Why PewDiePie is Popular and Famous YouTuber?

Why PewDiePie is Popular?Most of the new YouTube or vloggers who come to this market and try to establish themselves have probably been inspired or at least heard what is the superstar of this genre.

All these people are interested in how does PewDiePie has reached more than 111 million subscribers and why PewDiePie is so popular and how he achieved that. 

Let’s find out why PewDiePie is so popular and a famous person nowadays!

Who is PewDiepie?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg – PewDiepie is the most famous YouTube content creator, personality, and even he became a symbol of YouTubers and the platform itself. He joined YouTube on 29 April, 2010

Actually, many people are going to be surprised when they find out that he is from Sweden. His English sounds very native and that adds a lot of additional value to his videos.

PewDiePie Nickname Story

PewDiePie Nickname StoryPewDiePie nickname was created when Felix decided to put “pew” sound, which stands for lasers shootings sound, and the worddie“, as a result, which you could get from a laser attack.

Firstly, we get the nickname PewDie, but Felix forgot the password of the firstly created “PewDie” account, so he decided to add one more word to his nickname, and it was Pie.

The result:

The amazing nickname and the brand at the same time – PewDiePie, which has more than 111 million subscribers from all over the world.

But when you ask why PewDiePie is popular, don’t forget that all these subscribers were raised in more than 10 years of his YouTube career!

A lot of famous bloggers and vloggers agree with me that PewDiePie has an obvious and niched YouTube channel at this moment.

What I love about his channel is the description:

It says:

‘I make videos.’ 

Moreover, PewDiePie, at this moment, when I wrote this article, had 28 069 227 401 views (Updated on January 17, 2022), amazing, right? So how did he reach these numbers?

How PewDiePie Conquered YouTube?

PewDiePie Invented Gaming Genre VideosMany PewDiePie fans know that literally, he invented the gaming genre-type videos on YouTube.

You just can imagine the gaming video genre in 2010 – nobody knew about it.

I could name it the startup-type business model of the YouTube channel and vlogging.

What if I tell you that even the most gaming streaming platform – “Twitch” wasn’t created back in these days. More or less, even the YouTube platform wasn’t successful in comparison with nowadays!

Since the YouTube platform became a resource for publishing various types of content, nobody was interested in the gaming genre. Almost all YouTubers at that time made vlogs of themselves or released just different videos that made people laugh.

Needless to say, PewDiePie was concentrating on the right perspective and ambiguous niche at the same time – gaming.

The experiment was very successful. Nowadays, gaming channels dominate YouTube’s TOP List at. Just check the TOP 20 YouTube channels and check how many of them are related to gaming.

Besides it, you could try to check the TOP 50 most subscribed YouTube channels and delete from that list VEVO music or companies/brand channels and check how popular is gaming niche at this moment.

Exceeded Users Expectations
Another important reason why PewDiepIe is popular is that 9 years ago, most of the videos on the YouTube platform weren’t meeting what users were expecting.

PewDiePie put a lot of effort into his videos and met all viewers’ expectations. Some experts argue that he even exceeded it.

Vlogging Equipment

As a matter of fact, Felix Arvid Ulf was prepared perfectly and had very good vlogging equipment.

Due to a lack of knowledge about how to be a good YouTuber, many people were using low-quality vlogging equipment, including cameras, audio recorders, and so on. Despite it, PewDiePie was prepared, and he did it really well – starting from the gaming camera and ending with microphones and lighting.

It gets better:

His video started being more longer and more interactive in comparison with other video creators.

As a result, we could ask you: do you guys remember at least 1 or 2 persons who were popular in 2010 – 2011, and nowadays they are still popular? If you do, please write the comment below!

Anyway, PewDiePie created a lot of high-quality content that would be popular even now, but unfortunately, as far as I know, PewDiePie deleted many of his old videos. So, that was the start of how PewDiePie started conquering YouTube.

Why PewDiePie is Popular and Famous Nowadays?

PewDiePie PopularityHe chose almost the perfect niche to start his YouTuber career.

As I mentioned, nobody was thinking that watching how the other person plays various games could be so popular.

He did one of the most important things on YouTube extremely well – interacting.

Furthermore, his image looked very familiar and friendly to almost all of his viewers. As a result, people started loving him.

If someone makes you laugh or engage in activities that you love as well, it will bring you good relations automatically. PewDiePie did it perfectly once again. Let’s be real, PewDiePie grew a fantastic audience and for accomplishing that you can’t be boring!

In other words, PewDiePie became so popular because of his image and the brand which was presented to his audience day after day.


PewDiePie Brand

When I’m writing about the brand, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to tell you about PewDiePie logos, etc.

The brand shows what do people feel about it. Brand popularity shows how much people love a company or a person who is behind the name and do what it is all about.

To create an amazing brand that interacts with people requires a lot of knowledge and success – PewDiePie has both.

Every single person who has both characteristics could be popular in any particular niche. Of course, probably you need to start doing something new and attractive before every else will.

To my mind, that’s why PewDiePie is Popular – Perfect Channel Branding.

Is It Possible to Reach the Popularity of PewDiePie?

Why PewDiePie is so Popular

It could sound funny and familiar, but it is one of the most repeatable questions in past years.

Okay, let’s be real!

First of all, the amount of followers you will not reach in one year, it’s a fact.

Moreover, you should try to add something which is dedicated and suitable for everyone in every single video – needless to say, if you want to attract more than 50 million subscribers, it’s necessary!

Of course, if you are entertaining people, I can bet that now or later, they will back to your channel and will subscribe to it.

Do not think that PewDiePie reached his popularity and fame by doing nothing.

Like any other business, you have to treat your YouTube channel through all social media, do some market research, and find out about your potential vlog viewers. I would suggest you do some brainstorming sessions. If you find out the YouTube video idea or challenge which will be trending and viral and people will think about it positively – it could be a recipe for early success!

 6 Facts why PewDiePie is Popular!

Taking everything into account, I would love to share with you six factors that will answer the question of why PewDiePie is popular and famous?

Niche Selection

PewDiePie loves playing video games. The gaming niche has millions of fans from all over the world. What can you expect from the guy who practically invented this genre?

Interacting with Subscribers

PewDiePie interacts, talks, and creates relations with his followers. One of the most important rules for every single vlogger is to build good relationships with viewers and subscribers.

Funny and Enjoyable Videos

He is commenting on various videos on YouTube, including video games. People love his comments on other YouTube videos. Why? Because this activity lets people enjoy and have fun for several minutes even during the workday.

High-Quality Content

He cares about his fans and provides excellent content for them. People are used to loving YouTubers and vloggers who have something in common with everyone.

Moreover, PewDiePie makes a different types of content – Gaming, Review, and even Vlog type videos. Sometimes he records his video in different cool places.


He has already donated money to charity. It shows that he is doing everything not just for money, although people are still interested in how much does PewDiePie makes. He uploads a new video almost every day. Rate is very important for reaching more fans of your content.


He uploads a new video almost every day. Rate is very important for reaching more fans of your content.


We are not going to discuss the YouTuber war between PewDiePie vs. T-Series. There is a lot of information about it, but it perfectly represents how do YouTube and his fans value PewDiePie and his work.

I would like to wish all YouTubers who dedicate themselves to this activity to reach PewDiePie success. Keep in mind, being unique and attractive engage viewers even more.

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