YouTube Comments Not Loading and Showing: How to Fix? [Solved 2024]

One of the most recent problems for YouTubers is that YouTube comments are not loading or showing up.

As we all know, comments are critical because they provide interesting insights and funny memes that are interesting and fun to read.

Hence, you tend to keep on scrolling the comment section, though, in some instances, you might notice the comment section seems blank or space, or you have an endless loading wheel.

YouTube comments are not loading

If you have experienced this kind of issue, do not worry, we will provide you with some guidelines and methods to check what causes these errors and ways to fix them.

Here are some steps to help you fix if YouTube Comments are not loading and showing. 

1. Reload Your Video Page

As a preliminary step, try to reload your video page. This will help you ensure that the error is not due to some temporary issues, such as your YouTube server might be down.

So, you better wait for some more minutes for the comments to reload or be recovered.

  • On Windows, you could reload your browser’s page by clicking on F5.
  • On iOS software (Apple), press Command + R.

2. Check If You Are Logged In To Your Google Account

As we know all, you can still view comments even though you are signed as a guest on YouTube, but this prohibits you from posting or interacting with the comment section.

On the other hand, you can try logging in using a different Google account and see if the error has been fixed.

Probably, with a different Google account, you can now successfully post and check comments on YouTube.

Just try to check it.

YouTube sign in account

3. Check Your Internet Connection

It may sound silly, however, you better check your internet connection to eliminate the fact that you might have internet connection issues.

  • With this, restart your internet modem or router and computer for at least 3 minutes.
  • After that, restart your modem and computer and check if this fixes your problems.

4. Check Other Channels Comments Section

You should check if you have this kind of trouble with other comment sections of a different video posted on YouTube.

Maybe you can see the comment section of other videos. Thus the problem might be on that video page alone.

Furthermore, you are eliminating the fact that your comment is held for review before posting on their page.

Through this, you can be sure that you do not have a problem with your account when your comment is unable to load on a particular video page.

5. Check or Rewrite Your Comment

You should probably rewrite your comment if it is not posted on a particular video. Keep in mind that YouTubers can review your critique, whether it can be uploaded or not.

By this, they can filter inappropriate or vulgar negative comments that should not be published on their page.

Hence, you should delete and rewrite your comment, refrain from writing any words with a hateful comments, posting URL links, and stating inappropriate bad words. It would be best to avoid posting comments that could stir negative feedback.

You should also be aware that YouTube can flag your account as spam if you repeatedly post similar comments across multiple videos and promote an unrelated product to the video.

Therefore, you should wait for a few days before commenting again. Be aware of sparing more time before posting your comments.

6. Check Your Comment Section’s Settings

You can also try fixing the endless loading cycle by changing your comment section’s setting from top comments to newest and vice versa.

By doing this, you can also see hidden comments and it has a similar effect as refreshing the comments section.

If the video has 0 likes, you should change it to the newest first since your comment might not be on the top comments right away.

To do this, click the Sort By button and select which one will work for you, either Top comments to Newest first.

7. Disable All Proxies and VPN

You should check if you are using a proxy network when accessing YouTube that might interfere and cause the error with your YouTube comment section not showing up.

Moreover, you should temporarily disable all proxies and VPN apps.

Afterward, try reloading the page to see if your YouTube comments are now loading correctly.

8. Check your Installed Browser Extensions

You should check if your installed extensions cause the issue with your comment section not loading up by opening the YouTube video page on an incognito browser.

In the incognito mode browser as a default, your extensions are disabled.


Google Chrome Incognito Mode

So if the comments section no longer has a loading error, then it is your browser’s broken extension. Therefore, you should start disabling your installed extensions one at a time.

Then you try to load the video page to see if your comment section is loading correctly.

The most popular extension that could be associated with the YouTube comments section error is any kind of Adblocker.

9. Delete All Your Web Stored Data

One of the most popular and effective solutions to fix loading errors on the YouTube comments section is clear cached data.

You should try to delete all your web stored data such as cache data, images, and browsing history on your PC’s preinstalled internet browser.

Also, junk unnecessary files to help eliminate your problem with the YouTube comment section not loading up.

How to do it?

CTLR + SHIFT + DELETE > Clear data.

How To Delete Chrome Cache

If you are a MAC (iOS) user:

  • Open Safari > on the Menu Bar, click Safari and select Preferences.
  • Then on the TOP bar click on Advanced and select “Show Develop menu in a bar.”
  • From Menu, click Develop and then select Empty Caches.

Also, it is highly recommended to clear search History and Cookies.

  • From the Menu bar, click Safari again and choose Clear History…

It helps a lot of users.

10. Optimize and Clean Your PC

If you cleared your WEB Store data and it hasn’t helped you to fix it, then you could remove unnecessary files from your device in just a few steps.

We recommend using Bitdefender software and its OneClick Optimizer Feature.

BitDefender OneClick Optimizer

Or you can do it manually by yourself.

How clean and delete Junk files from your PC or laptop, you could read here.

11. Check Your Comments Section on a Different Browser

Try opening the YouTube video page on a different internet browser.

Though we all know that Google Chrome is well optimized with YouTube since it is developed by one company.

Anyway, it is not exempted from YouTube’s technical errors. As been said, other internet browsers, aside from Chrome, fix several YouTube errors.

With this, try a different preinstalled browser on your PC to check if this fixes your loading issues with the comment section.

If this works for you, you should assume that the cache data or extensions on your Chrome are causing the problem. You can resolve it by doing the steps I mentioned earlier regarding the cached data and extensions.

If your problem is with a particular internet browser, you should reset it to its default settings. Afterward, you should sign in to your account after resetting and check if this properly fixes your issues.

12. Issue Can Come from Updates

YouTube developer team might cause the issue because they might be trying some new features to improve their user interface experience.

With this, you cannot do anything but wait for the official fix for a few days.

But if after a few hours of waiting and you still experience an error on the loading of your YouTube comment section, the errors and methods mentioned above might be useful.

Comments Can Be Hidden by Default

YouTube hides comments by default to change its YouTube reputation entirely. The platform has been a popular social media platform worldwide with a toxic culture.

YouTube considers changes in design by doing this and creating a generally positive environment for all users.

This, however, is just a test by YouTube since they want to find out whether this change will reduce or increase user engagement using the YouTube comment section.

These methods and guidelines are recommendations we have listed to help you when you are having issues with YouTube comments, not loading and showing up.

This guide might be helpful and useful for you to fix errors and problems you might encounter during your YouTube user experience. 

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