What is IGTV? Complete GUIDE for Starters!

What is IGTV

Have you ever searched for the platform as an alternative for YouTube and which would let you start vlogging in a similar manner?

Instagram launched a brand new video platform – “IGTV” on June 20, 2018.

What is IGTV, and is it could be another successful platform for video making and vlogging as well in the future?

To be honest with you, I think in the next few years IGTV platform could be a serious competitor to YouTube.

Let’s take a look at the latest video platform, IGTV.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is a video platform, based on the Instagram app which allows you to create and watch content from people you follow.

The second thing is, it is the update of Instagram and developed in a simple way like how you use your smartphone.

A significant difference from Instagram Stories or even your timeline video that IGTV videos are not limited to a single minute. Basically, you can play video even one hour long on IGTV. Moreover, all the videos are displayed vertical and full screen.

Value of IGTV:
Many people are curious to know exactly what is IGTV and how it can help add value to them?

First of all, you should know that it is very simple and you can turn it on and watch it just like a TV or even YouTube. The IGTV plays immediately once you open the application.

The developers made it simple. You don’t need to search to initiate watching content from the individuals who you already follow on Instagram and other platforms, you may like them as per your interests. Also, you can directly send a video and comment to your friends.

Individuals Can Be Creators on IGTV

Creator on IGTV

Like TV or YouTube, IGTV also contains channels.

However, in IGTV, the channels are nothing but the creators itself – again, very similar to YouTube.

When you push like button or follow a creator on Instagram, then their IG TV channel will appear on your screen to watch.

The best thing about IGTV is:

Any individuals can become a creator – all that you need to do is just transfer your videos on IGTV app or start your channel on the internet.

So, if someone asks you what IGTV is, you just can answer – probably it is the biggest competitor to YouTube.

In general, Instagram is just the ideal place to connect with other individuals who educate, inspire, and entertain you every single day.

Furthermore, on IGTV, it is elementary to find content that you love – just use provided hashtags. Nevertheless, a lot of people already have used Instagram, so they have a complete list of people who are exciting and attractive to them. In this case, I could say that IGTV is a perfect platform for vlogging as well.

Get Success on IGTV:

Get Success on IGTV

IGTV started a new version of the video on Instagram, and with your help, it can get success quickly!

This app can help you get closer to the things and people that you love you the most.

Instagram has started as social network initially, but now it has a long way where people not only can share their moments with their friends through pictures, but also can share the videos, stories, and instant messages through Instagram. This could be an obvious swindle of disappearing stories function of “Snapchat.”

In the last couple of years, Instagram has generated quite a few content creators and famous people to help them obtain a broader audience with Videos.

But, the fact is, videos always had a more significant support rate when compared to photos, and Instagram has dealt with the example regularly.

It is a brand new platform and if you will be the one who will start own vlog in the next two weeks on IGTV you will probably get even more views and subscribers.

But don’t forget – you have to be unique, take one of our recommended YouTube Video Ideas and go!

Is IGTV Available for both iOS and Android Users?

IGTV Android and iOSIGTV is an Instagram app/update, and it is available for both iOS and Android users.

It is owned by Instagram, and Android users can download the app from Google Play Store, it is advisable to get the original app.

The iOS user users can download the app from App Store; the users can directly download the app on their device instantly.

Is IGTV App is it Free to Download?

The IGTV is an Instagram app, and it is free to download, and both the iOS and Android users are allowed to download the app on their device.

Just like Instagram, it is also free to use, and you don’t have to pay anything even if you watch continuously for one hour through the IGTV app.

However, in the future, Instagram may plan to ask users to sign up for a paid subscription, based on the model such as YouTube Red, anything can happen in the future.

How To Get Started With IGTV?

IGTV is easy to start, if you are an Android user, then download the app from Google Play Store, and if you are an iOS user, then download the app from the Apple App Store. Download the app directly on the mobile, after downloading the app, open the app.

In case, you have installed Instagram on your phone, then it will give you an option to sign in to IGTV on the same account – you just need to log in to use the IGTV app.

What Are the Major Options you Get Inside IGTV App?

The app allows you to auto-play some videos on the main screen by default, from the Instagram account.

The IGTV app displays different tabs, such as:

  • Popular;
  • For you;
  • Following;
  • Continue watching, etc.

On Instagram, you can see the popular-tab that shows the videos that are most-watched on Instagram. Also, it allows you to watch the video even if you skipped watching just by pressing continues watching tab.

How is IGTV Different From Instagram?

IGTV is different from the traditional Instagram app:

This IGTV app allows the users to watch the video continuously up to one-hour.

The app also lessens distractions caused by random stories and pictures. You can use the same account that you follow on Instagram to watch videos.

Why Should You Use IGTV?

Why you Should use IGTV

IGTV offers specific features that make it worth downloading the app.

The best of all is that it allows you to watch the video continuously for one hour, and it allows you to continue from where you stopped the video.

Also, Instagram allows you to watch videos vertical and full screen with the reason that the videos might be recorded using mobile. This feature is introduced by Instagram to support videos that are not edited instead taken on a more unrefined feel and look.

You can take full advantage of this feature in some ways for your business. It allows the individuals to add vlogging for behind the scenes look, a product launch, and add their new sale campaign, a product demo, etc.

IGTV facilitates users to include a title & description of every upload. Also, you can make a thumbnail for your profile or a video to make it look organized.

How to Create an IGTV Account?

Before you want to share your videos with your friends from all over the world, the first thing that you need to do is create an IGTV account.

However, the Instagram developers made the entire process easy, and you can download the app in just a few clicks.

To use the app, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Instagram IGTV app, and if you are an iOS user, download the app from App Store, and if you are an Android user, download the app from Google Play.
  2. Sign up to get IGTV app account, but if you already have an Instagram account, then it will give you an option to choose to sign in automatically.
  3. On the right corner, press the settings key and press “Create Channel.”
  4. Now, you are ready to use your IGTV app.

I strongly Recommend to Watch this YouTube video Tutorial:

IGTV Pros and Cons:

  • IGTV app is a fresh opportunity for designers, businesses, and developers to reach new audiences.
  • Now, you get an opportunity to produce leading videos on the real Instagram app that will facilitate your customers and followers to view the complete video on IGTV app.
  • As the Instagram videos are vertical, which means you can make video through your phone and use a basic app like iMovie to edit.
  • You don’t need to edit like a professional; the best part is you can create an unrefined video to get an authentic feel.
  • It allows you to share the behind the scene clips; production, quick tips, personal, and allows you to produce meaningful conversations easily.
  • The IGTV app not just allows you to support more but allows you to build a strong and robust community. The app gives you a new map for the community.
  • You have to decide if this will be ideal for your business. Also, you should know how to use this new standalone app to create more original and authentic videos and how to reach a larger group of audience.
  • The biggest struggle for advertisers is that IGTV is not running any advertisements on the platform currently.
  • The developers of the app did mention that it is an apparent platform for advertising.
  • It is possible that the advertising options will be the same as YouTube’s mid-roll, pre-roll, and different banner ads displayed all through the platform.


IGTV is an app that allows you to watch videos for over one hour, and it is in beta, that means application operation is smooth and allows the creator to upload 60-minutes videos to the channel.

Besides that, IGTV could be the biggest competitor to YouTube, maybe one day, we will have two leading vlogging platforms in the world?

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