8 Tips How to Monetize YouTube Videos?

How to earn money from YouTube?It‘s no secret that every single vlogger wants to earn some money from vlogging, but not everyone knows how to monetize YouTube videos.


Most vloggers are passionate about making the video content, and they love the idea that maybe one day, they will be a well-known person – vlogger.

Apart from the chance of being a famous person, many people are used to asking:

  • How to monetize YouTube videos as well?
  • How to earn money from YouTube?

Needless to say that nowadays, YouTube is a trending earnings platform. As a rule, a lot of people try to take advantage of it.

I’ll show you 8 AMAZING detailed tips on how to monetize YouTube videos in a short period.

1. Google AdSense – The Most Popular Way to Monetize YouTube Videos

How to earn money from YouTube with AdSense

According to a lot of resources on the internet, Google AdSense is the first choice for monetizing YouTube Videos for a lot of famous vloggers!

At first sight, it could look an easy way to start earning profit from YouTube, but there is one important statement provided by the YouTube Partner Program:

On January 16, 2018, Google announced new eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program:

If the vloggers want to monetize YouTube videos and his channel by using Google AdSense program, he must reach these number for joining the program:

  • 4,000 watch hours in previous 12 months
  • 1000 channel subscribers.

This rule is applied as the prevention program of spammers or impersonators who hurt the whole YouTube platform with their copied and faked content.

However, once you have reached these numbers, this platform should be a priority for monetizing your YouTube videos.

Your earning will depend on how many people will watch your video and will click on the shown ad. Basically, these two numbers correlate very closely.

Quick Instruction How to Become a YouTube Partner:

First of all, for starting to monetize YouTube video from the Google AdSense program, you have to set yourself up as a YouTube partner.

  1. You have to go the Creator Studio section of your YouTube account and verify your account (you could go directly by clicking here).
  2. After you successfully became a YouTube partner, the second step is to register on Google AdSense (click here to do it directly).

To understand it quicker I leave you a detailed explanation video which shows how to set up Google AdSense account for monetizing YouTube Videos.

How to setup Google Adsense Start To Finish 2018 – Adsense Tutorial

Despite the fact that AdSense platform is the most popular way to monetize YouTube Video and get some profit, there is one major issue which leads vloggers for searching new ways of monetizing their YouTube channels – passive income most of the time is too low.

For example:

On average, by using the monetized banner from Google AdSense, you will get about 1-2 $ per 1000 views.

As a rule, vlogger should search for other ways how to monetize YouTube channel – so, let’s move on!

2. Commercials – The 2nd way How to Monetize YouTube Videos by using Google AdSense

YouTube Commercials

Even though commercials belong to Google AdSense Commercials monetization program, many vloggers still don’t use it.

What is Commercial?

Commercials by Google AdSense are commercial type videos (about 30 sec.) showed before your video.

I separated this Google AdSense format because researches show that skippable video ads bring before the video 2x times more earnings. There are also non-skippable video and bumper ads which belongs to this Commercial monetization group.

All these commercial ads can’t be turned off at the same time. The viewer is forced to watch it at least 5 seconds, which increase your chance by 50% to get revenue from your viewer in comparison with simple Google AdSense display and Overlay ads.

To know more about ads and its types click here.

3. Merchandise and Products – Great Way to Earn Money for Promoting Specific Product

Earn Money from YouTube with MerchandiseIt doesn’t matter which and what kind of merchandise or products you will promote through your videos, but it’s a good way to monetize your YouTube channel.

In practice, if your channel starts growing, it means that your viewers and subscribers are engaged your provided content.

Needless to say that they might be interested in purchasing some related products to your channel.

Step-by-step you can build your brand continuously by creating and selling special t-shirts, bags, mugs.

You don’t even need to have your own e-shop!

If you have active and still developing video channel merchandise is a fantastic way to create better relations with your viewers and also to monetize your YouTube videos at the same time.

You can create specific design merchandise with your brand on websites like Fiverr or Upwork for the affordable price.

Important Tip:
Don’t try to sell your merchandise and get profit from it in first vlogging months!

First of all, I would strongly recommend increasing the number of uploaded videos on your channel and when you hit at least 50,000 subscribers. When you reach this goal, you could start promoting your merchandise step-by-step.

4. Affiliate Program – Huge Potential for Increasing your Income from Vlogging

YouTube Affiliate Program

Have you ever seen Unboxing Challenges and similar videos on YouTube?

