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10 Best Low Light Video Cameras [2024]

Best low light video cameras

Have you ever considered what characteristics a low light video camera should have in order to provide high-quality footage in the middle of the night?

If you’re a vlogger, you’re surely aware that having a vlogging camera that can record in the dark is vital, since it eliminates the need to move between several devices or have additional illumination to deliver a high-quality video.

This article will provide you with a selection of the top low light video cameras for YouTube videos that may improve your vlogging experience.

Here’s the deal:

Nowadays, there are so many great video cameras to choose from, so you can easily get overwhelmed. No need to mention the variety of options for low light video cameras out there.

Best Low Light Video Cameras

NameFlip ScreenMic. JackVideo ResolutionCheck

Sony A7 III - Editor's Choice

NoYes4K/30p Price

Canon EOS R6

YesYes4K/60p Price

Panasonic GH5S

YesYes4K/60p Price

Nikon Z6 II

Tiltable screenYes4K/60p Price

Canon G1X Mark III

YesNo4K/30p Price

Panasonic HC-WXF991K

YesYes4K/30p Price

HC V-770

YesYes1080p60 Price

Nikon D850

Tiltable screenYes4K/60p Price

Nikon D7500

Tiltable screenYes4K/30p Price

Sony Alpha a6400

YesYes4K/30p Price

1. Sony A7 III – Best Low Light Video Camera

At first glance, this camera appears to be a standard mid-sized device. The Sony A7 III, on the other hand, is a full-frame camera with superb resolution and fast autofocus.

Furthermore, you can’t even assess this device because the price isn’t that exorbitant for the wonderful features that you receive.

In comparison to the Sony A7 II, this new model is best suited for regular vloggers, daily photographers, wedding photographers, and even event and action video shooters.

It is advantageous for these sorts of videographers and photographers to have a camera that can adjust to changing lighting situations while maintaining high quality.

The AF function is remarkable, however, it can occasionally lose touch with fast-moving objects. You will need some expertise with this device if you prefer to focus on moving things.

On the other hand, everything is learned, and this camera is absolutely fabulous if we talk about vlogging in low light.

Here’s the amazing video clip about the best low light settings for Sony A7 III.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 24.2 MP Exmor R CMOS
  • Image processor: BIONZ X
  • AF points: 693 fps phase-detection AF
  • Video: 4K UHD at 30/24 fps
  • Viewfinder: XGA OLED type
  • LCD: 3.5″ tilting touchscreen
  • Max burst: 10 fps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 126.9 x 95.6 x 73.7 mm (4.9 x 3.7 x 2.9″)
  • Weight: 650 g (22.9 oz)
  • 10 fps continuous shooting feature
  • AF system that provides high contrast even in low lighting conditions
  • 4K video shooting feature
  • The camera gets imbalance with larger lenses
  • There are no drive or focus mode dial options
95 %
Low Light Performance
98 %
Value for Money
94 %
Final Verdict:

All-round it is a great device if you are looking for a full-frame camera that can shoot in low lighting conditions. The Sony A7 III camera provides superior features, a great AF system, and perfect image and video quality. Of course, if you are a beginner, the price tag might be shocking, but for the amount and quality features, this is not a bad price to pay at all.

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2. Canon EOS R6 – Great and Very Capable Low Light Video Camera

The Canon EOS R6 is one of the best low light cameras in the market in 2024. It has a powerful processor for high-quality pictures to be shot at 20fps.

The mirrorless camera comes with an LPE6NH rechargeable lithium-ion battery which takes about 2 and a half hours to charge and lasts for approximately 360 shots.

The R6’s Dual Pixel CMOS II AF system is highly sensitive and can focus and operate in low light levels, dark as the light from a quarter moon.

Moreover, the camera can focus as quickly as a twentieth of a second. This makes the Canon EOS R6 one of the world’s fastest autofocusing capabilities.

The Canon EOS R6 performs astonishingly well in low light levels with the super quick and highly accurate autofocus. The images are detailed, smooth, and clean with true-to-life colors. The horizon level, when turned on, helps significantly as it helps keep images level even in really dark environments.

The camera is easy to use and excellent for low light photography or videography. With the ability to cover over 14 EVs at its peak at ISO 100 and below, R6 has an excellent dynamic range, which makes it one of the class-leading cameras in terms of sensors and capabilities.

