verdict:

The Nikon 1 J3 is smaller and lighter than the J2 and it is also available in different colors. The senor has been upgraded to 14.2 MP, which makes it even better. It doesn't have features like Wifi or NFC, but if you are going to film only pranks with this camera - it is one of the best.

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5. Canon PowerShot S120 – Great Choice for Beginners

The Canon Powershot S120 is a pocket-sized camera that offers a lot of great features that you might need to shoot a great prank video.

It has a high-sensitivity 12.1 MP CMOS sensor with a 5x zoom lens and a DIGIC 6 processor. This camera is easy to use and navigate, suitable if you are a beginner.

The S120 has completely covered in a substantial cover that feels comfortable while holding. However, you will not find any useful hand-grip on the front, which eases the use, but there is a rubberized thumb-rest on the back of the camera.

Over time, the Canon S range has reached a great reputation for an excellent camera, especially considering its size and weight. It has an excellent lineage, delivers great image and video quality. Colors seem natural and well-saturated.

The camera’s new 12.1 million-pixel sensor is a great upgrade from the previous S110 model, especially if shooting in low lighting. Focusing is fast, although it slows down a little bit of shooting in low light.

Besides, there is macro focusing which allows the camera to focus when shooting in zoom mode. This is great because if you want to shoot a prank from a far distance undercovered, the camera should be able to focus on any condition.

Key features:
  • 12MP CMOS sensor with 24-120mm zoom lens;
  • Optical image stabilization feature which allows shooting a smooth video;
  • 3″ fixed-type screen;
  • 12 fps continuous shooting;
  • 1920x1080p video resolution which is enough for shooting a great prank video.
Final Verdict:

The Canon Powershot S120 is an updated version of S110 and has improved its' features to deliver better image and video quality. It has a faster AF system, updated AF system in low light shooting mode. Image quality remains excellent thanks to the 12MP CMOS sensor and full 1080p video resolution, so if you are looking for a basic but great camera for your prank video shooting, this might be an option to consider.

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What is a Prank?

According to vocabulary, a prank is a practical joke or mischievous act.

There are so many types of pranks in the world. For example, if you are going to call your friend and pretend that you are a police officer, that would be considered a prank call.

Some pranks can be dangerous, and some of them are silly and funny. It has become a popular trend to film a prank and put it on your YouTube channel. Some so many popular pranksters started their YouTuber careers from prank videos.

For example, Roman Atwood started his YouTube career just by filming prank videos and now he has over 15 million subscribers.

Here’s the perfect example of how the prank should look like and how it should be filmed.


So, if you want to find out what cameras are the best to make prank videos, stay stunned!

How to Buy a Camera for Prank Video?

If you are thinking of starting your prank YouTube channel, reading this article is a great start as you will find out all the necessary information that you need to start.

First of all, you need to buy a camera because you won’t be able to film the pranks from your smartphone or a small secret camera all the time.

If you want to start filming a prank video, a quick tip for you:

  • The best cameras for prank videos are the small ones that have an optical zoom lens. In this way, you will have the ability to zoom if necessary.
  • Besides, the quality matters the most, especially if you are going to shoot from a distance. Your camera needs to have a great AF system and Image Stabilization feature.

If you are going to buy a small camera, it is great because it will be easier to hide it. Still, if a bigger camera has better features and video quality options – there are many ways that you can hide a big and bulky DSLR camera.

It depends on the pranking type that you are going to film. Sometimes you will need a small camera if you are going to film a prank in the same room. Sometimes you will need a great camcorder with a zoom lens to zoom in the action from a distance.

Also, consider other features when buying a camera, like audio quality. If you place your camera a bit further from the actual prank shooting place, you need to have an external microphone connected to you or stunning audio quality from the camera.

All in all, we are going to provide a review list of the 5 best cameras for filming pranks in 2024.


When choosing the best camera for pranks, it depends on what type of prank you are going to shoot and where you are going to shoot it.

  • There are small cameras like GoPro Hero 11 Black or Sony Alpha a6300, which are easy to hide if you want to shoot in a small room.
  • On the other hand, if you are going to be shooting your pranks outside and from a distance, look for a camera that has a zoom lens, like the Sony HDR-CX405 HD camcorder.
  • Or you can easily buy a tested and one of the most popular cameras for pranks between pranksters Nikon 1 J3.

It is never an easy choice when you have to decide what device to buy when there are so many great cameras to choose from.

First of all, find out what type and where you are going to be filming your pranks and then choose the camera. We have pointed out some most famous ones that YouTubers have already been using.

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