How to Qualify for the YouTube Shorts Funds: Ultimate Guide

How to Qualify for the YouTube Short FundsYouTube has launched YouTube Shorts as the game-changer for the short-form vertical video app platform topped by TikTok these past years.

What makes the competition more challenging is that YouTube has launched YouTube Shorts Funds of $100 million to reward videos that can rise to the battle of creating the most viral 60 seconds clips starting from 2021 to 2022.

Are you now wondering how to qualify for the YouTube Short Funds and have a piece of the $100 million?

Lucky for you, you are on the right blog as we will present you with the ultimate guide on how to qualify for the YouTube Shorts Funds.

Keep on reading to have in-depth knowledge and an overview of everything you need to know about the YouTube Shorts Funds.

How to Qualify for the YouTube Short Funds?

YouTube has said that anyone can join in the fun simply by creating unique Shorts that will stir the attention and excitement of the YouTube community. In other words, the only criteria to be eligible for the YouTube Shorts Funds is that your video clips should be unique, original, and engageable for a considerable number of viewers worldwide.

There are a few criteria you must abide by to qualify for YouTube Shorts Funds, such as:

  • You have to follow the rules and regulations set by YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Copyright Rules and YouTube’s Monetization Policy.
  • You must create an eligible video within 180 days to be included in the shortlist for the program.
  • Your videos must be uploaded initially through your channel. (Warning: Reuploaded videos from other channels or videos owned and copyrighted by others are ineligible for the reward system.)
  • Those users based in the United States and other countries listed on the YouTube Shorts Fund page should be at least 13 years of age to qualify. More importantly, those 13 to 18 years of age need parental or guardian consent to set up the Google Adsense account, which is a step required to pay the reward and claim it.

Did you know that YouTube will select and reach out to hundreds and thousands of shorts creators who get hold of the most engagement and views every month?

They will get the payouts directly from the YouTube Shorts Funds. In addition, YouTube will reward the chosen individuals while asking for their feedback about their short-video vertical app platform.

YouTube claims that creators can be awarded around $100 and $10,000 per month for how their Shorts video clips generated views.

More importantly, you will receive an email and notification through your YouTube app that you have been selected by the first week of the month. After this, you have until the 25th of the month to claim the reward.

How to Apply for the YouTube Shorts Funds?

As far as YouTube’s eligibility requirement is concerned, there is no direct way to apply for the YouTube Shorts Funds. In fact, there is no enrolment program being implemented by YouTube to enter the program.

The only way to join this program is through a direct YouTube invitation that you can receive through your registered email address or notification from your YouTube mobile app.

YouTube has created its unique algorithm to electronically select creators who have generated the most views and engagement through their YouTube Shorts. They are targeting more and more creators to engage and participate in creating attractive and engageable clips through YouTube Shorts each month.

How to Apply for the YouTube Shorts Funds?

Thus, you have to create original and engageable content to be eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund. To accomplish this, keep in mind to keep uploading #Shorts video clips. With this, you can enhance your skills and talent to become a professional at creating soon-to-be viral #Shorts video clips that you can share with billions of YouTubers globally.

How to Claim the Reward from the YouTube Shorts Fund?

Claiming the reward and receiving the payout from the YouTube Shorts Funds, you are required to do the following steps accordingly:

  • You have to accept the terms and agreement provided by the platform
  • You have to set up or link your Google Adsense Account

Additionally, once you have claimed the bonus payment from YouTube, it will automatically add up to your monthly cost of Adsense. Finally, it is worth mentioning that video clips that have been published with copyright issues will not be eligible to claim the payment from the YouTube Shorts Fund.

To make most of the YouTube Shorts Fund, you should consider the following things and ponder on them to understand more about the platform and scheme.


Determine first-hand if YouTube Shorts is a thing for you to begin with:

If you are fond of TikTok and are a certified TikToker, YouTube Shorts is another exciting place to share your funny moments and creativity.