The Canon EOS R6 is a fantastic choice for enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners. It’s a reliable hybrid camera for just about any situation and environment.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 20 MP sensor
  • Image processor: DIGIC X processor
  • AF points: Advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, 1053-point AF system, continuous focus tracking for human and animal subjects. AI Servo tracking autofocus may be set by ‘Tracking sensitivity ‘or ‘acceleration/ deceleration tracking.’ AF covers virtually 100 percent of the frame
  • Video: 10-bit 4K/60p, FHD at 120p
  • Viewfinder: OLED electronic viewfinder (3.69 million dots), magnification of 0.76x, 23 mm eyepoint
  • LCD: 3” fully articulating touch-sensitive LCD (1.62 million dots), solid build, mostly polycarbonate body, with weather sealing.
  • Max burst: continuous shooting at up to 12 fps with the mechanical shutter, 20 fps using the electronic shutter option
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi with Bluetooth for wireless camera control and image sharing
  • Dimensions: 5.45” x 3.84” x 3.48″ (138mm x 97.5mm x 88.4mm)
  • Weight: 680g (24.0 oz)
  • It is a great hybrid camera
  • Advanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, 1053-point AF system
  • Powerful processor
  • Video: 10-bit 4K/60p, FHD at 120p
  • Dual SD memory card slots
  • Great in body image stabilization (IBIS)
  • Excellent dynamic range of over 14 EV at IS0 100
  • Versatility in use
  • 4K video mode suffers from a minor horizontal crop
  • 4K videos can’t exceed the 60p limit
  • The menu is easy to use but leaves much to be desired
  • 30-minute limit on recording video
  • Micro HDMI port
93 %
Low Light Performance
98 %
Value for Money
94 %
Final Verdict:

Canon’s EOS R6 mirrorless camera is a very impressive device, leaning towards the expensive side but considered an absolute must-buy and an immensely jampacked value-for-money camera for most, especially if you looking for a vlogging camera that could produce high quality videos in the dark areas.

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3. Panasonic GH5S – Best Panasonic DLSR Camera For Low Light Videos

A hugely sought after camera for its low light proves, the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S, measuring 5.47” x 3.86” x 3.43″ (139mm x 98mm x 87mm) and weighs 660 g (1.46 lb/ 23.28 oz), including batteries.

The camera packs dual memory card slots and is dust, splash, and freeze-resistant. The image sensor of the Lumix GH5S is very different from the Lumix GH5 as the GH5 is aimed at being more of an all-rounder camera.

Here’s the deal:

The SH5S is a camera aimed at being a great dedicated low light specialist, especially for videographers, as it holds the capability of recording at high-quality, detailed cinema 4K at low ambient light levels.

The vlogging camera can simultaneously shoot at Dual ISO, ISO 400, and ISO 2500. A problem common in most cameras is that the increase in ISO simply boosts the exposure artificially while also increasing noise and loss of dynamic range.

The amount of noise and reduction in dynamic range varies from camera to camera but what’s unique about the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S is that it can process the sensor at two separate ISOs separately.

Moreover, Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S also has a night mode feature that gives the monitor a red overlay to compensate for the low light vision. The new sensor also brings some other features, such as the option of shooting Full HD video at 120p and Full HD video in slow motion at 240p.

Videos made in well-lit environments resemble those made by GH5, but the GH5S provides more usable shadows even in such conditions. The Lumix DC-GH5S is able to catch RAW format continuous frames at 12fps with autofocus in 12-bit colors and 11fps with autofocus in 14-bit. Sounds amazing, right?

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 11.93 Megapixels live MOS sensor, 17.3mm x 13.0mm (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Image processor: Venus Engine 10 image processor
  • AF points: Contrast AF system, AFS (Single) / AFF (Flexible) / AFC (Continuous) / MF, 225 AF points
  • Video: C4K 4096 x 2160 at 60p, 30p or 24p with 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1 aspect ratio, FHD 1920 x 1080 at 240p variable frame rate, unlimited recording video time
  • Viewfinder: OLED Live View Finder (3,680k dots), 21 mm from eyepiece lens
  • LCD: TFT LCD monitor with static touch control, Free-angle 3.2-inch (8.0cm)/ 3:2 aspect ratio, 100% Field of View
  • Max burst: 14-bit AFS/MF: H: 11 fps, M: 6fps (with Live View), 12-bit AFS/MF: H: 12fps, M: 7fps (with Live View)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, QR code connection/Password-less connection
  • Dimensions: 5.47” x 3.86” x 3.43″ (139mm x 98mm x 87mm)
  • Weight: 660 g (1.46 lb/23.28 oz), including batteries
  • Extra: Dust, splash, and freeze-resistance
  • Great high ISO image quality
  • 12MP 4:3 sensor improves video quality, especially at higher ISOs
  • Autofocus even in very low-lit conditions
  • Dual UHS-II memory card slots
  • Fully articulating touchscreen 3” LCD screen
  • Dust, splash, and freeze-resistance
  • No in body Image Stabilization (IBIS)
  • Can’t record two different video formats simultaneously to each SD memory card
  • No in-camera charging
  • No backlit buttons or dials
90 %
Low Light Performance
97 %
Value for Money
92 %
Final Verdict:

