How Much Does YouTube Pay Per 1000 views?

How much does YouTube pay per 1000 viewsI remember myself when I was starting my brand-new YouTube video channel.

To be honest with you guys, first of all, I was thinking how much does YouTube pay per 1000 views.

I wasn’t thinking about a million views videos.

Back in these days, I was calculating how much I will earn if I create approximately 4 videos per month and each of these will have about 1000 views.

It’s funny, huh?

I was searching information about income from YouTube desperately. I believe that many of you, especially starting YouTubers also thought about these numbers and possible earnings, right?

Here’s The Deal:

Based on a true story and real calculations let’s check how much does YouTube pay per 1000 views.

So How Much does YouTube Pay You for 1000 Views?

In general, if you would love to get knowledge of how YouTube does pay you, I would recommend checking other articles about payment policies and strategies.

Moreover, let me remind you that YouTube doesn’t pay you at all – Google does!

Basically Google pays you one part of income which is based on ads clicks.

Let’s skip these steps and and additional information and jump straight to the chase and see how much does YouTube pay per 1000 views on average.

YouTube for 1000 views on Video pays you from $1-5 on AVERAGE.

Earnings from 1000 views on YouTube could be very different in comparison of YouTuber popularity, audience and length of the video and type of monetization.


If your video has already reached 1000 views – it doesn’t mean that you will earn a fixed amount of money.

Let’s Make it Clear:

Google AdSense
On Average, by using monetized banner ads from Google AdSense, you can get paid about $1-2 per 1000 views.
On Average, by using commercials short videos before your main content, you can earn approximately $4-5 per month.

Needles to mention that I haven’t added some niched content related with the affiliate, amazon links, shout outs, sponsorships and so on. It gets even better when you start adding these additional income resources.

For example:

You can make some agreements with topic related companies which will give you additional bonus for each client you will bring them.

Usually from 1000 views you can bring about 5-10 clients to the company. It means that for each client you will get about $5-10 (it depends on product or service).

Affiliate Marketing
Approximately you can earn about $50 per 1000 views just from affiliate marketing.

There are various options and ways how you can make money from YouTube and turn your audience into possible income.

Remember that!

Main Factors Which Could Increase Your Earnings per 1000 Views on YouTube

YouTube 1000 Views Earnings

  • Length of the video – There are some researches which confirmed that videos which over 10 minutes long will earn you more money. If your content will be longer and informative people will have more time to click on the
  • Geographic location – It’s important because of the different viewers behaviour in different locations.
  • Time intervals – how often videos are uploaded. (In early stages I would recommend upload at least one video per week)
  • Engagement – It is the main factor for increasing followers’ number on your YouTube Channel.
  • Partnership – Find related to your vlog style niche partner and promote his product or business. You will increase your YouTube earning per 1000 view more than 5-10x times.

I would strongly say that there are many people who believe that you can’t earn money from YouTube.

They are WRONG:

Here’s the Kicker:

I totally believe that your content and videos on YouTube won’t stop at 1000 views mark at all.

So, if you want to make more money in the late stages of vlogging, you should start applying simple techniques for increasing earnings from YouTube.

How Much You Can Earn per 1000 Views on YouTube Combined?

Anyway, let’s calculate how much does YouTube pay per 1000 views if you will combine all these strategies into 1 single video.


$2 Google AdSense + $4 Commercials + $30 Affiliate marketing + $10 Additional bonus from shout outs and etc. = $46 (if you add a lot of effort and will be lucky)

Needless to say how much YouTube pays you per 1 million views…right?

All in All:

All YouTubers you know make different amount of money from their videos on this platform.

Here’s the Answer:

There is no guarantee under The YouTuber partnership program about how much does YouTube pay for 1000 views or even more.

More or less earnings are generated based on the approximate number of how many people watched your video, were engaged and clicked on the provided advertisement so far.

YouTube couldn’t give you the decent income for 1000 views, but all we need to start from some point, right?

Once Again:

YouTube as the platform never pay you for the number of views, it will pay you for click on advertisements. Don’t forget to engage with your audience and create a content, attracting people, so that would rise your view numbers. The better-quality content you will create, the more views and the advertisements you can get.

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