If you pay attention to the description section, you probably will see tons of “Amazon” or other e-shop links where you can buy unboxed products from the video.

It’s the Affiliate Marketing! 

If you ask me for the tip how to monetize and earn money from YouTube videos and involve viewers in this video as well – I will say Affiliate Marketing is a way!

YouTube is an AMAZING place to start sharing your opinion about your used products why you love it, why you use it and so on. Besides that, you could also do some Q&A videos and promote your products there.

For example:

If you review your best smartphones, you have to put the link in the description section. In general, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to get money from your content. However, don’t use this technique too often!

5. Brand Sponsors – Become the Product Ambassador

Brand SponsorsAnother great way of monetizing your YouTube videos – Brand Sponsorship.

First of all, I’m not talking about well-known brands like “Coca-Cola,” “Nike” etc. because to get these companies attention is challenging, especially if you are still starting and developing your channel.

For this reason, you should look for less known brands in the specific niche where you are participating. Related interests and the content will increase your chances to make a deal.

You might be wondering:

How to get an agreement and a contract with any brand which will be interested in paying you? Let’s start from the beginning pitching companies which are related to your genre, and you would love to work with them promoting products or facilities.

The deal could be made in separate ways:

Both sides could agree for a fixed amount of money for every single video where the product will be shown. Most likely you will make a deal for FREE product or service for one single video. If this video reaches success, you will be negotiating about the fixed price for every single video or even monthly payments.

But don’t forget to follow guidelines – work with brands you trust and don’t spam your viewers with sponsored content every single video.

6. Funding Platforms – Let Fans to Support You

YouTube FundingNext way to earn some money from vlogging is the funding platform.

More and more video creators start using various funding platforms and let fan to support them for the effort they are adding to videos.

Here’s why:

Funding platforms let fans to give you some money (unfixed amount) and in this way keep you motivated to create amazing videos, a good sound option for both sides, correct?

Believe me, if you are creating engaging, entertaining, and the most important – informative content, followers will support you on an ongoing basis either way.

Therefore, you could add additional features for supporting like the access to watch your video before it goes viral or even to take part in video creation.

Recommended platform – Patreon:

Funding platform based on a monthly membership, which lets to get paid effortlessly. Through Patreon platform fans could send just one dollar and receive exclusive rewards I mentioned earlier.

7. Crowdfunding – The Perfect Way to Create a Brand New Video

Crowdfunding platformsCrowdfunding could be an excellent choice to monetize and also to develop your new video ideas which might cost some money.

The principle of this method is to receive additional income and support from fans. The financial injection got from crowdfunding platform most of the time is being used for creating new videos, TV-Shows or even movies.

Also, you can use funded money for upgrading your vlogging equipment. The fact is that crowdfunding expands possibilities to grow your channel and even make more money from it!

Here are a few crowdfunding websites I would recommend:

Indiegogo – To my mind, it’s one of the best CrowdFunding platforms for vloggers. It offers to get fund from fans or investor with just provided idea without a prototype.

GoFundMe – Well-known platform which perfectly fits for funding freelancers, vloggers, and other artists.

Fundly – ‘Blog Type’ funding platform which emphasizes storytelling through videos or slides. In these cases, it easy to give some information about your funding goal and your status. It works very similarly to the social network.

Differences Between Platforms:
The main difference between Crowdfunding and Funding platforms like Patreon is that usually, you have to share your profit or product with backers/investors in crowdfunding platforms. Patreon takes 2.9% + 0.35 cents on each pledge.

8. Care of Comment Section – Relationship is the Secret for Earning

The last tip on how to monetize YouTube videos is to take care of the video comment section.

What does it mean?

Comment section caring means that you have to show respect to your audience. I would strongly recommend to answer every single question or reply to any comment related to your video. People love it!

If you will be active and communicating YouTuber, viewers will notice it, and it will lead to more views and subscribers.

After some time these numbers of views and subscribers could convert into any other point of this list. People are true when they say that first of all you should pay attention to relations, and it will bring you a lot of benefits in the future.

How to Monetize YouTube Videos


This list of 8 crucial tips on how to monetize YouTube videos and earn some money from the platform could be straight-line navigation to success.

If you want to be full-time vlogger and get paid from YouTube this is your article, bookmark it and make it happen.

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