The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S provides great value for Money in this form factor, especially since it can be compared to dedicated low light video cameras or the pro-level class of low light cinematic cameras. At the time of release, the Lumix DC-GH5S is the best low light video camera by Panasonic.

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4. Nikon Z6 II – Best Nikon Low Light Video Camera for YouTubers

The Nikon Z6 II is known for its well-rounded capabilities, especially during low light scenarios. Released alongside the Nikon Z7 II, the Z6 measures 5.3” x 4.0” x 2.8” (134mm x 100.5mm x 69.5mm) and weighs 615g (1.4lb). The battery lasts for 340 shots or 100 minutes of recording.

In general, the Nikon Z6 II is a really great vlogging camera. It’s got a solid build and a fantastic overall feel. The camera’s box comprises an EN-EL15c rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, an MH-25a battery charger, a UC-E24 USB Cable, an HDMI/USB cable clip, a BS-1 accessory shoe cap, an AN-DC19 camera strap, a BF-N1 body cap and a DK-29 rubber eyecup.

Even at high ISO levels, the Z6 captures beautiful images, highly detailed, crisp, and near crystal clear. The camera’s white and exposure adjustments, along with an improved dynamic range, help escape noise reduction. This helps maintain more integrity and color quality in under or over-exposure scenarios.

Solid and very versatile in terms of functionality, the Nikon Z6 II truly is a jack-of-all-trades.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 24.5 MP BSI CMOS full-frame sensor
  • Image processor: Dual EXPEED 6 Image Processor
  • AF points: Focus modes (manual, Single AF, and Continuous AF) in stills mode and manual, Single AF, Continuous AF, and Full-time AF in video mode)
  • Video: 4K at 60fps, 1080p at 120fps, and HLG / HDR output over HDMI, New timelapse option
  • Viewfinder: 3.68M-dot OLED
  • LCD: 3.2-inch LCD touch display, Tiltable display that offers a resolution of 2.1 million dots
  • Max burst: Max Continuous Shooting Speed of 14.0 fps
  • EVF: 3.69M-dot EVF with improved blackout times
  • Connectivity: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Wi-Fi enable communication
  • Dimensions: 5.3” x 4.0” x 2.8” (134mm x 100.5mm x 69.5mm)
  • Weight: 615g (1.4lb)
  • Extra: Dual Memory Card Slots
  • Compact and ergonomically designed body, sits well in hand, really comfortable to hold
  • Solid and versatile in functionality
  • Max continuous shooting speed of 14.0 fps
  • Amazing in poor lighting conditions
  • Dual Memory Card Slots
  • AF features are not as well integrated into the user interface as the best of other cameras at its price point
  • 30-minute recording limit, Slight crop at 4K 60fps, reduced shutter angle & DCI modes
  • Only 8-bit capture at 4:2:0, 10-bit Log, or HLG video requires an external recorder
  • No special unique stand-out feature
  • Tilting screen, not flippable
94 %
Low Light Performance
96 %
Value for Money
92 %
Final Verdict:

All in all, this camera is a great and versatile hybrid camera, solid in every aspect. The camera’s low light vlogging performance is absolutely superb. The Nikon Z6 II comes packed with much more than most cameras at its price point. The camera does justify its value for Money.

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5. Canon G1X Mark III – Best Budget Low Light Vlogging Camera

If you are on a low budget and looking for a low light video camera, we have a possible solution for you.

The Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III is an excellent low light camera that comes packed with a large lens for exceptional coverage quality. The Mark III has an improved depth of field and an enhanced dynamic range allowing for brilliant stills and videos even in low-light conditions.

This vlogging compact camera, measuring only 4.53” x 3.07” x 2.01″ (115mm x 78mm x 51mm) and weighs just 400g (0.882 lb/ 14.11oz).

