How Much Does Dude Perfect Make? Full YouTube Earnings Report!

Did you know that the one major factor that separates the great YouTubers to the average ones is creativity?

Well, that’s what Dude Perfect has done.

This is an entertainment group compromised of five guys who are based in Frisco, Texas, and surprises the whole world with their videos.

However, most viewers are particularly curious to know how much does Dude Perfect make? We will try to cover everything here.

Who are Behind the Dude Perfect?

For those who do not know – quick introduction:

The guy‘s names are Cory and Cody Cotton(identical twins) who were born in Woodland, Texas on  17th July 1987, then there is Garrett Hilbert who was born in Plano, Texas on 13th May 1987.

Cody Jones is another member who was also born in Plano, Texas on 9th October 1987, and last but not least is Tyler Toney who is the youngest of the four. He was born in Plano, Texas on 24th March 1989 and is the one who makes many basketball trick shots.

These five duos are best friends who are performing really amazing tricks with different kind of stuff. Dude perfect videos are watched more than 10 million times at least.

Dude Perfect‘s YouTube Stats and History

Although most people would argue that sports videos can be a bit boring over time, Dude Perfect has proven them wrong by time and time again. With 52.1 million subscribers and over 10 billion views, the guys have spiced up their channel by including incredible tricks, stunts, and shots.

Note that, these games are usually held at the group headquarters in Frisco, Texas. The headquarters is not your typical office but a 25,000 square foot which has everything any sports fan could dream of.

From a full-sized basketball court, hockey rink, golf simulator, gym among others, the group surely does have fun while shooting their videos.

From the time the group uploaded their first video, they have broken 11 world records of basketball. Aside from basketball, the group also beat 14 American football records such as the most American football snaps in one minute where the twins’ cory and Coby achieved the title.

Tyler Toney broke the record of the Most American football passes through a tire in one minute, and so on.

Impressive, right?

So, with that and much more, the group has truly pushed themselves to their limit and have taken their 52 million subscribers along with them.

Dude Perfect YouTube Channel

Source: Dude Perfect YouTube Channel

How Much Does Dude Perfect Make?

Just like most YouTubers, Dude Perfect are known to make their money from views and advertisements that display banners and adverts on their videos.

Also, they get to make money from selling merchandise, brand partnerships,  TV shows among others. This business venture has enabled the Dude Perfect group to earn millions of dollars.

However, they have not stopped there, since the group came together due to their love of sports and faith, they are also involved in charitable works.

For instance, the group pledged to sponsor a child from Compassion International and have also collaborated with other organizations both in the USA and across the world. The twins Cody and Cory went a little further and traveled to two African countries mainly Ethiopia and Uganda to work with orphans.

So with this and much more, let us go into details on how much Dude Perfect earns per video, month, year, and also their net worth.

Dude Perfect’s Average Earnings Per Video: $45,000 – $75,000

When it comes to videos, Dude Perfect is always aiming for perfection. That‘s why they only post once per week. The video usually has 10 million views within the first week and 15 million on average.

However, when we look at how much they earn per video, according to calculations and the estimated earning of the group is $45,000 – $75,000 per video.

Dude Perfect’s Average Earnings Per Month: $180,000 – $500,000

Being one of the channels on Youtube with the most subscribers, Dude Perfect is known to make most of their earning on advertisements made on their videos.

This simply means that they make appropriately from $180,000 to $500,000 per month. Not bad for their stunts!

Dude Perfect’s Average Earnings Per Year: $3 million – $7 million

Since getting 100,000 in a week from their first video in 2009, Dude Perfect has continued to increase its fan base.

Now having almost 52 million subscribers and over 10 billion views, the channel gets 15 million views per video on average + additional income. Overall, the group is said to earn an estimate of $3-$7 million per year.

Dude Perfect’s Estimated Net Worth: $20 million – $30 million 

Although Dude Perfect is estimated to earn 12 – 14 million per year, it is not certain what their net worth is. There are different sources that have estimated Dude Perfect’s net worth to be $20 million while Celebrity Net Worth has revealed it to be $30 million.

All in all, no matter the group’s net worth, they have truly walked a great milestone.

