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11 Best Vlogging Apps in 2024 [Android & iOS]

Best Vlogging Apps for PhonesHow many of you have ever tried to create a vlog with your smartphone? I guess a lot of you, correct?

Needless to say, if you want to create an attractive vlog, well-developed and prepared video footage is a critical factor.

Here’s the deal:

I tried to create a vlog with my smartphone once, and I made it happen surprisingly very well, just because

I have had a good phone for vlogging and also used and tested out several vlogging apps for the smartphone either.

I’m going to share with you the best vlogging apps for Android and iOS phones this year.

This list is created from our personal experience. So, if you usually love vlogging with your smartphone, this article is made for you.

1. YouTube Studio – Must-Have App for Vloggers

To my mind, this application is a priority and should be marked as a must-have app for vloggers.

I will explain why:

This article is about the best vlogging apps, and the YouTube Studio app is 100% dedicated and created to help you manage your YouTube channel via your smartphone from anywhere at any time.

Main features:

  • You can easily monitor your channel, use analytics tools, and so on.
  • You can manage comments and reply to them very quickly.
  • Get recent updates with notifications.
  • Update your video details at any time.
  • Needless to say, if you are thinking about a career as YouTuber, you have to be all-time ready to respond or react to what happens in the area. As a result, this application will help you to do it faster.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: FREE

How To Use YouTube Studio (Step by Step Tutorials)

Android iOS

2. Adobe Premiere Rush – One of the Most Popular Apps for Vloggers

Here’s the deal:

First of all, Adobe Premiere Rush can be used with iOS software (iPhone and iPad).  Now, this app is available for Android users as well.

As a result, it became one of the most popular video editing apps among YouTubers, vloggers, and video makers.

So, if you are a fan of editing your vlogs on your phone, you should try this app for sure.

However, this app has a premium version, so if you want to take your video editing with your phone experience to the next level, we recommend you purchase a monthly subscription for $9.99.

Main features:

  • Friendly user interface.
  • Ability to overlay graphic elements over images, add customized titles, enhance the colors, and even more.
  • Syncs with your Creative Cloud account.
  • Update your video details at any time.
  • Needless to say, if you are thinking about a career as YouTuber, you have to be all-time ready to respond or react to what happens in the area. As a result, this application will help you to do it faster.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: FREE & PAID

Learn ALL about Adobe PREMIERE RUSH in 15 minutes - step by step basics beginners tutorial

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3. Quick – Amazing FREE Video Editor for iOS and Android

Quick application is straightforward to use for everyone who has iOS and Android devices. This app is a massive benefit for vloggers and the greatest thing – it is a 100% Free Version and suitable for iOS and Android users – no more words are needed.

This application has excellent options for quickly editing your video footage, adding some background music, or even a video theme.

The application is usually being updated at this point so that you will get the newest updates almost every single week.

Furthermore, this application exports your video at a decent speed and quality. You will be able to export 1080p or 720p quality videos straight to Facebook, Instagram, or your phone.

Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: FREE

Quik App by GoPro Video Tutorial - Fastest, easiest way to create awesome GoPro videos

Android iOS

4. Splice – Video Editor and Maker for iPhones

Splice is a powerful video editing app for all iPhones and iPads. This application will help you to create and export a fully customized video for your YouTube channel in good quality.

It gets better:

This app has a lot of good reviews on the market, plus has won some awards a few years ago:

  • The Best Video Editor for iPhone award in 2015.
  • Best Use of Mobile Camera in 2016.
  • Gold Award Winner for Best Mobile App in 2015.
  • On the other hand, it has one drawback, which is that this app is dedicated and created only for iOS users.

Platforms: iOS
Price: FREE

Splice - Overview & Tutorial - iPhone Video Editor

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5. Magisto – Good Video Editor & Music Slideshow Maker

Magisto app is created for vloggers and video creators – lovers who are looking for a fast video editing app for their smartphone.

With this application, you can easily update and transform your current video into an eye-catching video clip or vlog.

Needless to say, that premium version has more features than the default one, but it is enough to start with a FREE version to understand how does it work and how it could help you creating and updating your vlogs.

Apart from this, I have to add that the support works really well. So if you have any struggles with this application, I recommend sending an email to support as soon as possible, and they will solve your problem.

Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: FREE + offers additional functions for money

Magisto - Smart Video Editor & Maker

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6. FXGuru – Movie FX Director with Nice Effects

If you are a vlogger who wants to create a remarkable video with your smartphone, you should start considering FXGuru software as the option.

To my mind, this application has one of the best special effects to use for your video.

Furthermore, even though his application has some additional bonus features for the money, it gives you some free daily effects to download for free.

I guess it sounds fair enough, right?

Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: FREE + offers additional functions for money

FXGURU v 2.11.1 | v 2.12.00 Premium version all 90+ Effects Unlocked Download for FREE 2022 | Part 1

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7. InShot – Video Editor and Maker [Trending App]

InShot is another fantastic free application for vloggers and video editors. This application is compact to use for Android or iPhone users either.

With this application, you could easily merge two or more video clips into one, add some additional layouts, effects, filters, and crop, or even split the video very fast and easy.

Another great feature is that you could easily export our customized video to any popular platform, including YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, without additional struggles.

InShot is one of the most popular applications in the store for video editing and posting on the mentioned platforms.

Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: FREE + offers additional functions for money

How To Edit Videos On Your Phone Using InShot App

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8. Vizmato – Video Editor and Slideshow Maker

Another application in this list is Vizmato, which is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. If you are still thinking about the best vlogging app for editing your video – you can choose Vizamato for sure.

Here’s why:

  • With this app, you will be able to export high-quality videos from your phone by adding good-looking effects and sound.
  • Furthermore, Vizmano also lets you pick more than 140 free songs to add as a soundtrack for your video.
  • As with other platforms also, Vizmato is created to export your video footage to social media and YouTube easily and fast.

Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: FREE + offers additional functions for money

Create awesome videos, slideshows and GIFs with Vizmato!

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9. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

FilmoraGo is another one of the best FREE applications for vloggers to make your video clips even better.

Let’s see why:

This app has a lot of similar features to its competitors, but there are some I liked the most:

  • Picture-in-picture effect;
  • Powerful color correction tools.

These two features will convert and update your video footage to the next level.

Apart from this, you will be able to use more stunning features like reverse mode, slow down and speed up, transitions, overlays and filters, text fonts, and so on.


This app fits professionals’ and starters’ requirements ideally. It is effortless to use, upgrade your video clips, and upload it to your channel.

Platforms: Android and iOS
Price: FREE + offers additional functions for money

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10. Clips – Simple Video Editing App for iPhones

As you can understand from the title, this software works only with iPhones and iPads.

Despite the fact that the application is placed at 10th place on this list – this could be one of the priority apps for iOS users.

It is a well-developed application with the easiest functionality and controlling system on this list. You can edit your entire vlog with your smartphone by using popular filters.

Also, it has a feature that adds automatic subtitles, which is a huge advantage and a powerful tool at this moment, especially if you have users and viewers from foreign countries.

Platforms: iOS
Price: FREE

Apple's Clips app: a step-by-step guide


11. VidLab – Decent Tool for Fast Video Editing

In the 11th position of this video editing apps list, we selected VidLab. This software is rich in beautiful font libraries, and it perfectly works if you decide to create a commercial video.

Apart from this, the application for video editing also has a massive collection of video effects. Some of them are 100% free, some of them require to be bought.

The main reason why we put this app in 11th place – all Free videos are marked with their watermark, which doesn’t beautify your video content at all.

On the other hand, the paid version works really fine!

Platforms: iOS
Price: FREE + offers additional functions for money

VidLab by Roberto Nickson

Check It

What Apps Do Vloggers Use?

Apart from the TOP list, you probably wonder what apps vloggers and YouTubers use?

  • YouTube Studio – Essential App for maintaining and monitoring your YouTube channel.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush and Quick – These applications are the most popular between vloggers and YouTubers for video editing on smartphones.

Anyway, we highly recommend testing more than one app to see which is the best personally for you.


We have prepared and listed the TOP 11 best vlogging apps if you decide to create your vlog with a smartphone.

Usually, I don’t recommend making your vlog shots with a phone, but there are some released smartphones on the market which are suitable for vlogging.

You can check the list down below.

So if you will try to create your vlog with a smartphone, don’t forget to install the recommended software.

In my personal opinion – YouTube Studio is a must, and then you can pick your favorite application for video editing from this list.

I hope it helps you.

Glen Beker

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