It comes with a fixed lens and a large APS-C sensor, which is a rarity in most fixed-lens cameras. In addition, the camera features dual-pixel autofocus, unrivaled at the time of the camera’s release. Dual pixel autofocus provides follow focus, especially during subject tracking.

The camera has a fixed lens, which is pretty decent 24mm – 72mm lens with zooming capability. The fixed lens keeps the sensor secure.

Also, the vlogging camera is easy and convenient to carry since it is compact in size and lightweight.

The best thing:

The G1 is a bridge camera, so no extra lenses need to be carried or be worried about, and since the lens can’t be changed, the sensor stays clean.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: Fixed Lens, 1.5-type sensor, 24MP APS-C sensor, and built-in 24-72mm F2.8-5.6 lens
  • Image processor: DIGIC 7 processor
  • AF points: Dual pixel autofocus
  • Video: Full HD 1080p/60
  • Viewfinder: 2.36M-dot electronic viewfinder
  • LCD: 3.0″ Vari-Angle flip touch screen LCD
  • Max burst: 9 fps with AEF lock or 7 fps with continuous focus
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi / NFC* and Bluetooth low-energy technology
  • Dimensions: 4.53” x 3.07” x 2.01″ (115mm x 78mm x 51mm)
  • Weight: 400g (0.882 lb/ 14.11oz)
  • Compact, well-manufactured housing
  • Excellent image quality (up to ISO 1,600)
  • High-resolution lens
  • Easy to use
  • Fixed lens, confined to only one fixed lens
  • Buffer can only hold 19 RAW or 24 Jpeg images
  • Short battery timing at only 200 shots
  • No 4K Video recording, only offers Full HD at 60 frames per second
93 %
Low Light Performance
91 %
Value for Money
93 %
Final Verdict:

We can definitely say that the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III is one of the best cameras budget low light cameras for beginners. Furthermore, the camera's sturdy construction, as well as its small size and lightweight, makes it extremely portable. Great and affordable choice.

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6. Panasonic HC-WXF991K – Recommended Budget Friendly Low Light Camcorder

Let’s step a little bit down with the price tag and take a look at the Panasonic HC-WXF991K camcorder.

Basically, you can have a movie-like video quality for just around $600. The WXF991K camcorder can record a 4K video that, after being compressed to an HD one, still keeps the sharp and detailed quality.

This device offers a simple and powerful operation that even entry-level users will find very easy to use. Thanks to the 1/2.3″ backside-illuminated (BSI) MOS sensor with 8.29 MP, you will get a high-quality video even in low light conditions.

Besides, the device offers built-in effects, zooming, AF tracking, and built-in optical image stabilization.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 18.9 MP 1/2.3″ backside-illuminated MOS
  • Image processor: Crystal Engine 4K
  • Lens: LEICA Dicomar Lens with optical 20x zoom
  • Video: 4K UHD at 30/24 fps, Full HD at up to 120 fps
  • Viewfinder: Tilting 0.24″ EVF
  • LCD: 3″ tilting touchscreen
  • Image stabilization: 5-axis Hybrid Optical
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 3.1 x 6.4″ (68.0 x 78.0 x 163.0 mm)
  • Weight: 403 g (14.21 oz)
  • Excellent and sharp video quality
  • It easily captures a video from every angle
  • It comes with a built-in 5-axis optical image stabilization feature
  • Cinema-like effects
  • You can easily hear the background noise when recording in a silent room
  • Sometimes the color is not super accurate in low light conditions (purple becomes blue)
92 %
Low Light Performance
90 %
Value for Money
92 %
Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a great device to start, the Panasonic HC-WXF991K camcorder gives you all the features that you need. Thanks to 18.9 MP 1/2.3

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7. Panasonic HC-V770 – Great and Simple To Use Full HD Camera for Low Light

Perfect for low light video shooting camcorder comprises 20x optical zoom and 50x intelligent zoom, and a 5-axis hybrid OIS image stabilization.

Panasonic’s HC-V770 is a lightweight camcorder weighing just 353g (0.778 lb).

A great unique feature of the Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder is that it can be paired with a smartphone to record from two video camera angles at the same time, simultaneously.

The HC-V770 can record in Full HD at 120 frames per second and zoom in up to 20 times optically with its zoom 29.5mm to 612mm focal length equivalent lens. In addition, the in-camera interpolation can bring the final frame rate up to 240 frames per second.

