How Much Does Jacksepticeye Make? Full YouTube Earnings Report

YouTube is very accommodating and one guy who can attest to that is Jacksepticeye.

Most people compare this YouTuber to PewDiePie, and even more, people would like to know how much does Jacksepticeye make?

How much does Jacksepticeye make?

Who is Jacksepticeye?

Sean William McLoughlin is an Irish YouTuber, game commentator, social media personality, actor, and producer who joined YouTube on 24th February 2007. However, he only started posting gameplay videos in November 2012.

Growing up in the countryside with his parent, Sean was nicknamed Jack by his mother from a young age and the name stuck even with his friends.

However, while he was playing soccer, the position of a goalkeeper, he was accidentally hit on one of the eyes by a ball while trying to catch it.

Since he was wearing glasses, the ball left a nasty cut that got infected, which led to his friends calling him Jack Septic Eye. Later on, Jacksepticeye became his YouTube signature name.

All in all, Jacksepticeye is one of the most popular YouTubers who creates gaming and entertainment content. Most YouTube users compare him to PewdiePie. Both are amazing!

How Much Does Jacksepticeye Make?


The amounts and figures of earnings described in this article are estimates only collected from publicly available information.

Jacksepticeye’s Average Earnings

  • Per video: $20,000
  • Per month: $459,000
  • Per year: 5,5 million

How We Calculated Jacksepticeye Earnings

Jacksepticeye doesn’t like talking much about his earnings.

However, in a recent interview, he disclosed how much the whole YouTube career has gone beyond his imagination. That’s why he blanked out the numbers for a while and decided to concentrate on making videos.

Despite all that, his fans still wanted to know how much he was earning and different sources were there to estimate his income.

Being a truly generous guy with several charity deeds under his belt, Jacksepticeye has been ranked the most subscribed channel in Ireland. That means being a YouTube star, he does earn from $4-$10 per 1000 views.

Jacksepticeye’s Revenue Streams

As mentioned above, Jack does make his money through multiple income streams. These usually include:

  • YouTube advertising revenue: According to the Social Blade, Jack makes most of his income from YouTube Advertising revenue. Since he is estimated to make 135-200 million views per month, his yearly earnings are estimated to be $6 million from his views only.
  • Selling merchandise and cloak clothing brand: Jacksepticeye has partnered with Markiplier to set up a Clock Clothing brand for the young and old. Available in all sizes, you will definitely find hoodies, T-shirts, tank tops, beanies, and bottoms, among others.
  • Touring: Examples are like “How Did We Get Here tour” in the US in 2017, Game Grumps for the Ready Player 3 tour in the UK, and Europe.
  • Sponsorships: Over the years, Jack has teamed up with major brands such as the Warner Brothers, Vacation Simulator VR, Wargaming, and Dauntless. In addition, he has worked with Google for their new Stadia Cloud Gaming Product, Walt Disney Company, Twitch, PewDiePie‘s Network Revelmode, and many others.

 How Much Does Jacksepticeye Make Per Video?

As stated above, Jack is estimated to earn from $3-$5 per 1000 views, with his average views being 3 million views per video.

  • If we calculate $3 per view, the average earnings per video will be 15,000 dollars.
  • If we calculate $5 per view, the average earnings per video will be 25,000 dollars.

Jacksepticeye makes an estimated $20,000 per video.


How Much Does Jacksepticeye Earn Per Month?

Jacksepticeye is said to have almost 139.5 million views per month. According to our calculations, the average number of views per month is 90 million.

  • If we calculate $3 per view, the average earnings per video will be from $270,000 to $418,500
  • If we calculate $5 per view, the average earnings per video will be 450,000 dollars to $697,500

Jacksepticeye makes an estimated $459,000 per month.


How Much Does Jacksepticeye Make Per Year?

Being a hardworking guy, Jacksepticeye is known to have made millions over the years.

Although we don’t have the exact amount he gets from his business ventures except the YouTube ads, it seems he does make pretty good money from that.

However, that does not mean we should despair from calculating the total monthly revenue he makes to get his yearly income.

Jacksepticeye makes an estimated $5,508,000 per year.

What is Jacksepticeye’s Net Worth?

Since most of the sources aren’t sure how much Jacksepticeye earns from his different ventures. It is unusual how much is his net worth.

Nevertheless, according to many sources, Jackseticeye’s net worth is estimated at $16 million.

Well, 16 million dollars isn’t a bad amount for anyone who loves connecting with his fans on his gaming commentary as well as posting comedy sketches.

Jacksepticeye’s YouTube Stats and History

Did you know from a young age, Sean wanted to be a voice actor? Being obsessed with TV and game characters, he started casually commenting on them on YouTube from 2010 until 2012 when he decided to film himself playing games.

Since uploading his first video in November 2012, Jacksepticeye did not make much from his channel. For a couple of months, he made around $10 every couple of months, but that did not stress him much as he lived in a cabin next to his parent’s home.

Jacksepticeye has truly come from afar. To start with, in 2013, he accumulated 15,000 subscribers from 2,5000 in 4 days after being mentioned by PewDiePie in one of his videos.

In July 2014, he gained over 57 million subscribers from only 800,000. By February 2015, the channel has interestingly amassed 1 billion views and 3.2 subscribers.

Being one of the biggest worldwide online creators, Jacksepticeye is now proud of his 24.3 million subscribers and almost 13 billion views.

The loyal subscribers and views have enabled him to join the millionaire’s club with an estimated monthly income of $500,000 per month and a net worth of $16 million.

Apart from making millions, he got to be number 8 of the highest-paid YouTube star in the world.

Being serious and disciplined with his channel, Sean has been uploading 2 videos per day, bringing a total average of 4.5 million views per day.

Jacksepticeye YouTube Channel

Source: Jacksepticeye YouTube Channel

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