 Keep in mind that these numbers are only estimates. 

How We Calculated Dude Perfect’s Earnings and Net Worth

Dude Perfect is known to earn its revenue from YouTube advertisements as well as other sources of income.

When we look at their YouTube revenue, in a day, their channels get around 15 million views on average which when multiplied with YouTube standard cost will add up to $45,000 – $75,000 per day.

Dude Perfect’s Revenue Streams

It is clear that just like most YouTubers, Dude Perfect has other sources on income. Therefore, to learn more about what they are doing besides shooting videos and uploading them on YouTube.

Let us look at the other business venture the group is involved in.

  • They sell merchandise such as T-shirts, hats, socks, hoodies, backpacks, fleece joggers among others. Don’t forget, all these merchandises are available for both adults and teens.
  • Launching a mobile game app for iOS and Android.
  • Sponsorship deals from companies such as NERF, Fiat, Adidas, Pringles, Gillette, Pizza Hut, Gatorade, and Bass Pro Shops among others.
  • Appearing in famous TV shows such as SportsNation, E: 60, Pardon the Interruption, and Around the Horn.
  • Owning a TV series known as The Dude Perfect Show which debuted in CTM in 2016 then moved to Nickelodeon.
  • Releasing a Movie called Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass
  • Cory Cotton, one of the twins publishing a book about the group’s success titled “GO BIG.

Note that, this kind of Business venture has enabled the group to increase their income therefore ensuring they live comfortable lives.

How Much Does Dude Perfect Make Per Video?

As we have learned from the above video section, Dude Perfect is known to earn 45,500 – 75,000 per video. How did we come up with this figure you may ask?

Well, we have taken the YouTube standard method of $3 – $5 per 1000 views and multiplied with 15 million views per video on average.

So, we are going to take $3 per 1000 views multiply it by 15 million and divide by 1000. The answer is:

  • $45,000 on average per video.

If we take a higher pay rate the number could be:

  • $75,000 on average per video.

How Much Does Dude Perfect Earn Per Month?

When we look at Dude Perfect monthly income, they do get a pretty sweet deal from the YouTube ads from their videos.

We know that the group usually releases 3-4 videos per month on average $15 million views.

So, to know how much they earn per month, let us calculate from the 60 million views they receive per month and multiply it by $4 then divide by 1000.

$4 x 60 million then divide by 1000 = $240,000.

  • Sometimes a number of views per video could be different, and also don’t forget to add an additional income from other revenue streams.

How Much Does Dude Perfect Make Per Year?

We really don’t know how much the group earns from their other source of income, we are going to estimate the money they receive from the YouTube ads.

So, with a monthly income of around $180,000 – $500,000 dollars, let us get a rough estimate of Dude Perfect yearly earnings.

$240,000 x 12 = $2,8 million on estimate.

We could estimate other income sources and probably will get a result between $3 – $7 million dollars per year. 

What Is Dude Perfect Net Worth?

Unfortunately, Dude Perfect has not revealed how much they earn from their YouTube advertisement as well as other business ventures.

Although we have estimated they earn around $3-$7 million dollars per year, it’s not really clear the actual net worth after they deduct their expenses, donations, and even taxes.

However, will all that in mind, some sources have estimated the group is worth $20 million-$30million. Anyway, this kind of money is not bad for 30 years old friends enjoying what they do.

  • Dude Perfect estimated net worth is $20million to $30 million.


Don’t forget, even if the group’s main aim is to entertain their viewers, they still want to do good. One way they have achieved this is by joining humanitarian organizations where they make donations for the better of the world.

Known to be endorsed by major brand companies, the group has gone on to break 11 Guinness book of records of basketball. These brands have not only enabled the team to make crazy shots but also for the group to tick off their bucket list.

In addition, they do get to shoot videos and have fun with famous athletes such as Serena Williams, Ricky Stenhouse Jr, Luke Bryan, Morgan Beck among others. With all this and much more, Dude Perfect is the best group to look for.

As Christians, the group is mostly focused on family content as well as brands and they promise to bring more family-friendly content even as they expand their brand to greater heights.

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