The camcorder has excellent low light video recording. The night mode on the HC-V770 allows for recording at very low light situations or even near complete darkness through the infrared mode. In addition, the camcorder’s large image sensor has the capability of capturing slow-motion videos in dim light situations.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 1/2.3 type (1/2.3″) BSI MOS Sensor
  • Image processor: Crystal Engine
  • Optical Zoom: 20x
  • AF points: 60 fps readout enabling quick focusing speed, stability, and tracking
  • Video: FHD at 120fps, which may be boosted to 240fps with in-camera Crystal Engine’s intelligent frame creation interpolation. The twin video camera feature allows wireless connection with phones to capture simultaneously from two angles.
  • Viewfinder: NA
  • LCD: 7.5cm (3″) Wide LCD monitor (460,800 dots)
  • Max burst: NA
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Dimensions: 2.559” x 2.874” x 5.472” (65mm x 73mm x 139mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 353g (0.778 lb)
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Wireless twin camera feature
  • Low weight, easy to carry
  • Reasonably priced
  • No 4K video recording, only FHD at 120p (boosted to 240fps with frame creation interpolation)
  • No focus lens ring, the camera requires manual settings
  • No dust, water, or splash resistance
  • No dual memory card slots
  • Outdated design
92 %
Low Light Performance
94 %
Value for Money
92 %
Final Verdict:

The Panasonic HC-V770 is a reasonably priced video camcorder, particularly impressive at low light video recording up to 120 frames per second, which may be boosted to 240 frames per second with the in-camera Crystal Engine's intelligent frame creation interpolation. Overall, this camcorder is a good value-for-money package.

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8. Nikon D850 – Great Low Light DSLR for Videos and Photography

The Nikon D850 was officially announced on the 100th anniversary of Nikon’s founding. The camera measures 5.8” x 4.9” x 3.1” (146mm x 124mm x 78.5mm) and weighs 1005g (2lb or 3.5oz) with battery and XQD memory card.

The D850 has four different camera modes, namely Program Auto (“P”), Shutter Priority (“S”), Aperture Priority (“A”), and Manual (“M”). All four modes apply to stills and videos.

The camera performs stunningly well in low light situations, producing pictures that are sharp, crisp and detailed, with zero grain until about ISO 12,800.

Beyond this ISO level, the camera starts picking up some grain, although the images still remain detailed and completely useable. Even images at ISO 20,000 are usable with the HC-V770, which is truly impressive.

Even though this DSLR is well known for superb low light image quality, it has decent low light video quality too.

The overall low light results are much superior to most cameras in this class.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: Full-frame 46MP backside-illuminated FX-Format BSI CMOS sensor
  • Image processor: EXPEED 5 Processor
  • AF points: 153 focus points, 20K AF sensor, as well as a dedicated AF engine, AF-S (Single-servo AF), Single-point AF, AF-C (Continuous-servo AF), Dynamic-area AF (9- or 25-point dynamic-area AF, 72-point dynamic-area AF and 153-point dynamic-area AF), and 3D-tracking autofocus
  • Video: 4K UHD video using the entire width of its full-frame sensor, FHD at 120p
  • Viewfinder: FX (36×24), approximately 100% horizontal coverage
  • LCD: Tilting 3.2″ 2,359,000 dot Touch LCD display
  • Max burst: continuous shooting speed of 7fps, which may be increased to 9fps with the optional MB-D18 battery pack with EN-EL 18b/a Lithium-ion Battery
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 5.8” x 4.9” x 3.1” (146mm x 124mm x 78.5mm)
  • Weight: Weighs 915g/ 2lb or 0.3oz without the memory card, battery, or body cap (1005g/ 2lb or 3.5oz with battery and XQD memory card)
  • Full-frame 45.7MP image sensor
  • Detailed autofocus system
  • 4K video capability
  • Sturdy build, weather-sealed design
  • Great battery life
  • Live View focus uses only contrast detection
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are not always reliable
  • SnapBridge still leaves much to be desired
  • No built-in flash
  • 30-minute video recording limit
  • No 60p at 4K
92 %
Low Light Performance
94 %
Value for Money
92 %
Final Verdict:

One of the best cameras for capturing in low light conditions, the Nikon D850 is a superb photo and video camera for professionals. It takes amazingly detailed pictures in the darkest of environments and is, overall, a true testament to how far Nikon has come 100 years since its founding.

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9. Nikon D7500 – High-Quality Low Light DSLR Camera

The Nikon D7500 lacks a substantial number of fresh and sophisticated features and technology, yet it performs admirably anyway.

It strikes an excellent combination of high-end quality, useful features, and affordable pricing. The D7500 camera is a strong and professional level that shoots at 8 frames per second.

