What To Say in YouTube Intro? Essential Tips

What To Say in YouTube Intro?The crucial key to finding success on YouTube is creating and uploading videos that capture and retain your audience’s attention.

It is not a secret that the best way to accomplish and achieve this is by making a lasting first impression with excellent YouTube intros.

These short 5-20 second portions of your videos will make or break your YouTube success. You will have quick and minimal time to impress your viewers, so you must make it count. What you say in your YouTube intro will matter the most.

Continue reading to know what to say in the YouTube intro and what to avoid!

Why Does A YouTube Intro Matter?

A YouTube intro is what will attract your ideal audience, repel the wrong ones, and get your audience to keep watching. As these are the first thing your viewer will see, these are also the most-watched sections of your videos. It has an average retention rate of 53%, while the rest of the video (mostly over 30 minutes) has only 10%.

These intros matter as they are your chance to make an impression. You can compare it to when you walk into your new class and meet your new classmates.

The first few seconds of the meeting will immensely influence how they will feel about you — whether they want to be friends with you or not.

For YouTube intros, these few seconds are enough for viewers to judge whether they should stay or leave.

From a business perspective, your intro is your opportunity to set yourself apart from others. It sets the expectations, tone, and even personality behind the video. Furthermore, it makes your brand recognizable and brings individuality to your channel.

What Can You Say On Your YouTube Intro?

What Can You Say On Your YouTube IntroIn the same way, a title sequence or credits set the tone for TV series and movies, YouTube intros reinforce what to expect from your video.

Whether you are an aspiring YouTuber, vlogger, gamer, or any other content creator, you must introduce your videos properly — meaning, you need to know what you should say.

1. An Intriguing Question

You can start your intro lines when creating a video with a question. “Do you want to get more subscribers on YouTube?” or “Are you looking for ways to earn money with your YouTube channel?

Now, those are intriguing questions that can catch your viewers’ attention.

Asking an interesting question can elevate your viewers’ curiosity. It piques their attention, compelling them to continue watching to seek answers. Adding the line “stay tuned to find out” will set the bait.

2. Fun or Weird Facts

Another way to trigger your viewers’ curiosity is by presenting fun or weird facts on your intros, preferably ones directly related to your content. This approach is most effective if you have informative or educational content like documentaries, guides, or tutorials.

This kind of content mainly attracts the type of audience that likes to learn new things. Sharing facts is indeed their cup of tea.

3. A Catchphrase

A catchphrase is a rather tricky addition. It can be a hit or miss — something that can break or make your YouTube Intro. Keep in mind that doesn’t have to be a genius phrase or a new word. It simply has to be your uniquely own.

In fact, some famous catchphrases from big-time YouTubers are not particularly special phrases. The way and how they say it makes it exclusively theirs. For instance, PewDiePie’s intro catchphrase is mostly a distinctively prolonged and somewhat silly pronunciation of his YouTube name. If you lack ideas, here is a great article on how to create a catchphrase.

4. An Interesting Story

Complete a three-part story. Your video title and thumbnail should tell an interesting story; those are the first two parts of the story you are building. The third and final part should be your hook and intro.

Make sure that all three parts are connected. The title and thumbnail will serve as attention grabbers, while your YouTube intro will be the final piece to catch your viewers.

Do not tell a story irrelevant or unrelated to your video title — that is considered clickbait. Doing so can discourage viewers from clicking on your future videos and stop them from subscribing and supporting your channel.

5. Teaser

Tease your viewers by showing or telling them the momentums of your videos. You can show them images or short clips of highlights or exciting moments in the beginning. After teasing them with clips and photos, you can briefly summarize what they can expect from your video.

It is best to keep this part simple and a bit vague. You do not want to give away too much at the beginning of your video. Your aim is to tease and not to spoil.

6. Listicle

If your content consists of steps or lists to solve a particular problem, you can start your intro by addressing the issue. Say that your content is about getting more views on YouTube; you can open your video by expressing how hard it is to get a stable view count. You may then say, “I’m going to give you 3 tips on how to bump up your view count.

Diving straight to recognizing that an issue is an actual problem to begin with and empathizing with the viewers about it can make you feel more approachable or reachable to them. It can also help you feel more connected to your viewers.