What YouTube has to offer you is an excellent alternative for you that is constantly catering to the needs and wants of its new and existing users.

Monetization is one of the most exciting and latest perks YouTube has for Shorts creators, giving out rewards of $100 million just for them to claim and enjoy.


Be an expert in using the YouTube Shorts platform:

Once you have access to this new feature offered by YouTube, success in India and the US, you should check it out and learn everything you can.

Remember that this app has to be in a vertical layout, so the smartphone is the perfect equipment for recording and editing purposes.

On the other hand, you can still use another camera or webcam; you just have to be aware of how to adjust it to fit the requirements construed by YouTube Shorts software engineers. More importantly, YouTube maintains its usual upgrades making learning the system crucial for everyone.


You should know how to attract viewers:

According to YouTube’s policies for YouTube Shorts Fund, they will be rewarding the most engageable and viewable Shorts. You have to make videos that will capture huge audience viewership, and the best way to accomplish this is through research and consistency.

Indeed, YouTube Shorts’ screening time is not more than 60 seconds, so it would be nice if you could find an outstanding balance between graphics and audio to point out your content effectively in a short matter of time.

Even professional creators do their research to stay on top, and applying this with other methods can boost your visibility effectively.


You should know and keep your audience hooked up through your Shorts videos:

An important note you should know by now is that you do not need to be a YouTube Partner Program to be included in the YouTube Shorts Fund. Amazing, right?

You do not need the minimum number of subscribership or screening time to worry about. You need a fanbase to lean on to keep your views up and to run. Imagine a hundred users immediately watched, liked, and shared your video post. Be that as it may, YouTube’s algorithm will instantly consider or pick you in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about YouTube Shorts Fund

  1. What is YouTube Shorts?

    YouTube Shorts is a newly launched app that allows creators globally to upload short-form vertical videos to the platform, adding various TikTok features from colorful graphics to other music and dance engagements.

  2. What is the future of the YouTube Shorts Fund?

    As mentioned earlier, YouTube Shorts Fund was created to reward excellent creators worldwide for their creativity through the payout from the said program. On the same note, YouTube’s goal is to gain more users across the globe to discover more artists and creators through #Shorts for everyone to view and enjoy at the same time. YouTube has built an empire of artists and creators that uses their skills, talent, and creativity in businesses via the YouTube Shorts Fund. In fact, YouTube has released over $30-billion payouts to uploaders around the globe for the past 3 years. With this, they showed their enduring commitment to supporting the next generation of content creators by having the YouTube Shorts Fund as their first step into their journey of creative monetization.

  3. How to create viral YouTube Shorts?

    Digital marketing is not something you could learn overnight. If your goal is to instantly be an overnight YouTube sensation, you must know the basics to be consistent. This goal may take one day for someone, but others take as long as one year before they can upload a viral video clip. This should not dishearten you from starting uploading Shorts; rather, it should keep you motivated and inspired in the long run.

  4. How long-running can YouTube Shorts be?

    YouTube makes their Shorts interesting for as long as 60 seconds with the help of their multi-segment camera. Additionally, you can upload high-quality videos to YouTube Shorts using a trim editor feature to shorten them to 60 seconds or less.

  5. Why are your YouTube Shorts not getting any views?

    You should take a look at your approach first, examine it thoroughly and consider the steps that hold back your viewership. One common setback may be that you do not hold your viewers’ attention with your content and videos. Remember that the shorter the content, the more important each second counts. Or your target audience would want to watch long-form content instead.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are knowledgeable and excited about YouTube Shorts Funds – no surprise that you have an ideal way to monetize your creativity and fun in a strategic way possible.

Creating Shorts can add up to your channel’s ranking in terms of the number of viewers and subscribers in the future – a perfect way to monetize your channel.

This can also mean an excellent opportunity for you to win Creators Awards. Fantastic, right? So what are you waiting for? Strategize and create your Shorts videos now! Happy uploading of Shorts!

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