It also has a large buffer and an extended ISO. The Nikon D7500 features a 20.9 MP sensor and an Expeed 5 processor that operate well together.

However, this is not the most affordable DSLR camera, and its primary selling qualities are a new sensor, the ability to shoot in low light, and quickness with sensitivity.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Image sensor: 20.9 MP APS-C CMOS
  • AF: 51-point phase-detection AF
  • Video: 4K UHD at 30/24 fps, Full HD at up to 120 fps
  • Viewfinder: EVF, 3.69m dots
  • LCD: 3.2″ touchscreen
  • Max burst: 8 fps
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 136 x 104 x 73mm (5.35 x 4.09 x 2.87″)
  • Weight: 720 g (25.3 oz)
  • 8 fps continuous shooting feature
  • High ISO performance which is great for low ligh shooting
  • 4K video experience
  • For beginners might be difficult to use
  • It only comes with one SD card slot
  • Autofocus could be better
92 %
Low Light Performance
94 %
Value for Money
90 %
Final Verdict:

The Nikon D7500 doesn't seem to have a high-quality resolution. However, speed and low light performance have a slight impact on the bursting market rate. Also, the camera has a great overall image and video quality which is great for mid-level photographers and videographers despite the fact that the control of the camera could be easier.

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10. Sony Alpha a6400 – Best Compact Low Light Video Camera

This device appears on nearly every best-of list.

The Sony Alpha a6400 is a truly great camera for vloggers in various ways.

The vlogging camera has Ultra HD 4K video quality, which is comparable to other, more costly cameras on the market. Furthermore, the AF system is among the quickest found in mirrorless cameras.

If you are looking for a small device with great features and better low light performance – the Alpha a6400 might be the best compact low light camera for you.

The only downside for the a6400 as it doesn’t come with built-in in body image stabilization, so for a smooth and steady video you will need to get a stabilizer like a tripod or a gimbal.

 Main Specifications: 
  • Sensor: CMOS 24.2 MP
  • Image processor: BIONZ X processor
  • AF points: 425-point phase detection
  • ISO range: 100 to 32,000
  • Max image size: 6,000 x 4,000 px
  • Metering zones: 1,200
  • Video: 3,840 x 2,160 at 30p, 24p (4K and Ultra HD)
  • Viewfinder: EVF with 2,359k dots
  • LCD: 3″ 180-degree tilting touchscreen
  • Max burst: 11 fps
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Size: 120.0 x 66.9 x 59.7mm (4,7 x 2,6 x 2,3″)
  • Weight: 403 g (14.2 oz)
  • 4K video quality and Full HD slow-motion recording
  • Excellent autofocus, which is useful in low light shooting
  • Very comfortable for daily vlogging + 180 fully tiltable screen
  • The Sony a6400 camera doesn’t come with a built-in image stabilization
95 %
Low Light Performance
93 %
Value for Money
95 %
Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use device that fits into your pocket, provides 4K video, and works great in low light conditions, Sony Alpha a6400 is the best option. Besides, it is one of the cheapest and best compact cameras on this list.

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Key Criteria for Low Light Video Cameras

When choosing any specific type of video camera, the device should have key features. The same applies when you are choosing a low light video camera.

Below are the features a low light video camera could have to provide the best quality video.

  • Electronic viewfinder. Most of the cameras have an EVF. It is an amazing feature to have if you are planning to shoot in both indoor and outdoor lighting. Besides, if you are planning to shoot in low light conditions, an EVF does not only display a 100% view of the screen but enhances the brightness and detail in your picture or video.
  • Low lighting autofocus performance. The autofocus feature is important in any kind of camera, so it is essential to have it when you are buying a low light one. The AF feature comes in hand when you want to focus on incredibly low lighting conditions, for example, taking a picture of moonlight. Although it is dark, you will still have sharp and crisp detailing.
  • High-quality images, even at high ISO. Typically, when you are shooting in low lighting conditions, the camera requires higher ISO levels. You need to look for a high-quality image feature even if you are shooting at high ISO levels. In this way, you will get a sharp, detailed, and high-quality image even in dark areas of the scene.

These are only the main features that a high-quality low light camera should have if you want to have a great video and image experience. Needless to say, the camera should have at least Full HD video resolution, right?

On the other hand, always consult with a representative at the store or ask online if you have a specific camera in mind.

Don’t forget that if you really want to have high-quality videos in low light conditions, make sure that you have an extra external lighting kit.

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