Sample YouTube Intro Lines You Can Use

The following are standard lines you can try to include on your intros:

  • Hello, Friends!
  • In today’s video,
  • Hey, everyone/ Hi, guys!
  • Greeting, folks
  • This is (channel name)!
  • Hello and welcome back to my YouTube channel!
  • Hey, guys! I hope you are doing great!
  • What’s up, YouTube?
  • Today, I will show you…
  • Hello, (audience type, ex. Gamers, bookworms, music fans)

Here are some longer YouTube video intro templates:

  • “Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my channel. My name is [Your Name] and on this channel, I absolutely love sharing my thoughts and experiences on [content type] with you all. In today’s video, we’ll be talking about [topic] and I can’t wait to dive in with you. Let’s get started!”
  • “Hello and welcome to my channel! My name is [Your Name] and I’m so excited that you’re here. On this channel, I share all sorts of [content type] and in this video, we’ll be chatting about [topic]. I think it’s going to be a really interesting and informative discussion, so grab your favorite beverage and let’s get started, shall we?!”
  • “Hey there! If you’re new to my channel, welcome! My name is [Your Name] and I create videos about [content type]. In this video, we’re going to be exploring the topic of [topic] and I’m super excited to share my thoughts and insights with you. Are you ready to get started?!”
  • “Hello and welcome back to my channel! If you’re a returning viewer, thanks for tuning in again. I always appreciate your support and it means a lot to me. In today’s video, we’ll be covering [topic] in the realm of [content type]. I think you’re going to enjoy it, so let’s get started. But before starting, don’t forget to click the like and subscribe buttons.
  • “Hi and welcome to my channel! My name is [Your Name] and I’m so glad you’re here. On this channel, I love bringing you the latest and greatest in [content type] and in this video, we’re going to be delving into the world of [topic]. I think it’s going to be a really interesting and educational discussion, so grab your favorite snack and let’s get started.”

Things You Should Avoid Saying or Including In Your YouTube Intro

Aside from knowing the things you should include in your YouTube video intro, you must also learn the ones you should avoid. Here are the things you should avoid saying or doing in your introduction.


Avoid too many hurdles on your YouTube Intro lines. Frankly, your viewers are there for the content. Including hurdles, like a full self-introduction or a several-minute long branded YouTube video intro with music and your logo, can cause your viewers’ attention to drift away. If you are not careful, it might look like a commercial ad.

Additionally, too many hurdles can disinterest your viewers. It hinders them from accessing the actual content immediately, making them stop watching further.

Lack of Energy

Intros are there to catch attention and pique curiosity. If you make one, avoid sounding monotone, half-hearted, or lazy. That can make your YouTube video intro boring — which is the last thing your YouTube video intro should be. No one really wants to watch a disinterested-looking YouTuber.

Swear Words and Offensive Remarks

If you spend enough time on the internet and social media, you should be aware by now that saying the wrong thing can get you ‘canceled’. You must avoid swearing words as much as possible, especially if your content is accessible to minors and kids. Of course, offensive remarks should be avoided, too.

Do not include homophobic/transphobic comments, racial slurs, and sexual remarks on your YouTube or anywhere in your content. Aside from these comments putting you under fire with your audience, it also violates YouTube Community Guidelines.

FAQs about YouTube Intro

What Should You Include In Your YouTube Intro?

There isn't a definite guide on what to include in your intros. Though the most typical ones you can usually see on YouTube videos are: short self-introductions (mostly just their name or channel name), branding (logo), title of the video/main topic, teaser of the outcomes (in this video, I will…).

How Long Should A YouTube Intro Be?

Thirty seconds might seem like a short time in general, but in this context, it is long. A YouTube intro should be less than 25 seconds, though that number is still a stretch. Ideally, an introduction should be around 10-15 seconds only. Exceeding that time can cost you a few viewers as most prefer shorter intros and straightforward content. Avoid overselling your videos and brand via long intros.

What Are The Benefits Of A YouTube Intro?

There are several benefits to a YouTube Intro, including: creating brand trust, uniformity, pushing brand improvement, setting viewer expectations, catching viewers' attention.


All successful and big-name YouTube content creators have their signature YouTube video intro that helps them be recognizable and unique. A YouTube intro must be something that can reinforce your brand voice and tone to wow your audience. That means what you say matters incredibly.

Follow the tips and YouTube intro ideas above to create your own intro. Sell your authenticity while showcasing your creativity, personality, and style in seconds!

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